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7:35 PM on 04.17.2009

SotC Movie? Huh...

I know, lots of post about this already, but I have to say something.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of my all time favorite games. It stands the test of time well. In fact, I just beat it again today. It still, after 4 years, looks beautiful, and is an epic experience. And one of the things that make it so epic is the mystery. It doesn't give too much information on back story. The sequel (ICO, which came out first, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the series) is also very mysterious. That being said, here is what my major problem with the movie would be:

It might add new plot that doesn't match up...
Don't get me wrong. I am all for a movie with a similar basis of a game, but with a different plot. Just not for SotC. The Resident Evil movies were ok. The DMC anime was fine. Those are two adaptions that did well. But I just don't see a SotC movie ending well.

1st off: The original game was a cinematic masterpiece. As many have said, it was beautiful, and emotionally provoking. It was one of the two games I've ever played that invoked a deep emotion other than hatred, boredom, or happiness. With that to compare too, the movie just cannot live up. Sure, I'd like to see a CGI fight in HD between a Colossi and Wander, but it probably won't meet the expectations that are set by the gaming community.

2nd: It most likely will need new plot for the movie. And that can go either way. On one hand, it could be faithful to the game, mostly canon story, and make most of us happy. But the more obvious thing that will probably happen, is that the plot will be way off. Hardly canon. And ruin the game for some of us because of it. Remember folks, you can never un-see something, no matter how hard you try.

Now, some people may not care about it being canon-like, and that wouldn't normally bother me. Hell, a movie is pretty much guaranteed not to follow the canon of a game, for a games canon is too complex or simple. But this is Shadow of the Colossus, not just any other game. The plot, if too far off, will feel like a mockery of SotC, which too me, is art. And why mock art?

3rd: As I said, HD CGI colossi = amazing beyond words. And I will go to see the movie just to see that. But that can't be the only thing. Sure, everyone loves action flicks, but with the above plot complications added in, that will majorly cut down of fight scene times. So with the cut down fight scenes, how will they fit 16 colossi in? The short answer is that they probably won't. And if they do, it'll be at least part montage. Or, the third possibility is that they make a trilogy, or at least one sequel.

4th:The movie could range in time from 1.5 to 3 hours. During that, if they gave each colossi 10 minutes, the movie would become incredibly repetitive for most. Thats 160 minutes for the fight scenes. If the max time would be about 180 minutes, that leaves 20 minutes for the emotionally touching story. I don't see that happening. So (to me) that definitely means one of the three above choices out of point 3, will be used.

Don't get me wrong. I'll watch the film. I'll most likely shell out the cash from my wallet to get popcorn too. Flaws or not, its SotC. And if the film does well, it may motivate the geniuses behind the games to work a little faster on the 3rd in the series. But one can only hope, and you cannot rush good work.

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5:00 PM on 03.28.2009

4 Things I wish would happen soon:

To start this blog out, I wish to state my recent absence, noticed or unnoticed, was caused by the fact that I had to take apart my laptop, take everything out, and put it in a new case. This didn't take too long, but the computer didn't work when I was done (because I fail), and I had to call it quits that day. A day or two later I called up my older sister, who is better with computers, she drove here, opened it back up, fixed the problem, and now FINALLY my laptop is functional. Oh happy day! Thank god for a computer friendly family. Now, on to the subject at hand:


1: A remake of Parasite Eve for PS3
I think now is the time for PE1 and PE2 to make a comeback. With the "3rd Birthday" (a sequel to PE2) coming out for PSP later this year, remakes of PE1 and PE2 would help get people excited for that. Also, Im tired of the graphics on the PS1 version, seeing as I switched from RE5 to PE today.

2: Another CGI Resident Evil Movie
Degeneration was a hit, it seems that everyone could agree to that (or at least everyone I've spoken to about it). So a sequel in the same style wouldn't be out of the question. It would make a good bit of cash for Capcom, and it would probably make a lot of fans happy. Now, I don't expect this within maybe 2 years, because, after all, we do want QUALITY. They need time to construct a story (Hopefully involving Berry, Rebeca, and/or Sherry), and animate. But I do hope they decide to do this soon.

