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6:58 PM on 12.31.2010

The Empire Earned 2010 Game of the Year goes to:

To be honest, there were some really great games this year, but the only real competition came from Starcraft 2. It may be shocking that I didn't pick Starcraft when I've wanted it for so long, and am so loyal to Blizzard, but Mass Effect 2 really is that good.

I think what really sealed it for me was that ME2 actually made me cry.

Yea. It did.

It wasn't tears of sadness though. It was simply because I got so swept up in the characters, and watching them play out the whole end sequence, it was just so damn heroic. It got to me, in a totally awesome and satisfying way.

I breaks my heart when people play this game with a mind set like "all paragon/renegade" and even more so when they get every upgrade so that the whole team survives. THAT'S BORING GUYS! I THINK YOU MISSED THE POINT!

Anyway, it boils down to my own experience with the game. I've never been so absorbed in the actual roleplay of a story before, and for that, it easily gets my pick for Game of the Year.   read

7:02 PM on 08.01.2010

Teh Bias: Blizzard Entertainment.

It all started with Starcraft, 10 years ago. After being wholly addicted to the demo, I mowed the lawn and cleaned the house for two weeks to get the 30 dollars I needed to buy that battlechest. Then came the Warcraft 2 Battlechest, and finally I got around to Diablo. I think it was Diablo 2 that officially sealed the deal for me to be a full Blizzard fanatic instead of just a Starcraft fan. Since then, they've only released three more games, but since one of them was World of Warcraft, there's no shortage of opinions on this company. Am I biased? Yes. Am I totally justified for being so? Also, yes.

Here is the part where I explain.

At first I thought it would be tricky to explain why I'm biased toward Blizzard, because having a bias is usually a pretty irrational thing, and the average review scores of their games would indicate that being a fan is a pretty rational choice. Still, there is much dissent and controversy across the internet when it comes to Blizzard, and here's where I come in. I can use my bias to show you (with reason!) why Blizzard does no wrong. By the end of this, I'll have you non-believers agreeing that love for Blizzard isn't even a bias, it's just simple logic.

Since Starcraft 2 just came out, let's start with:

Hater's argument: They're just trying to make more money by selling one game three times.

The Truth: Did you ever play Warcraft 3? Frozen Throne was great, but the storyline in Reign of Chaos was so rushed. It was supposed to be this insanely epic battle of demons and undead princes and pissed off elves...but by the end, the whole thing felt a bit flat. I'm glad to see Starcraft 2 is getting a well fleshed out story, and also WE GET TO HAVE THREE SEQUELS WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING!? To top it off, there is such an insane about of content in Wings of Liberty that even at 60 dollars, the price is nothing but justified.

(Did he just criticize Warcraft 3? Isn't that a Blizzard game? SHUT IT. Moving on.)

Soaking your disposable income is:

Hater's argument: Real money for a fancy mount? What's next, real money for gear and arena points?

The Truth: This mount is cosmetic. All it does it look cool. It's basically the equivalent of buying a cool statue to put on your desk so you can stare at it and show it off. Same thing, only virtual. If they did ever give the option of using real money for in game advantages that would be a huge problem, but I think Blizzard listens to it's fans enough to know better. Which brings us to...

My name is on the internet? OH SHI-

Hater's argument: I can't let people know who I am, STOP IT BLIZZARD! Oh, ok you stopped...asshole.

The Truth: Blizzard had an idea. While it was in the idea phase of being an idea, people HATED it. So they changed their idea to please their fan base. That's pretty cool right? I think so. Yet they get bashed for saying they listen to their fans, like the whole thing was some kind of PR stunt...*sigh*

And finally we have this gem:

Hater's argument: What? No, it's not my fault my life is a mess. It's this game.
(Alternate: I hate that fucking game my boyfriend is always playing!)

The Truth: People think Blizzard should be more responsible or something, like they're up to no good by creating a product people love and really get into. If you or someone you know is in a downward spiral because of a Blizzard game, or any game, it's pretty simple: Get a fucking grip on reality and leave the scapegoats behind.

World of Warcraft alone causes enough shit storms to write pages about, but I'm going to have to end this article at some point. I invite you in the comments to bring up new point's and try to stump me. Perhaps one day, my love for Blizzard will be a truly irrational affair, but for now, I think anyone who truly has a gripe against Blizzard is the one with Teh Bias.   read

2:53 AM on 04.13.2010

Dom's new beard/Mengsk from Starcraft

So when I saw the new trailer for Gears 3, and Dom's new beard, I immediately thought of Arcturus Mengsk from Starcraft. Anyone else make this connection?

