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7:13 AM on 05.23.2009

Life Post Red Ring of Death

This month for me has been quite busy for me with birthdays, proms, projects, and work. I have found that this month i have probably played the least amount of time playing video games then any other month i can remember. During this month the only video games i played was the occasional kongregate challenge game (im addicted to getting kongai cards) and street fighter 4. Well my birthday happens to land in May and it never ever goes well for me, my luck seems to be at its lowest on my b'day. So the night before my idiot friends decided to throw me a party, that included lots of call of duty (which ironically i hate), marvel vs capcom 2 (makes of for call of duty), guitar playing, improvised songs, tricking girls to watch 2 girls one cup, and various other pointless activitys. However at 12:12 May 16th, 12 minuets into my birthday, i decided to declare to one of my friends that i could "beat his ass in street fighter 4 with one hand tied behind my back". Aggravated at me calling him out (even though i am a much better street fighter player he is) he accepted and we ran to the xbox like moths to a flame. I then grabbed the SF4 case and and turned on the xbox by opening the disk tray. Getting that shitty call of duty out of my xbox and popping in street fighter was all that was on my mind. Then i hear my friend yell "Oh Shit, N**** your xbox" (let me just note that my friend nor anyone in that room was black, hes just a idiot as stated before." So with dispare looming over the entire frame of my body, i looked down at that ring of light to notice 3 red rings. I wasnt pissed off about it, unlike the first time i got these rings, i was worried, worried that microsoft wouldnt fix it for free. I spent the rest of my night worrying about things regarding my xbox, and the rest of my day turned out to be pretty shitty as well. I worried for nothing though, because microsoft took my xbox back very quickly without a problem (I even had the shortest conversation on their tech support line i ever had to go through too.)

After that horrific day, sat down at home alone and found myself to be really bored. Even though i have not played my xbox without other people in a long time, i wanted to play xbox more than ever. Even though i have a computer filled to the brim with excellent games such as Demigod and Team Fortress 2, i did not want to play those, i wanted my xbox back. The same thing happened to me the first time I got the rrod, i didnt play my xbox for months before i got it, then when i did get it, i suddenly wanted to play it more and more. Have any of you guys felt anything similar to this, i know some of my friends have told me about having the same feelings. Also how do you guys cope in a post Red Ring Of Death life, im planning to play more aforementioned Demigod and TF2.   read

9:03 AM on 03.22.2009

Should I buy a PSP?

(Sorry for that, i feel bad every time i think of Sony's advertisement schemes too.)

For about a month now, i have been going crazy with decisions, ranging from not so important (should i main Chun Li or Dan or Blanka) to life altering important (mostly school related). And i was recently encountered with a proposition to go visit Vancouver, Canada to look at the collages i am borderline obsessed with (which is odd for a child who slacks off in school such as myself). I of course willfully accepted due to the fact that i love that place so much more than where im currently residing, and also because i am getting an all expenses paid ride their. So there i was a few nights ago, thinking about how awesome my trip would be during an intense online match of Ken Fighter 4 (seriously not to bitch, but 7 in a row, then after i got an even mix of him and other shoto's), and i hit a major roadblock in my head. I thought to myself "what the hell am i gonna do on a plane for five hours alone that doesn't involve me getting tackled and anally searched by the FBI". As a panicked i quickly setup a list of the following choices...
2. Buy a DS (despite the fact i sold my last one for a quad core cpu.)
3. Buy a PSP
4. deleted i should read cblog rules first i am an idiot

So after analyzing through these options, i decided that three would be the best option (despite the lasting appeal of 1 and 4.) However, as me not being the biggest sony fan ever (was terrified when my parents bought me a PS1 rather then an N64 when i was a child, barely used my PS2 despite its huge category of games, and recently bought a PS3 for MGS4, played through it multiple times, then sold it days later for more money) i need some familiarization with the PSP. I again made a list, this time of questions i needed to ask you all for help from the PSP.

1. Do you know where i can buy a PSP 1000, i want to buy this one because i am recently going broke due to my fanaticism of upgrading my PC among other reasons.
2. How much better are the PSP 2000 or 3000 compared to the 1000, I'm mostly conserned with screen quality, backlight, and battery life among anything else.
3. What are some good titles availble for the PSP, the only ones i know of is Patapon, Locoroco, God Of War, and Street Fighter Alpha 3.
4. Truthfully, how many batterys do you think i would need to sustain a psp for a 5 hour long flight.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this prediciment i have here, I trust you guys cause i have yet to run across a website with people as knowledgeable with games and awesome as yourselves.

P.S: this is my first blog post here at DTOID, i have been lurking around for a little more then two years and never post because for some reason i can never get embedded into any online community due to laziness. And yes i know this was a bad introduction, but it was better then "hey my name is Spotlight, i like games and women".

P.P.S: if you were wondering i stuck with chun li as my main due to the fact that i use her in every game she is in besides MVC2. If you want to kick my *ss in SF4 i would be happily ablilged to play you, my XBL tag is Spotlight51.   read

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