3: More Books to be made into Games
Im not saying every book is game worthy, but while making this short list I remembered that PE is based off of a book of the same name. If they could make a hit like that once, Im sure that the gaming industry could do it again. There are plenty of great books that have potential to be great games.

4: TV Adaptions of Games
Come on, how often do you see those? Live action or Anime, it wouldn't matter to me, I just like to see a series over a movie sometimes. The last Anime adaption I saw was Devil May Cry, and ones such as the DMC Anime are few and far between.

I know this is a short list, but I would call that a good thing for myself. It means, for me, that most of the things I want have already happened, or are happening.

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8:57 PM on 03.20.2009

Why do people draw Pyramid Head as a woman?


Pyramid Head, in his manly man form

Why? Pyramid head is a rapist, serial killer, crazy monster dude, who has no feminine qualities about him. So why? This thought was brought to me when I was searching for an image, and I saw a picture of Pyramid Head. But this was no ordinary Pyramid head, mind you, this was a woman version. She wore a long red dress, and had breast. I thought "Huh, I gotta blog about this", but sadly, I could not find the picture again. Instead, however, I have a couple of similar pictures that we can be horrified by all the same! Hurray!

First Up:
A female Pyramid Head by Demented-Pumpkin

As you can see, she strikes a proud pose as she holds her blade behind her back. It looks as if it was meant to be sexy, but like the nurses in Silent Hill, it is not sexy....not sexy at all. What it does do is freak me out. I would run even faster from this then the man Pyramid Head. And thats saying something.

Next Up:
A black and white concept by Iron-Fox

A cleaner, less scary Pyramid Head, yet still disturbing. No blood in this one, but somehow, it still maintains the freaky murder feeling. You have to respect that.

This one crosses with Naruto....
Sakura = Pyramid head? DUN DUN DUN (by 92-Pink-Ravens)

This is just scary. I god....I just can't come up with something witty or smart to say...But I do kinda wanna play Silent Hill now...but...just...Im afraid of getting attacked by THIS *shivers*.

And last but not least:
A Sailor Moon cross over. Found this one on Google, didn't have an artist page.

This is a true example of what my nightmares are made of. In the world of creepy transgender rapist monsters from Silent Hill, I think this one takes first place, though for what competition I haven't the slightest clue..

Well, In the end, I am thuroughly disturbed, and I still have no idea why people imagine Pyramid Head as a woman. My best guess is that we don't know what lies under that mask, and to them, it might be a woman. But who knows?


He doesn't have to be scary lol

7:52 PM on 03.20.2009

I keep loosing games...

No, not loosing as in the opposite of winning. No, loosing as In I cannot find the game/disk/box. But its not just any old game, its only ones I actually like. And its not just only ones I like, its only SURVIVAL HORROR games that I like. This, in fact, scares me more then any game could. And if the game isn't lost, it suddenly stops working.

Games I've lost so far:
-Fatal Frame 3

Games that have suddenly stopped working:
-Resident Evil Outbreak

Yea, I know, 3 games, big deal. But to me it is a big deal. I enjoy these games, and I'm suddenly loosing them, one after another. With my luck I'll loose more. But its not just games, I've also lost a couple of DVDs all of the sudden. I would say something like "maybe a thief?", but I doubt someone would steal my crap, especially one of my friends with access to my home. I guess, seeing as all 3 are old, I could buy new (or rather used) copies, but what if I loose those?

I personally think its a government conspiracy. They have created some way to steal my Horror games from my house. Makes perfect sense. (<--- Do not take this past sentence seriously, as I am not that paranoid/insane)

Also, I haven't had reason to use italics in a blog yet (that I remember at least), so hey, at least Im doing some exciting new things.

Well, Im off to try and play a broken copy of RE:O, and if that doesn't work, RE5.

