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Spykron avatar 9:29 PM on 01.23.2008  (server time)
So, who wants 800 dollars?

It seems like everyone I asked about this today already knew, but I didnt see anything about it when I searched the blogs so I'll break the news.

If you live/work in America, then it seems like well be in for a nice 800 dollar tax rebate. WOOT!

This happened back in 2001 and everyone got 300 dollars. I was a few months too late as i was 16 and didn't have a job yet :-( There was an amazing episode of Futurama spoofing this.

So the idea is give the people money, and were supposed to run right out and blow it on a car down payment or home improvement or, you guessed it, VIDEO GAMES AND HIGH DEF TVS AND SUPER HAPPY FUN TOYS!!!

Heres an article from CNN

So what would you guys buy? If it all goes through we should have the checks in June. PS3 and Metal Gear Solid anyone? I can tell you if I got the check today I would buy The Orange Box and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, and pay off my GTA4, Starcraft 2, Brutal Legend, and Warhammer Online pre orders. The rest would probably go to other hobbies that arn't gaming.

God Bless America :-)

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