Also, Mengsk. Meng. Yo meng, and Dom is the spanish guy, COINCIDENCE!?

Anyway, I'm digging the new look. Beards are important, and this could easily swing him into my favor over Marcus as the character I play as during split screen co-op.   read

6:50 PM on 01.05.2010

Things about The Saboteur [It's Good!]

I just finished the story line of The Saboteur and here are some things I'd like to tell you:

-The art. is. awesome. Not just the black and white film noir stuff. When things turn to color it has an over saturated look that I really like. There is a difference between good art and good graphics and I'll always side with art.

-The story is pretty cool. Open world games tend to be a bit incoherent at times but this one holds up well.

-In case you were wondering, this game is GTA with Nazi's instead of police, you work with the resistance instead of gangs, AND ZEPPELINS will chase you instead of helicopters. ZEPPELINS.

-Has an a great ominous mood to it. This game gives you time to look around and soak in all the Nazi propaganda. (And try on all their outfits)

-Sweet-ass race cars.

-Features the song Island Blues by Koop. (The topless chick is singing it in the Belle at the very beginning)

It's a crowded game world out there, and it's no secret this one went under the radar. Go pick it up so you can be one of the cool kids in the cool club of people who played it.   read

5:32 PM on 08.07.2008

Silver and Black DS, PLUS Pokemon DS in America

Ok I made a small post about the silver one yesterday, but now there's also the pokemon one coming to America. It's the one you may have seen released in Japan. This one:

Gamestop has a new poster showing it is coming for 129.99 with
-Carrying case featuring the pokemans Palkia & Dialga
-Poster of Grovyle
-22min DVD on making of Mystery Dungeon (awesome!?)
-Gamestop exclusive T-Shirt(bad asssss)

I can't for the life of me find a date for it.

Also, in case you haven't heard, the Silver one is coming 9/7 and I want it. Presumably it will be silver and black like the guitar hero one, minus the logo.   read

6:50 PM on 08.06.2008

GameStop, I work there v6: SILVER DS!

Wow it's been a long time since i commented or posted anything. Still read every day though :)

Anyway, it seems no one on Dtoid announced yet but the Silver DS is pre-order-able at GameStop now. I'm assuming it's the same as the one that came with Guitar Hero, except now without the dumb logo on it.

Thats really the main news...what else can i tell you.

The store has a lot of pre-order bonus things happening. Armor sets for too human, soundtracks for fallout 3, free pub games for fable 2. Also, the Soul Calibur keychains are slick and most stores in my area have a ton left over because we got them late. im not sure if its like that everywhere though.

Also, almost a year later, every store still has halo legendary editions in stock. win.   read

10:56 AM on 03.14.2008

And the gamers who play them: The Overwhelmed/Impatient Gamer.

Well boys and girls, here is my take on the "And the gamers who play them" theme. I, am an overwhelmed gamer. An overwhelmed gamer has a deep love for all of gaming, and it's just too hard to keep up. There are also several games that I wish I wanted to play, but playing them ends up feeling more like a chore/work than actual fun. Allow me to explain.

I would say my free time for games is about average. I work 40 hours a week, hang out with friends, and have other hobbies like camping/hiking, photography and table top gaming. I don't have school and homework anymore, I don't have kids, and right now I don't even have a steady girlfriend sitting around sucking up all my time. So why do I have this problem of always falling behind?

Also, I feel like its important to point out that the cost of keeping up with new games can get really out of hand but thats not really my main issue. I'm sure it is for others, but even if I could afford 60 dollars every time a new game came out, I still wouldn't have time to properly play them all.

Most gamers and reviews will criticize a game for being too short. Games like Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, and Call of Duty 4 are some recent games that have received this sort of flak. Also, a lot of people are worried that it's becoming more of a trend, with game story lines resembling movies too much. This actually makes me happy though! I though Call of Duty was perfect because it only took me two nights to beat it, it was non stop action, I was never stuck wondering what to do next, and if I wanted to keep playing I could try harder difficulties or take it online. Short isn't bad as long as the story feels well rounded and complete. I haven't finished Heavenly Sword or Uncharted, but I know I'm going to like them in the end because they are complete stories.

It's the games like Resident Evil, Half Life, Tomb Raider, Zelda, and countless RPGs that I am continually bumping down on my "to play" list. These are all very good games, yet they always throw some kind of damed puzzle situation in there that slows it all down. I like puzzles and problem solving, but thats what games like Professor Layton are for. I would be able to play through these games much more quickly if they didn't require a strategy guide to find all the items and buttons and hidden characters. Sure, you could check every nook and cranny of every level to make sure you didn't miss something, but is that fun? I don't think so. Having to babysit a strategy guide while playing is also a serious mood killer.