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6:26 PM on 03.20.2009

Old game reviews: Resident Evil Survivor

Well, you may be thinking "Whaaa!? A PS1 game review? But now we have teh PS3s!!".

I had a thought: Destructoid isn't that old (Three years), so there are no reviews for old games, so why not? And this thought came to me while I was completing this list, which contains many older games (such as the game im reviewing, RE:Survivor). So without further delay:

Resident Evil: Survivor



Survival Horror

Release Date:
August 30, 2000

Now, first up, there is a big problem before you can even pop open the old plastic case. There is no, I repeat, NO light gun compatibility (Im reviewing as if thats not old news, but bare with me here). The reason for this was a school shooting in America, causing people to blame Video Games, making Capcom scared to release the gun with the disk. This leaves players to use the old PS1 controller's D-Pad to move the character, which is uncomfortable, because I'm used to a Analog stick. Oh well, might as well get comfy with the old controller.

I never missed it all that much, probably never will.

Now, the game, being from 2000, has the old, blocky, crap, graphics. This was standard back then, but even so, compared to some PS1 games I own, they aren't great. The cut scenes and voice acting are those of the original RE style (OMFG JILL SAMMICH JOKE TIME! LOLOL), but again, thats to be expected of the old games. But the environments seem a bit sub par for my memory. RE1, RE2, and RE3, have some semi-nice backgrounds. For PS1 games, they aren't bad. But RE Survivor seems too jagged, and in a different style, making it unappealing.

Ah old friend, so we meet again.

Also, there is no save function. Thats right, no type writers, no "Ugh, its getting late, I have work tomorrow, I think Im going to save and shut this down for awhile". You must finish the entire game in one sitting. This would be a horrible feature, that is, if the game wasn't so damn short. It took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to beat, playing from memory (Haven't played the game in years, used to be able to run through on normal mode in 55 minutes, give or take). But just because you beat it all at once, doesn't mean the lack of a save feature is ok. I had to leave right before I beat the game, and my console had to be powered down, so when I finally came back later that evening, I had to replay the entire thing. This pissed me off, but It was only an hour, so I got over it.

The story is less then entertaining. Guy has amnesia, can't remember, so he walks around and kills zombies until he does. I expect more from my RE classics, but again, this game was meant to be a quickie, so the story wasn't developed as much as other titles in the series.


Game play: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Overall: 9/15 or (OMG MATH FOR THIS SO HARD!) 3/5

Game play: 3/5
Graphics: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Overall: 7/15 or 2/5

Yea, I know, not too much of a drop, but It wasn't great to begin with.

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3:58 PM on 03.16.2009

My hopes for the future of the Resident Evil series


Yea, yea, I know. "But the latest game just game out 3 days ago! You're already planning for RE6?". And my answer is yes. Yes I am. The second the credits began to roll on the morning of the 15th, I was ready for RE6. Of course, we won't be seeing RE6 for years. I think at most maybe 5 years, but the date doesn't matter at the moment, what does matter is that its almost guaranteed that we will get it. It doesn't matter when. As long as it happens before my inevitable demise, then I can wait.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand, my hopes for the series:

-Return of the slow and stupid Zombies:
You can't say you don't miss them. Play through an older RE game and you'll become nostalgic for them. Now, Im NOT saying get rid of the Las Plagas. No, that would be a waste of a good plot point. I think it would be amazing if they combined the T-Virus, or the G-Virus, with Las Plagas. Think about it. Las Plagas allows for controllable "Zombies", and T makes the dead walk. So you could have the best of both worlds. Shuffling, parasite filled zombies. Imagine playing through RE1, shooting a zombie in the head, and a giant worm like creature springing out (Im not suggesting a remake of RE1 like this, that would be a bad idea. Its just an example). This probably won't happen anytime soon, if at all, but I can dream.

