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Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout UPDATE

Hello there D-toiders. This is an update on the contest that was posted on Sunday. New text is in bold. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag ly...


God of War: Chains of Olympus demo review

I got a demo disc for the new God of War game for pre-ordering it at GameStop. I popped it into my slim PSP and had at it while waiting for my movie to start. The graphics are pretty mind blowing for the PSP. They look just...


Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout

Hello there D-toiders. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag lying around in my store and I thought "why not give it away to you guys." Because w...


Gamestop, I work there v4

Heyo. For anyone who don't know, I provide random tips every now and then about Gamestop for you. Hurray! -We "penny'd out" a bunch of strategy guides a week or too ago. I should have told you sooner but i forgot. This basi...


Guns and Honor. A gathering of opinions.

So last night Necros posted this blog about a 5 year old killing a bear with a gun. One thing lead to another and I felt the need to make my own blog sharing my opinions on guns, fighting, and what honor has to do with it. ...


XBLA: Arkadian Warriors quick review

Arkadian Warriors came out on XBLA (which i like to pronounce phonetically as X-BLAH) and I was excited. If any of you read my blog about how my friend and i have a christmas eve tradition of playing online co-op hack and sl...


360 Hack and Slash RPGs?

For the past couple of years, my friend and I have had a tradition of playing a hack and slash RPG together (online co-op) over winter break, and especially on Christmas Eve (after all the drinking and churching) It started ...


Gamestop, I work there v3

Just a few quick tips. Apparently, the Gamestop warehouse is out of pink DS Lite's. This might just be a northeastern thing, but if you were planning to get one you might want to pick it up soon because it looks like these...


Christmas season needs more epic.

Does anyone else feel the same way I do about Christmas and New Years Eve feeling, anti-climatic? I'd love to have some kind of adventure on Christmas Eve where you save the day for little Timmy while epic versions of holiday...


[Gamestop, I work there] v2

Ok guys not too much news here just some quick hits. -Call of Duty trades in for 30 dollars instead of the usual 25 for a new game. So if you really need that Assassins Creed or Mass Effect you can get half off. (If you put ...


[GAMESTOP, I WORK THERE] v1 "First issue!?"

Hey guys, I work at Gamestop in Massachusetts and thought I'd start wring blogs with some info that could be helpful to the general gaming community. I'm really not a journalist so you can expect these to be short and sweet. ...


About Spykronone of us since 12:06 PM on 07.01.2007

I'm 25 and I like video games!!! I'm a cheap-ass about it so I rarely have the newest stuff.

I own NES, SNES, Dreamcast, GBA, GBA Micro, GBA SP, DS lite, PSP slim, PS2, and a 360 Elite.

Also a PC of course, and the best game ever is Starcraft.

I work at Gamestop in Westfield, MA. Most Gamestops arn't cool. Mine is alright.

Other than games, I like photography, graphic design and hiking/camping. My hobbies are expensive :-(

If you go to my website, I will make happy at you!


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