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I'm 25 and I like video games!!! I'm a cheap-ass about it so I rarely have the newest stuff.

I own NES, SNES, Dreamcast, GBA, GBA Micro, GBA SP, DS lite, PSP slim, PS2, and a 360 Elite.

Also a PC of course, and the best game ever is Starcraft.

I work at Gamestop in Westfield, MA. Most Gamestops arn't cool. Mine is alright.

Other than games, I like photography, graphic design and hiking/camping. My hobbies are expensive :-(

If you go to my website, I will make happy at you!

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To be honest, there were some really great games this year, but the only real competition came from Starcraft 2. It may be shocking that I didn't pick Starcraft when I've wanted it for so long, and am so loyal to Blizzard, but Mass Effect 2 really is that good.

I think what really sealed it for me was that ME2 actually made me cry.

Yea. It did.

It wasn't tears of sadness though. It was simply because I got so swept up in the characters, and watching them play out the whole end sequence, it was just so damn heroic. It got to me, in a totally awesome and satisfying way.

I breaks my heart when people play this game with a mind set like "all paragon/renegade" and even more so when they get every upgrade so that the whole team survives. THAT'S BORING GUYS! I THINK YOU MISSED THE POINT!

Anyway, it boils down to my own experience with the game. I've never been so absorbed in the actual roleplay of a story before, and for that, it easily gets my pick for Game of the Year.


It all started with Starcraft, 10 years ago. After being wholly addicted to the demo, I mowed the lawn and cleaned the house for two weeks to get the 30 dollars I needed to buy that battlechest. Then came the Warcraft 2 Battlechest, and finally I got around to Diablo. I think it was Diablo 2 that officially sealed the deal for me to be a full Blizzard fanatic instead of just a Starcraft fan. Since then, they've only released three more games, but since one of them was World of Warcraft, there's no shortage of opinions on this company. Am I biased? Yes. Am I totally justified for being so? Also, yes.

Here is the part where I explain.

At first I thought it would be tricky to explain why I'm biased toward Blizzard, because having a bias is usually a pretty irrational thing, and the average review scores of their games would indicate that being a fan is a pretty rational choice. Still, there is much dissent and controversy across the internet when it comes to Blizzard, and here's where I come in. I can use my bias to show you (with reason!) why Blizzard does no wrong. By the end of this, I'll have you non-believers agreeing that love for Blizzard isn't even a bias, it's just simple logic.

Since Starcraft 2 just came out, let's start with:

Hater's argument: They're just trying to make more money by selling one game three times.

The Truth: Did you ever play Warcraft 3? Frozen Throne was great, but the storyline in Reign of Chaos was so rushed. It was supposed to be this insanely epic battle of demons and undead princes and pissed off elves...but by the end, the whole thing felt a bit flat. I'm glad to see Starcraft 2 is getting a well fleshed out story, and also WE GET TO HAVE THREE SEQUELS WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING!? To top it off, there is such an insane about of content in Wings of Liberty that even at 60 dollars, the price is nothing but justified.

(Did he just criticize Warcraft 3? Isn't that a Blizzard game? SHUT IT. Moving on.)

Soaking your disposable income is:

Hater's argument: Real money for a fancy mount? What's next, real money for gear and arena points?

The Truth: This mount is cosmetic. All it does it look cool. It's basically the equivalent of buying a cool statue to put on your desk so you can stare at it and show it off. Same thing, only virtual. If they did ever give the option of using real money for in game advantages that would be a huge problem, but I think Blizzard listens to it's fans enough to know better. Which brings us to...

My name is on the internet? OH SHI-

Hater's argument: I can't let people know who I am, STOP IT BLIZZARD! Oh, ok you stopped...asshole.

The Truth: Blizzard had an idea. While it was in the idea phase of being an idea, people HATED it. So they changed their idea to please their fan base. That's pretty cool right? I think so. Yet they get bashed for saying they listen to their fans, like the whole thing was some kind of PR stunt...*sigh*

And finally we have this gem:

Hater's argument: What? No, it's not my fault my life is a mess. It's this game.
(Alternate: I hate that fucking game my boyfriend is always playing!)

The Truth: People think Blizzard should be more responsible or something, like they're up to no good by creating a product people love and really get into. If you or someone you know is in a downward spiral because of a Blizzard game, or any game, it's pretty simple: Get a fucking grip on reality and leave the scapegoats behind.

World of Warcraft alone causes enough shit storms to write pages about, but I'm going to have to end this article at some point. I invite you in the comments to bring up new point's and try to stump me. Perhaps one day, my love for Blizzard will be a truly irrational affair, but for now, I think anyone who truly has a gripe against Blizzard is the one with Teh Bias.

So when I saw the new trailer for Gears 3, and Dom's new beard, I immediately thought of Arcturus Mengsk from Starcraft. Anyone else make this connection?

Also, Mengsk. Meng. Yo meng, and Dom is the spanish guy, COINCIDENCE!?

Anyway, I'm digging the new look. Beards are important, and this could easily swing him into my favor over Marcus as the character I play as during split screen co-op.

I just finished the story line of The Saboteur and here are some things I'd like to tell you:

-The art. is. awesome. Not just the black and white film noir stuff. When things turn to color it has an over saturated look that I really like. There is a difference between good art and good graphics and I'll always side with art.

-The story is pretty cool. Open world games tend to be a bit incoherent at times but this one holds up well.

-In case you were wondering, this game is GTA with Nazi's instead of police, you work with the resistance instead of gangs, AND ZEPPELINS will chase you instead of helicopters. ZEPPELINS.

-Has an a great ominous mood to it. This game gives you time to look around and soak in all the Nazi propaganda. (And try on all their outfits)

-Sweet-ass race cars.

-Features the song Island Blues by Koop. (The topless chick is singing it in the Belle at the very beginning) http://vimeo.com/6380927

It's a crowded game world out there, and it's no secret this one went under the radar. Go pick it up so you can be one of the cool kids in the cool club of people who played it.

Ok I made a small post about the silver one yesterday, but now there's also the pokemon one coming to America. It's the one you may have seen released in Japan. This one:

Gamestop has a new poster showing it is coming for 129.99 with
-Carrying case featuring the pokemans Palkia & Dialga
-Poster of Grovyle
-22min DVD on making of Mystery Dungeon (awesome!?)
-Gamestop exclusive T-Shirt(bad asssss)

I can't for the life of me find a date for it.

Also, in case you haven't heard, the Silver one is coming 9/7 and I want it. Presumably it will be silver and black like the guitar hero one, minus the logo.

Wow it's been a long time since i commented or posted anything. Still read every day though :)

Anyway, it seems no one on Dtoid announced yet but the Silver DS is pre-order-able at GameStop now. I'm assuming it's the same as the one that came with Guitar Hero, except now without the dumb logo on it.

Thats really the main news...what else can i tell you.

The store has a lot of pre-order bonus things happening. Armor sets for too human, soundtracks for fallout 3, free pub games for fable 2. Also, the Soul Calibur keychains are slick and most stores in my area have a ton left over because we got them late. im not sure if its like that everywhere though.

Also, almost a year later, every store still has halo legendary editions in stock. win.