-Another FPS:
No, not RE6 as a FPS, and not another Rail Shooter (Don't get me wrong on that either, I love the Umbrella Chronicles, and I can't wait for Darkside to come out), I mean something along the lines of Dead Aim, or Survivor. I know, that in general, people didn't like these games all that much, but I LOVED them (And this is MY HOPES after all). I think It would be amazing to see the main characters of these games in a follow up. A sequel to them would be a welcome addition to my collection.
-A sequel to a RE game with an original main character that has only been in that game
Like a sequel to RE:Survivor, or maybe a game starring HUNK, or a game staring the guy from Dead Aim. The sequels to Dead Aim/Survivor don't even have to be FPS like mentioned above, I just wanna see them in a follow up.

-Outbreak File 3
I want this to happen so bad. I know that it may or may not (probably not) happen, but if it did, I would be over joyed.
-A sequel to Outbreak staring one of the playable characters from Files 1 and 2.
Think of it. After escaping a city full of zombies, wouldn't YOU want revenge on Umbrella? So why not? It would make sense. They Join one of the Anti-Umbrella groups, train hard, eventually become good enough to hold their own. Hell, Kevin is already a cop right? So he can already handle himself. It would be a great game, especially if it was classic RE style.

(Im not purposely using PAL boxart, just kind of happened)

-ANY Original Character RE game
Yea, I know, last 3 or 4 have been similar to this, but I cannot stress enough how much I like Cannon side stories.

-A game where you play as Ada:
Self explanatory.

-Remakes of 2 and 3 with great graphics like the REmake on Gamecube had.

-A new game with Claire that uses either the RE4-5 style, or reverts to the RE0-CV style:

-Sheva to be a recurring character in future


-Something involving Barry.
What the hell happened to him anyway? He was the pilot of the escape copter in RE3, but thats the last you hear of him. I want a full 3D game starring Barry.

-Something Involving Rebeca Chambers:
Why does everyone disappear?

-On that note, what ever happened to Carlos? So something involving Carlos.
He lived through RE3, so where the hell did he go?

-A sequel with blonde Jill
This is a given. Blonde Jill is kinda hot, therefor fanboys will go rabid, buy it, and fund another RE game. Extra points if she wears her RE3 skirt.

(This next one might be considered a spoiler of RE5, so be warned)
-More explanation of what the hell Spencer meant when he said Wesker was the only surviving Wesker child or whatever he said.
A game offering further explanation on that would be great. Hell, it could mean that Wesker is a clone, and then we might have to kill another one of the bastards.

-A game where you get to play the scenario in the Spencer mansion, leading up to the epic fight with Wesker at the end.
Because Flashbacks just don't cut it

-A prequel to RE0
Because 0 isn't low enough, I want -1. You hear me Capcom!? -1!

-A game I can't put down easily
I have to admit, though the last several RE games have been good (RE4, UC, 5), after I beat them I just set them down and walked away. I want a game SO good, that I don't wanna stop right after I win.

-Never to see Jill with a baseball cap on again
It just bothered me. I have NO idea why, but it did. Gives me the creeps..

And last but not least:
-Something that will scare me so much that I almost unwillingly urinate.
RE5 wasn't very not scary at all

Ridiculous things that will never happen you say? Maybe. Maybe not. Lets see. I mean, some of these are so general that they could easily happen.


Oh, almost forgot! Happy Birthday Destructoid.   read

7:18 PM on 03.15.2009

Hulk VS Tank, Who would win?

Ok, so I had to find a picture of the Hulk earlier today, and in google images, there was a picture of a Left 4 Dead Tank with the caption of "Hulk smash!". I thought to myself: "That'd be an interesting fight...", and from that thought came this blog.

Both of them shirtless, looking as if they consumed a lethal amount of steroids, and both of them pissed off at the world, this fight would be a close one


Both of them have super strength, probably about even too. I mean look at them. Same size, shape, and about the same muscle size too, I think that they would be pretty evenly matched.

