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Spike401k avatar 9:47 PM on 03.09.2009  (server time)
My Personal Gaming to do list for 2009:

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish this year. I have games to buy, n00bs to own, so heres my outline for 2009:

-Beat every RE game over again
Games Completed so far:
RE: Survivor

Games that need re-completion:
RE: Dead Aim
Outbreak 2

-Purchase and beat RE5. *UPDATE* DONE! Hurray!
-Purchase and beat Haunting Grounds
-Beat Rules of Rose
-Beat all the Clocktower games over again
-Fix my Xbox 360
-Clear out my old memory cards
-Obtain a copy of RE 1.5 (Don't say ANYTHING, I can hope can't I?) *UPDATE!!!* Haha, I wish
-Beat the original NES SMB again
-Purchase and complete Halo Wars
-Beat Legendary for Xbox 360
-Drain all achievements that I can out of my games
-Hopefully Sadness for Wii will come out, allowing me to, you guessed it! Purchase and beat it!
-Fix my laptops errors *UPDATE* Doing a little better
-Play more PS3 *UPDATE* DOING IT, YEA!

I know some of these *cough cough* RE 1.5 *cough cough* won't happen. But I have hope of completing this list by the first day of 2010. I will play RE 1.5 before I die. Maybe...hopefully....or probably not...ANYWAY, this list will be updated as the year goes on. I also plan on making a list (probably won't be posted here) of games I plan to purchase, and systematically buy them. Oh yea, speaking of, I almost forgot! There are two last things, two games Ive been putting off for awhile:

-Beat Ico *UPDATE* Found it!
-Beat Siren *UPDATE!* I cant find it :(

I own both of them, but lucky me I can't locate them in my large game collection...Oh, and thats another thing!

-Organize ridiculously unorganized game collection

This could be a looooong year...

Well, wish me luck! Im off to (hopefully) find a game sleeve with Siren inside.

Update: I found ICO! =D It was in an unlabeled PS2 box w/o a sleeve or book, but I found it. Hurray!
Update: I beat RE5

More on this later.


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