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Spike401k avatar 7:52 PM on 03.20.2009  (server time)
I keep loosing games...

No, not loosing as in the opposite of winning. No, loosing as In I cannot find the game/disk/box. But its not just any old game, its only ones I actually like. And its not just only ones I like, its only SURVIVAL HORROR games that I like. This, in fact, scares me more then any game could. And if the game isn't lost, it suddenly stops working.

Games I've lost so far:
-Fatal Frame 3

Games that have suddenly stopped working:
-Resident Evil Outbreak

Yea, I know, 3 games, big deal. But to me it is a big deal. I enjoy these games, and I'm suddenly loosing them, one after another. With my luck I'll loose more. But its not just games, I've also lost a couple of DVDs all of the sudden. I would say something like "maybe a thief?", but I doubt someone would steal my crap, especially one of my friends with access to my home. I guess, seeing as all 3 are old, I could buy new (or rather used) copies, but what if I loose those?

I personally think its a government conspiracy. They have created some way to steal my Horror games from my house. Makes perfect sense. (<--- Do not take this past sentence seriously, as I am not that paranoid/insane)

Also, I haven't had reason to use italics in a blog yet (that I remember at least), so hey, at least Im doing some exciting new things.

Well, Im off to try and play a broken copy of RE:O, and if that doesn't work, RE5.


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