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Good morrow, sir. I'm Spork.

That's all you really need to know, but if you insist...

I swear. Cunt. See?
I'm British. Cunt. See?
I don't know what to say

I don't really have a favourite console, though I do prefer the 360 pad to the PS3's. With the Wii, my opinion on it is probably the same as most gamers - good, can often be great, but it's mainly used as a cash cow so it ends up gathering dust. I love PC gaming, but my current computer is limited by a crappy Geforce 4 MX. Feel sorry for me! I demand it. I've have all of the big 3 current-gen consoles, and some other consoles that are now apparently retro, but unfortunately at the moment I've only got a PS3, because... meh, it doesn't matter why. Too long of a story, and I'm too lazy to write it out. Oh, and I have a PSP and DS. I try and tabletop game when I get the chance, but due to various reasons I'm not at the moment. Don't much feel like expanding upon those reasons either, because they're all various, and... diverse... and stuff. Oh, and I'm lazy.

And then there's all the lovely fluffy things that come with being a geek. Books, comics, films, music, computers/technology, and such.

So yeah, thanks for reading, if you got this far. It makes me feel all warm, and fuzzy inside. I also have a bon.... disregard what you think I was about to say.
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You hear that? That's the simultaneous face palm of the gullible.

So for quite some time now, people haven't been able to understand Bob and his game. People thought that when he said he's better than all other game developers, that he was completely serious. Of course, he was not. He was in fact playing the in game version of him. And that's not all. The in game Bob is the villain. The guy who writes the news updates on - and that means the guy who trashed his room on the webcam, the man who started the 100 day sit down - is the in game Bob, and the actual hero is called Yuu. Yuu is the hero (geddit?). In the above video the real Bob spells everything out at around the 4:20 mark.

How on earth were people sucked into believing him. He wrote "I am far better than Miyamoto, Itoi, Kojima, Carmack, and Wright COMBINED." And people thought that he was serious. I don't understand how people didn't get the joke, so if you're reading I'd love to know.Admittedly I thought for a little bit that he had simply gone insane, but I re-read his blog and that decided it.

If you were sucked into believing it, was there any point where you thought "hold on, is this guy for real?", or did you just go along with it? Regardless, it's a great marketing scheme, and from what I've seen of the game (gameplay videos below), it looks pretty solid. I'll try and get a hold of it and write a review when it comes out on day 100. Anyone else out there interested in the game or am I alone here?

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