This is probably why open world games, real time strategy, and hack and slash RPG are my favorite genres. These games let you formulate your own plan instead of trying to figure out what the designers want you to do. Diablo 2 is so appealing to me cause the levels are random every time, making it impossible to hide a key that you need in the dark corner behind a rock. Grant Theft Auto allows you to have a free roaming sense of exploration that doesn't feel like a chore because it's fun the entire time when you can steal cars and kill people along the way. Exploring in a game like Twilight Princess is dull to me because it feels like back tracking and my movement through the game has halted.

I haven't finished all the Metal Gear Solid games yet. I've only played Final Fantasy 7, 10, Tactics and Chrono Trigger(which counts as a FF game don't tell me it doesnt!) I've never really been into the survival horror genre. I know, I'm a horrible person.

The best remedy I can see for the Overwhelmed/Impatient Gamer is to play those long single player games with a friend. One person is playing, the other person has the guide. This is actually a lot of fun and you can switch off every other mission or whatever. Cheat codes can also be helpful, but be careful not to ruin the game you jerk.

Ok, I've already spent too much time writing this. I should get back to playing Final Fantasy Tactics advance, so I can play FF12, so I can play Revenant Wings....   read

7:19 PM on 03.12.2008

GameStop, I work there v5

Well we got an email from corporate today saying that during the 48 hours release period, Smash Bros Brawl outsold Madden. Apparently this is a first, and the news made me happy.

My store got a box of these mario figurines theyre only 3.99 each and the paragoomba/bob-omb pack is awesome, but i wish they had one of a Boo.

Wild Arms came out on PSP today but we only got one copy which is sad cause this game looks awesome. I just dont have time to play all these sweet rpgs anymore :-(

If youre ever looknig for a crazy deal you might as well ask youre local gamestop to search their invnetory for anything that costs a penny. Usually its just strategy guides but sometimes it could be a computer game. Today I marked down a Yahtzee/Parcheesi board game collection thing. Not bad for .01 dollars.   read

10:40 AM on 02.28.2008

Tales from 2/27/08 at GameStop.

Well yesterday I was scheduled to open my store and as some may know we had a few games coming out. Most notably were Patapon (YES) Lost, Lost Planet for PS3, Turning Point, and a few others that no one bought on release.

First off, Patapon is amazing, and if you consider yourself a real gamer, you need to play this simply because theres nothing else quite like it. Its a side scrolling real time strategy where you enter your commands as a turn based rhythm game. GO!

Anyway, i had been trying like mad for the past 2 months to get people excited about this game and get some pre-orders and stuff but no one cared. "Its only 20 dollars!" i would say and they'd be like "who cares i want madden/need for speed/the sims." At least I did have two guys (both older, like in their 30s) come in and buy it on release.

Then we had the Lost game. Two people bought it from me even though I desperately tried convincing them not to. I told them it was short and would be cheaper than 60 dollars soon or they should just walk across the parking lot to Bluster and rent it but they didnt seem to care. At least the one guy who actually pre-ordered the game came in and canceled it, putting his money on Vegas 2. Smart move.

And for some awful reason, the corporate warehouse decided to only send us one copy of Lost Planet for PS3. I like this game and if I had a PS3 id be happy it was coming. Well, Sorry we only got one and I sold it and we may never see it again.

Ok Im going to play Patapon. I need some rain JuJu.   read

9:29 PM on 01.23.2008

So, who wants 800 dollars?

It seems like everyone I asked about this today already knew, but I didnt see anything about it when I searched the blogs so I'll break the news.

If you live/work in America, then it seems like well be in for a nice 800 dollar tax rebate. WOOT!

This happened back in 2001 and everyone got 300 dollars. I was a few months too late as i was 16 and didn't have a job yet :-( There was an amazing episode of Futurama spoofing this.

So the idea is give the people money, and were supposed to run right out and blow it on a car down payment or home improvement or, you guessed it, VIDEO GAMES AND HIGH DEF TVS AND SUPER HAPPY FUN TOYS!!!

Heres an article from CNN

So what would you guys buy? If it all goes through we should have the checks in June. PS3 and Metal Gear Solid anyone? I can tell you if I got the check today I would buy The Orange Box and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, and pay off my GTA4, Starcraft 2, Brutal Legend, and Warhammer Online pre orders. The rest would probably go to other hobbies that arn't gaming.

