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Spitfire's blog

10:01 PM on 07.15.2008

The Conduit Dev Walkthrough *update


I caught this over at Gametrailers and I hadnt seen it here yet so I figured why not.

In light of the recent discussions about the Wii and Nintendo in general it looks like some third parties are trying hard to develop and deliver AAA quality titles intended for the FPS fans. I havent heard anything about how the player controls the motion around the screen. From what I can tell it looks like Metroid where you move the reticule to an edge and the camera pans that direction. I would like to see strafing in a game but I dont think the Wii controller can handle it without dual joysticks.

Either way graphics are pretty nice considering the power behind it.
The action looks pretty fluid at least against the "boss" or mini-boss antlion thingy. The dev says the game is hard coded to easy but they dude playing it looks to be getting hit quite a bit so Im sure their are some tweaks that still need to be addressed. I didnt notice the "great texturing" in the environment that the dev was talking about, maybe thats in other stages. What was displayed looked real drab and a little plain. It reminds me of a map I would see in Counter-Strike, like version 1.6 not source. I guess Im just used to every other game on the Wii having a large color palette.

I hope it does well, but I can easily see it bombing considering the majority of the consoles target audience. I do agree that for the most part and for most people the Wii is a novelty. I sincerely hope I am proven wrong and I look forward to any hands-on info the Dtoid staffers can give if the get the chance.

Gonintendo has put up a pretty badass hands-on review of it. This gets me excited.   read

8:58 AM on 05.25.2008

Lost Winds Concept Art and ramblings

I've always enjoyed seeing concept art for games. Whether it was a good game or a terrible game the concept art is usually decent. It's the ability to look inside what the artist and game designer truly wanted the game to look like that really draw me to it.

I just dled Lost Winds for the Wii this weekend and loved ever second of it. It was waaay too short for my taste and from what I've heard there are a lot of sequels in the works to flesh out the adventure into something along the lines of Link or Okami. Its nice to see something like this, I assume its a episodic game, making waves. After playing it the first thought through my head was, "Man, this would be awesome as a full disc adventure." That mainly comes from my earlier statement - it was way too short. But now I can see Nintendo using the WiiWare channel AS a demo channel. Put a tidbit of a game that might be able to go into a full development, see the industry reaction and the download numbers to decide if they want to invest in a retail game.

Besides Nintendo's lack of storage space, one of my biggest problems with the Wii is there is no way to demo games. Sure its in their favor sometimes to not allow this, mainly for the huge dump of shitty games developers hastily move to capitalize on the Wii x-plosion. But it would be nice to know what your getting before you drunking-ly stumble into a game store and buy the near game on the shelf. Yes, it is like a secret santa gift for yourself.

Needless to say I cant wait for the next installment of Lost Winds. Its a must download and a gem in Nintendo's library. Enough of my rambling, heres a small gallery of concept art I liked and just found on the Lost Winds interweb page. There is plenty more available at their site.

PS. The character line art shows some interesting moves that we not in Lost Winds. Looks like some cool new mechanics and puzzles are in the works.   read

8:19 PM on 05.19.2008

Cutest DS commercial EVAR

Liv Tyler - Check
Pajamas - Check
Nintendo DS - Check

Seriously, this is just too sweet. I think I've fallen for Liv Tyler.

I couldnt find an embeddable (is this a word?) video so click the pic.


7:33 PM on 05.14.2008

Earthbound Labor of Love

Many of you know is having a youtube video contest for some pretty cool prizes. This vid is definitely my favorite so far. Give it some views on youtube and help these guys take first place.


This is a fake Japanese commercial for the non-existent game smush of Earthbound and Mega Man, Earth Man. It was a collaborative effort by Nightwing (youtube name) and ZorakStart.
Nightwing programmed the game parts featured in the commercial among other things. One can only hope that if he gets some support and help he could make this ROM. By far the best part of the vid is the box art at the end.

Earth Man box art and concept are all thanks to Kaigetsudo(artist), Ranger(concept), and Steve(logo). I was only able to find Kaigetsudo's deviantart account. Sorry Ranger and Steve. This is my new favorite box art, and its not even real.

God, I hope they get support and make a fan rom of this.   read

6:38 PM on 04.24.2008

Death of Friends Code??

Steve Totilo over at MTV blog has a real awesome interview with the guys at Majesco over their new game Blast Works.

Kevin Ray,Chief Technology Officer, sheds some like at breakthroughs in Wii multiplayer gameing.

Multiplayer: How did you get around the Friend Code issue?

Ray: Every Wii has a guaranteed unique ID (GUID) that identifies the device. If you look in the Address Book on your Wii you can see this number called the Wii Machine ID. We reference this ID when you connect to the site. The combination of a secure network connection and this unique Wii Machine ID allow us to seamlessly integrate the web site with your Wii and bypass any cumbersome login procedures. It also allows us to implement a directory-service that is above the cumbersome method of remembering friend-codes and allow players to find one another based on real name, user name, favorite game, geographic region, etc.

WHA?!?!?! Unique ID AND directory system. Fucking JAWESOME. Why the shit did the makers of this system not decide to do this.?

Nintendo the ball is in your court to use this for every multiplayer game.

[via MTV blog]   read

12:04 PM on 03.28.2008

Better than getting crabs? Scorpions! [NVGR]


Seriously, Ive never found the "Duffster" that hot, more like a block of wood.

Until now. She has definitely moved up a few notches. The clip is from a new movie called War Inc. with John Cusack, Teh Duff, Ben Kingsly, and Marisa Tomei.

Its set in the future, when the desert country of Turagistan is torn by a riot after a private corporation, owned by the former US president, has taken over the whole state. Brand Hauser (John Cusack) is a hit man who suppresses his emotions by gobbling down on hot sauce and is hired by the corporation's head to kill the CEO of their competitors. Everything changes when the ruthless killer finds himself head-over-heels in love with a sexy reporter portrayed by Marisa Tomei. I guess Duffs' role is just that of a hot chick with a scorpion down her pants (screw the "pop star" background)

Here is the official trailer:

The weirdest part is the exact same thing happened to me one time when i was in Mexico… its like they are in my mind.   read

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