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Spike401k avatar 6:26 PM on 03.20.2009  (server time)
Old game reviews: Resident Evil Survivor

Well, you may be thinking "Whaaa!? A PS1 game review? But now we have teh PS3s!!".

I had a thought: Destructoid isn't that old (Three years), so there are no reviews for old games, so why not? And this thought came to me while I was completing this list, which contains many older games (such as the game im reviewing, RE:Survivor). So without further delay:

Resident Evil: Survivor



Survival Horror

Release Date:
August 30, 2000

Now, first up, there is a big problem before you can even pop open the old plastic case. There is no, I repeat, NO light gun compatibility (Im reviewing as if thats not old news, but bare with me here). The reason for this was a school shooting in America, causing people to blame Video Games, making Capcom scared to release the gun with the disk. This leaves players to use the old PS1 controller's D-Pad to move the character, which is uncomfortable, because I'm used to a Analog stick. Oh well, might as well get comfy with the old controller.

I never missed it all that much, probably never will.

Now, the game, being from 2000, has the old, blocky, crap, graphics. This was standard back then, but even so, compared to some PS1 games I own, they aren't great. The cut scenes and voice acting are those of the original RE style (OMFG JILL SAMMICH JOKE TIME! LOLOL), but again, thats to be expected of the old games. But the environments seem a bit sub par for my memory. RE1, RE2, and RE3, have some semi-nice backgrounds. For PS1 games, they aren't bad. But RE Survivor seems too jagged, and in a different style, making it unappealing.

Ah old friend, so we meet again.

Also, there is no save function. Thats right, no type writers, no "Ugh, its getting late, I have work tomorrow, I think Im going to save and shut this down for awhile". You must finish the entire game in one sitting. This would be a horrible feature, that is, if the game wasn't so damn short. It took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to beat, playing from memory (Haven't played the game in years, used to be able to run through on normal mode in 55 minutes, give or take). But just because you beat it all at once, doesn't mean the lack of a save feature is ok. I had to leave right before I beat the game, and my console had to be powered down, so when I finally came back later that evening, I had to replay the entire thing. This pissed me off, but It was only an hour, so I got over it.

The story is less then entertaining. Guy has amnesia, can't remember, so he walks around and kills zombies until he does. I expect more from my RE classics, but again, this game was meant to be a quickie, so the story wasn't developed as much as other titles in the series.


Game play: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Overall: 9/15 or (OMG MATH FOR THIS SO HARD!) 3/5

Game play: 3/5
Graphics: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Overall: 7/15 or 2/5

Yea, I know, not too much of a drop, but It wasn't great to begin with.


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