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Im a simple person. Blast a Zombie here, solve a puzzle there, you know, the usual. Ive been told Im smart, but I disagree to that. What I do know is I love a challenge, and I love a puzzle. So of course I love RE. Ive been playing Resident Evil for years, and Ive played every game made so far. I play many Zombie related games (L4D, RE, HotD, etc), but thats not all. I also enjoy anime, some manga (not too often), books, movies, and social interaction ("GASP! He goes outside!"). I spend a lot of times with friends, so If it takes me awhile between post thats most likely why.
Im big into the Horror Genre, so I'll most likely post about that at some point in time. Ive been reading this site for awhile, but finally made an account the other day, and now Ive come up with some things to say (Ha, that rhymes. Day/Say). Im full of ideas to post. Thats all for now =D.
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I have a lot of things I want to accomplish this year. I have games to buy, n00bs to own, so heres my outline for 2009:

-Beat every RE game over again
Games Completed so far:
RE: Survivor

Games that need re-completion:
RE: Dead Aim
Outbreak 2

-Purchase and beat RE5. *UPDATE* DONE! Hurray!
-Purchase and beat Haunting Grounds
-Beat Rules of Rose
-Beat all the Clocktower games over again
-Fix my Xbox 360
-Clear out my old memory cards
-Obtain a copy of RE 1.5 (Don't say ANYTHING, I can hope can't I?) *UPDATE!!!* Haha, I wish
-Beat the original NES SMB again
-Purchase and complete Halo Wars
-Beat Legendary for Xbox 360
-Drain all achievements that I can out of my games
-Hopefully Sadness for Wii will come out, allowing me to, you guessed it! Purchase and beat it!
-Fix my laptops errors *UPDATE* Doing a little better
-Play more PS3 *UPDATE* DOING IT, YEA!

I know some of these *cough cough* RE 1.5 *cough cough* won't happen. But I have hope of completing this list by the first day of 2010. I will play RE 1.5 before I die. Maybe...hopefully....or probably not...ANYWAY, this list will be updated as the year goes on. I also plan on making a list (probably won't be posted here) of games I plan to purchase, and systematically buy them. Oh yea, speaking of, I almost forgot! There are two last things, two games Ive been putting off for awhile:

-Beat Ico *UPDATE* Found it!
-Beat Siren *UPDATE!* I cant find it :(

I own both of them, but lucky me I can't locate them in my large game collection...Oh, and thats another thing!

-Organize ridiculously unorganized game collection

This could be a looooong year...

Well, wish me luck! Im off to (hopefully) find a game sleeve with Siren inside.

Update: I found ICO! =D It was in an unlabeled PS2 box w/o a sleeve or book, but I found it. Hurray!
Update: I beat RE5

More on this later.


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