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Pyramid Head, in his manly man form

Why? Pyramid head is a rapist, serial killer, crazy monster dude, who has no feminine qualities about him. So why? This thought was brought to me when I was searching for an image, and I saw a picture of Pyramid Head. But this was no ordinary Pyramid head, mind you, this was a woman version. She wore a long red dress, and had breast. I thought "Huh, I gotta blog about this", but sadly, I could not find the picture again. Instead, however, I have a couple of similar pictures that we can be horrified by all the same! Hurray!

First Up:
A female Pyramid Head by Demented-Pumpkin

As you can see, she strikes a proud pose as she holds her blade behind her back. It looks as if it was meant to be sexy, but like the nurses in Silent Hill, it is not sexy....not sexy at all. What it does do is freak me out. I would run even faster from this then the man Pyramid Head. And thats saying something.

Next Up:
A black and white concept by Iron-Fox

A cleaner, less scary Pyramid Head, yet still disturbing. No blood in this one, but somehow, it still maintains the freaky murder feeling. You have to respect that.

This one crosses with Naruto....
Sakura = Pyramid head? DUN DUN DUN (by 92-Pink-Ravens)

This is just scary. I mean...my god....I just can't come up with something witty or smart to say...But I do kinda wanna play Silent Hill now...but...just...Im afraid of getting attacked by THIS *shivers*.

And last but not least:
A Sailor Moon cross over. Found this one on Google, didn't have an artist page.

This is a true example of what my nightmares are made of. In the world of creepy transgender rapist monsters from Silent Hill, I think this one takes first place, though for what competition I haven't the slightest clue..

Well, In the end, I am thuroughly disturbed, and I still have no idea why people imagine Pyramid Head as a woman. My best guess is that we don't know what lies under that mask, and to them, it might be a woman. But who knows?


He doesn't have to be scary lol

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