Special Abilities:
The tank, being the magical creature that it is, can get a large chunk of concrete from the ground, regardless if the ground is made of concrete. You see grass, the tank touches that grass, the grass is now concrete, you see the concrete speeding towards your skull at 90MPH. Given the area the fight takes place in, this mysterious power could give the tank a big advantage. Think of it. Grassy field, nothing for Hulk to throw, and suddenly the tank beats him upside the face with concrete. And even worse, the concrete magically disappears after the hit, leaving Hulk no chance to take it from the tank and use it himself.
The tank is kind of Ape like in the way it moves, but not the Hulk. No, the Hulk stands tall and proud. This gives him a speed advantage, so he can out run the tank if need be. Hell, he might even be able to get behind him and give him a good smash to the back of the skull.

A zombie isn't so bright, and thats what the tank is, a zombie, so he is most likely retarded
The Hulk has anger issues, and doesn't really think before he acts. Blinded by rage, he is fairly stupid.

The tank takes a lot of damage to put down, but eventually he dies.
The Hulk doesn't seem to die easy. I mean sure, he can die, it just takes a hell of a lot of manpower.

In my own opinion, I think the tank might win. Afterall, the tank is like one big Zombie Hulk.

What are your thoughts? Who would win?

-Spike   read

2:07 PM on 03.15.2009

After some thought about this... (NVGR)

After some thought on the reason for the Cat is away thing, I have traced it back to the fact that no one is posting anything good. To quote one user, it is a "slow day" on Destructoid. And seeing as I have nothing to do for a little while, I think I can fix that. I don't have anywhere I have to be for a few hours, and even then, I won't be gone all that long.

My plan for making the blog better today is simple. I have about 5 or 6 blog ideas in my head that I find very interesting. Of course I don't have time to post 6 blogs, no, that would take too long. But what I do have time for is to post maybe 1 or 2 of them, and that may help to break up the spam, so why not? And to all you waiting for a good post on this especially slow day, I say onto you, write a good blog yourself, and thou will receive a feeling of satisfaction (Don't ask, felt like speaking Bible style).

But I do have to say, some of the people twisting the spam into different things have been pretty funny, I'll give them that (CATS, IMMA KITTY CAT!). Heres hoping for a amazing blog to come out of a user today, because I sure as hell need something to do for the next couple hours.

This may be overkill, two blogs about the cat thing withen like ten minutes or so, but I had to add this little bit on, and felt it kind of deserved its own post.

Don't worry, no more focusing on "Cats away" in my later blogs unless I have some un-resistable reason.

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1:31 PM on 03.15.2009

"Cats away"? No. Just no. NVGR

OH GAWD! Too much spam!

Hmm, I think that everyone should stfu. Both sides are kind of right. Theres the people that say its worthless, and others say its harmless. They say the spam blogs push down better ones, and then the other sides defense it that it is the weekend, so why are they (the good blogs) being posted? Well, heres the thing. Some people have, I dunno, jobs? They can't post mon-fri, so they have to do weekends. And we shouldn't have to hide our blogs that we took a good 2hrs to research and write and repost them just so drunks and idiots can have some fun.

If you don't want to contribute something good, don't, but don't be a dick and spam. Get a life, because some people with lives only have spare time on Saturdays, if even then, and good for them that they contribute to D-toid when their lives slow down for a day. I mean, come on. If you work hard all week, take an hour or two to write something great, that you think everyone would enjoy, post it, but NO ONE gets to read it because of a series of animals having sex with inanimate things, wouldn't you get pissed off?

I've been busy all week, and I infact did write a fairly lengthy blog late last night (My blog that took forever to write because of computer issues, but only a handful of people saw because of the spam). Its not my fault I have things to do in the week, and can't post as often during the work week. Hell, the blog may not be that great, some people could like it, agree with it, give me the thumbs up for it. While others might insult it, argue with it, and write a blog countering it. But thats a GOOD thing. If they hate it enough to throw a good, constructive blog onto the site, opposing my views, then at least its better then spam. I would rather have people post blogs insulting my opinions, then having worthless, content void post. Think about it. Not to be an asshole and ruin the fun, but it gets old.

You say to hide the good blogs and repost? No. I say YOU hide the worthless blogs and never repost them.
You say people shouldn't post things on Saturday nights, that no one will notice? I say some people have busy lives so get over the time the blog was posted.

