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Hulk VS Tank, Who would win?

Ok, so I had to find a picture of the Hulk earlier today, and in google images, there was a picture of a Left 4 Dead Tank with the caption of "Hulk smash!". I thought to myself: "That'd be an interesting fight...", and from t...


After some thought about this... (NVGR)

After some thought on the reason for the Cat is away thing, I have traced it back to the fact that no one is posting anything good. To quote one user, it is a "slow day" on Destructoid. And seeing as I have nothing to do for ...


"Cats away"? No. Just no. NVGR

OH GAWD! Too much spam! Hmm, I think that everyone should stfu. Both sides are kind of right. Theres the people that say its worthless, and others say its harmless. They say the spam blogs push down better ones, and then th...


Resident Evil 5: My impressions

*MAY CONTAIN A SPOILER OR 2* Don't say I didn't warn you. Last night, me and a good friend of mine sat in my living room late at night, and in one loooong sitting, beat the game on Normal mode Co-op. We started at about 10...


Why don't Zombies dehydrate?

Quick, someone get those guys some water, they ain't looking too good! Ok, so while working on my to do list (see previous blog entry), I realized something: A zombie apocalypse would only last a few weeks. Think about it...


Expanded Universe: Resident Evil Novels

I must admit, shamefully, I own all of these books. My entire family loves RE, but none of them own as much of the games as me, and not one of them owns any of the books. They don't see a point in reading about a game they ...


About Spike401kone of us since 6:13 PM on 03.04.2009

Im a simple person. Blast a Zombie here, solve a puzzle there, you know, the usual. Ive been told Im smart, but I disagree to that. What I do know is I love a challenge, and I love a puzzle. So of course I love RE. Ive been playing Resident Evil for years, and Ive played every game made so far. I play many Zombie related games (L4D, RE, HotD, etc), but thats not all. I also enjoy anime, some manga (not too often), books, movies, and social interaction ("GASP! He goes outside!"). I spend a lot of times with friends, so If it takes me awhile between post thats most likely why.
Im big into the Horror Genre, so I'll most likely post about that at some point in time. Ive been reading this site for awhile, but finally made an account the other day, and now Ive come up with some things to say (Ha, that rhymes. Day/Say). Im full of ideas to post. Thats all for now =D.

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