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Spykron's blog

6:52 PM on 01.09.2008

Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout UPDATE

Hello there D-toiders. This is an update on the contest that was posted on Sunday. New text is in bold. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag ly...   read

11:02 AM on 01.07.2008

God of War: Chains of Olympus demo review

I got a demo disc for the new God of War game for pre-ordering it at GameStop. I popped it into my slim PSP and had at it while waiting for my movie to start. The graphics are pretty mind blowing for the PSP. They look just...   read

9:56 PM on 01.06.2008

Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout

Hello there D-toiders. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag lying around in my store and I thought "why not give it away to you guys." Because w...   read

7:53 PM on 01.01.2008

Gamestop, I work there v4

Heyo. For anyone who don't know, I provide random tips every now and then about Gamestop for you. Hurray! -We "penny'd out" a bunch of strategy guides a week or too ago. I should have told you sooner but i forgot. This basi...   read

2:46 PM on 12.29.2007

PS3 things I've noticed while working at GameStop

As you guys may or may not now, I am an assistant manager of a Gamestop in Massachusetts. This holiday season was OMGWTFBBQ busy and with all those customers in the store our amount of PS3 customers naturally increased. Th...   read

10:25 AM on 12.13.2007

Guns and Honor. A gathering of opinions.

So last night Necros posted this blog about a 5 year old killing a bear with a gun. One thing lead to another and I felt the need to make my own blog sharing my opinions on guns, fighting, and what honor has to do with it. ...   read

11:07 AM on 12.12.2007

XBLA: Arkadian Warriors quick review

Arkadian Warriors came out on XBLA (which i like to pronounce phonetically as X-BLAH) and I was excited. If any of you read my blog about how my friend and i have a christmas eve tradition of playing online co-op hack and sl...   read

12:43 PM on 12.09.2007

360 Hack and Slash RPGs?

For the past couple of years, my friend and I have had a tradition of playing a hack and slash RPG together (online co-op) over winter break, and especially on Christmas Eve (after all the drinking and churching) It started ...   read

12:31 PM on 12.09.2007

Gamestop, I work there v3

Just a few quick tips. Apparently, the Gamestop warehouse is out of pink DS Lite's. This might just be a northeastern thing, but if you were planning to get one you might want to pick it up soon because it looks like these...   read

2:59 PM on 12.05.2007

Christmas season needs more epic.

Does anyone else feel the same way I do about Christmas and New Years Eve feeling, anti-climatic? I'd love to have some kind of adventure on Christmas Eve where you save the day for little Timmy while epic versions of holiday...   read

7:02 PM on 11.18.2007

[Gamestop, I work there] v2

Ok guys not too much news here just some quick hits. -Call of Duty trades in for 30 dollars instead of the usual 25 for a new game. So if you really need that Assassins Creed or Mass Effect you can get half off. (If you put ...   read

2:15 PM on 11.12.2007

[GAMESTOP, I WORK THERE] v1 "First issue!?"

Hey guys, I work at Gamestop in Massachusetts and thought I'd start wring blogs with some info that could be helpful to the general gaming community. I'm really not a journalist so you can expect these to be short and sweet. ...   read

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