Your probably gonna post some MEME or FAIL images in the comments to this, or maybe ignore this blog completely, but hey, idc. It doesn't hurt me if the people on a website disagree. I just thought I would post a blog with actual meaning, not some youtube video that I didn't even make. Go on, if you hate this enough then blog about why I'm wrong. At least thats better use of your time then a god damned video of an animal making love to an inanimate object.

So yeah, the drunks are kind of right, in the sense that less people will see good blogs if posted on Saturday night, but hey, less is better then none. If you keep posting like idiots, who knows, you could force all the intelligent people out of Destructoid, and you may eventually destroy everything good about this site. I know I haven't been here long, but I hope I can be here for awhile. And I don't want to have to leave because the blog page is covered in spam, and theres nothing to read.

So before you follow the trend, before you post a blog showing us all how worthless and unorginal you really are, stop. Think: "What can I do thats more constructive for the good of this blog?". Hopefully you'll be smart enough NOT to respond to yourself with "Dog humps something, perfect."


-Spike   read

10:33 PM on 03.14.2009

Resident Evil 5: My impressions

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Last night, me and a good friend of mine sat in my living room late at night, and in one loooong sitting, beat the game on Normal mode Co-op. We started at about 10:00 PM, and didn't stop until about 10:00 AM this morning. We took things slow, getting strategies for combat, and goofing off a bit. Here are our final thoughts on the game.

I would like to state that, before going any farther, I think this game takes too many things from RE4, and because of it, feels like Deja-Vu. But I haven't played RE4 in awhile, so It wasn't SO bad.

Starting out, I was less experienced then my friend, for he had played the Xbox 360 demo, and was already used to the game. Even though we were playing on the PS3, the controls were about the same. Putting this aside, me being the RE vet, and RE5 being the first RE game for him to play, I took the lead as Chris. I must say I am impressed with how fun the Co-op mode was. It gave a new degree of strategy to the game, different from RE4. In RE4, you had to take on the mob alone, which only gave you a few choices in strategy. But in RE5, you can play several ways. You can stick together, holding your position in a building, or split up, luring the zombies away from your partner. This doesn't really apply to the single player mode though, for Sheva follows you wherever you go.

Meet Sheva, Jills replacement....I miss Jill already

The first levels did a good job setting up a situation. Hostile village, new company as main villain (Tricell), old foes paying a visit. The plot kept me going, made me want to keep playing. I knew in the back of my mind how it was supposed to turn out (damn you no-warning spoiler pages on the internet!), but there were so many ways it could get there, that I just HAD to find out. This is the main reason for our one sitting play through ("But if we stop now we won't kick Wesker's ass!")

Gameplay is very similar to RE4. It has the same feel to it, as well as a similar control style. Some would call this a bad thing, but I can't complain. What I am complaining about, however, is the lack of puzzles. There are few, if any, real puzzles. This takes away from gameplay for me, because I LOVE puzzles. I mean, you had to scavenge for parts of a stone for a door or two, but honestly, thats not a REAL puzzle. A real RE style puzzle would have a cryptic clue, and a little bit of back tracking. But if I think about it, RE4 only had 2 or 3 real puzzles, and RE5 had almost nothing that I would consider a real puzzle, so I guess its safe to say that puzzles won't be a main aspect in RE6 either (But even without the puzzles I will keep buying the games, because the story is so damn addictive). Besides, the new "1-1" level system kind of takes the back tracking part out of the equation, which is another thing I wasn't so happy with, but I understand why this was necessary to the game.

A puzzle from a previous RE game...ah, the good ol' days...

Graphics wise, the game is amazing. Nearly everything was done in great detail. Characters looked gorgeous, and Im pretty sure that every returning character from old games has been redesigned. Chris looks like he consumed large amounts of steroids, and (spoiler in 3....2.....1....NOW ---->) Jill has blonde hair. Wesker has creepy tightpants, and his face seems more square now.




