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First of all, thank you for being here, reading my self-welcoming. It's really nice of you. I hail from the not-so-tropical Brasil. Yeah, with an S. The right way. I would like to primarily apologize for any inconvenience that may rise from my questionable english writing skills.

I could talk about how wonderful videogame has been to me and stuff, but hey, that wouldn't be very original, would it. Just imagine whatever anyone would have said in this paragraph.

I've been reading DToid for quite a while and I'm definitely fond of its sense of humor. Therefore, here I am, an 18 year old who definitely should be doing something better. And that's it. I totally took those 5 minutes from you. Maybe somewhere down the road I'll be able to return it in laughs or an insightful article about anything. Believe me, I'm not as empty-minded as this post may suggest.

Just for the record, I suck at internet. I'm most definitely posting it in the wrong place. Cheers.