God Bless America :-)   read

11:48 AM on 01.19.2008

Uwe Boll, F you guys I like him. Sorta.

I saw Dungeon Siege and was impressed and disappointed at the same time. This is the first Boll movie that resembles a real movie and not a B film. I really enjoyed House of the Dead and BloodRayne because they were such B movies. That stuff is funnier than any Will Ferrel/Jack Black/Dane Cook movie.

So Dungeon Siege is basically just a mediocre A movie. It would have been a lot better for me if the big battles were shot from farther away so you could see some big tactics, but it was mostly just close up shakey cam stuff which gets boring after 5 minutes.

My other main problem is that Ray Liotta is supposed to be the super bad guy mage but he really just looked like Elivs.

Other than that, this really wasnt a bad movie. And the preview for postal made it look amazing.

So basically, as long as Boll stays away from A list games (starcraft, MGS, halo...) i have no problem with him. And the way his movies are getting better each time, maybe one day he will be worthy of a good game's movie translation.

ALSO, Blind Guardian had 2 songs in the credits. FUCK YES!   read

3:57 PM on 01.12.2008

CONTESTOID: It's easy! Super fun happy win now!

Hello there D-toiders. This is an update on the contest that was posted on Sunday. New text is in bold.

I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag lying around in my store and I thought "why not give it away to you guys." Because we don't want it anymore.

So heres the deal. I will be visiting fellow d-toider ShadokatRegn next week (13th-18th) in the mile high city of Denver. We have been friends for years now and I am proud to have brought her strength into His Robots Army.

Anyway, neither of us has much money, so we are looking for fun, creative ideas of things to do. You submit the ideas, we do the things and take a picture, the 3 ideas that we had the most fun with will win!


How to enter:
1. Open to all d-toid members. Must have a mailing address to get your prize.
1b. I'm really sorry, but I have to limit this to Canada/USA. I hate to exclude members of the community, but I really can't afford 100 bucks to ship over seas. :-( super sad face...
2. Just post your idea in the comments section. There will be more than one blog posting of this contest. Shadokat will probably repost under her name as well. You only need to submit your idea once on one blog, but if you want to post multiple times, go ahead. Feel special!
3. Submit as many ideas as you want.

Rules on submissions:
1. Ideas must cost nothing, be legal, and safe.
2. Nothing sexual guys, plz, srysly.
3. Be fucking creative. Creativity wins it.
4. We dont have time or money to travel far, so ideas must take place in the city. Or in a place you would expect a big city like Denver to have. (Malls, McDonalds, etc..)
4b. Also, don't get too elaborate. We're kind of lazy. It shouldn't take longer than 15-20 minutes to do your idea.
5. Ideas must produce an Epic picture. The final picture of the event is something you should keep in mind. (I have a tripod and a timer, if that helps)
6. The ideas don't have to be something we need to leave the house for.
7. Also, creativity.

Jan 16th 2008

1. Spykron and Shadokat reserve the right to ignore/preform as many ideas as they choose.
2. We will agree one a top 3 of the best ideas/resulting pictures and post them. Along with any other interesting crap that might happen along the way.
3. Winners announced sometime around the 20th.


There are 3 tee-shirts. Each is a mostly black, XL cotton shirt. One is for Guild Wars: EotN, one is for Kane and Lynch, and one is for Tabula Rasa. 1st place picks first, then 2nd, and 3rd gets the remaining shirt. In addition:

1st place:

-Mario Galaxy pre-order coin
-COD4 Map thingy
-Juiced 2 DVD with Ursula Mayes (shes hot)
-Naruto wristband
-Unreal Anthology for PC
-GameStop calendar
-GameStop activity book
-Fullmetal Alchemist DVD with 1st four episodes.
-Pirates of the Carribean playing cards.
-Dragon Quest Monsters Joker DS screenwipe with dangle pouch
-Mass Effect behind the scenes bonus disc
-Crysis pre-order bonus with poster
-Han Solo PSP case
-Eternal Sonata 360 faceplate (it's light blue with a little boy wearing a green coat)
-Monkey Ball figurine
-Unopened pack of WoW trading cards.

2nd Place:

-Mario Galaxy pre-order coin
-COD4 Map thingy
-Juiced 2 DVD with Ursula Mayes (shes hot)
-Naruto wristband
-Unreal Anthology for PC
-GameStop calendar
-GameStop activity book

3rd Place:

-Mario Galaxy pre-order coin
-COD4 Map thingy
-GameStop calendar
-GameStop activity book

Rules might change (a little) and GameStop is in no way affiliated with this contest.   read

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