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Spike401k avatar 5:00 PM on 03.28.2009  (server time)
4 Things I wish would happen soon:

To start this blog out, I wish to state my recent absence, noticed or unnoticed, was caused by the fact that I had to take apart my laptop, take everything out, and put it in a new case. This didn't take too long, but the computer didn't work when I was done (because I fail), and I had to call it quits that day. A day or two later I called up my older sister, who is better with computers, she drove here, opened it back up, fixed the problem, and now FINALLY my laptop is functional. Oh happy day! Thank god for a computer friendly family. Now, on to the subject at hand:


1: A remake of Parasite Eve for PS3
I think now is the time for PE1 and PE2 to make a comeback. With the "3rd Birthday" (a sequel to PE2) coming out for PSP later this year, remakes of PE1 and PE2 would help get people excited for that. Also, Im tired of the graphics on the PS1 version, seeing as I switched from RE5 to PE today.

2: Another CGI Resident Evil Movie
Degeneration was a hit, it seems that everyone could agree to that (or at least everyone I've spoken to about it). So a sequel in the same style wouldn't be out of the question. It would make a good bit of cash for Capcom, and it would probably make a lot of fans happy. Now, I don't expect this within maybe 2 years, because, after all, we do want QUALITY. They need time to construct a story (Hopefully involving Berry, Rebeca, and/or Sherry), and animate. But I do hope they decide to do this soon.

3: More Books to be made into Games
Im not saying every book is game worthy, but while making this short list I remembered that PE is based off of a book of the same name. If they could make a hit like that once, Im sure that the gaming industry could do it again. There are plenty of great books that have potential to be great games.

4: TV Adaptions of Games
Come on, how often do you see those? Live action or Anime, it wouldn't matter to me, I just like to see a series over a movie sometimes. The last Anime adaption I saw was Devil May Cry, and ones such as the DMC Anime are few and far between.

I know this is a short list, but I would call that a good thing for myself. It means, for me, that most of the things I want have already happened, or are happening.


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