Now, not to say that character redesign is bad, but they made Chris look a bit too bulky. On the whole "Jill is blonde" subject, thats not so bad. She still looks about the same, and I like the new look of her character. But Wesker just creeped me out. Tight pants, god complex, overly gelled hair. Terror thy name is Albert Wesker.

As I said earlier, the plot is intresting. The "zombies" are similar to those of the RE4 variety, and the documents you find will keep giving you a flow of information and plot points between cut scenes. I think my personal favorite part of the plot is the "your my partner, and I won't leave my partner, because I already lost one partner", making the bond between Chris and Sheva grow a bit faster. It also makes Chris's fight with Wesker even more of a grudge match, which is just what I wanted it to be. And the flashbacks are very enjoyable, giving a back story, and filing in some gaps.

Chris: "No kissing on the first date!"

I had to finish the game out in single player mode, for my friend had things to do, but I am kind of glad that I did. It gave me a chance to experience Sheva's (semi-retarded?) AI. One of my family members was also playing RE5 last night, and called me today commenting on her AI. He said that for him, she hogged all the ammo, and healed him often. The opposite is true for me. I often had to FORCE her to take the ammo, she would not pick it up on her own. I also had to heal her, and kind of babysit her. She healed me 1 time for every 6 or 7 times I healed her, and I didn't heal her too much (not unless she needed it). Also, she was not as effective in most boss fights as I would of liked her to be. These flaws aside, she does help out. She was particularly useful in (Another spoiler in 3....2....1....) the boss fight against Jill, where you have to rip off the crest from her chest. And the boss fight with Wesker in the hanger, before he takes off. The AI did very well in both of these fights, and I was happy with its performance.

The new save system kind of made me nostalgic for the illogical typewriters. The game uses an autosave feature, where checkpoints and saving trigger automatically. I find it kind of odd that the typewriters disappear when the game moves to a more poor country that isn't technologically dependent, but they were a common sight in expensive underground labs in America.

You never know what you got, till its gone

The variety of guns is a nice addition, but Im set in my ways. I gave my friend all the new weapons, and kept to 3 main ones. The starter handgun, the first shotgun, and the Magnum (Those were always my 3 favorites in the original RE games, and I continue to enjoy them in RE5). I liked the upgrade system for the weapons as well. I maxed out my handguns upgrades, and it became very powerful, and with such a high ammo capacity, I could carry a lot of handgun ammo in the gun itself, saving me an item slot.

Speaking of item slots, that brings me to the inventory. Because of this games Co-op, accessing the inventory does not pause the game as in previous RE games. The menu is also back to a 9 slot box, instead of the RE4 rectangle, in which you could organize and change things. A huge plus on the inventory is that you can place weapons/objects in a D-Pad shape, and tap the D-pad to change what weapon/object you have equipped. This is useful now that you have no time to waste in inventory, and makes the flow of combat much more natural.

I also have to comment on the Green herbs being a spray now. Isn't that the exact same thing as First aid spray? I mean come on, the original concept for herbs were a plant that could be applied to wounds as a natural remedy for wounds and infections, not a spray. You even pick them up in plant form, so how do they instantly become a spray? Capcom may of gotten rid of the illogical typewriters, but don't worry friends, logic is still no where to be found.

And where are the new monsters? The villagers were very similar to RE4 villagers, both of which being controlled by the Las Plagas virus. I mean sure, theres the Uroboros (I think thats how its spelled), but thats more of a boss monster. I wanted to see more fresh new creatures, but I can't really complain. They added a few new ones, I guess I just expect too much.

The final thing I would like to comment on is the Mercenary mode. I like the selection of characters, and the maps, and I can't really come up with anything wrong with it. Its pretty fun, and gives you a way to practice without playing through the actual game.

Ive decided to rank this game out of 5. No decimals, those are pointless.

Gameplay 4/5:
The gameplay was great, a few problems here and there, but overall it isn't bad. I just wish there were some puzzles..

Graphics 5/5:
Beautiful. Nuff said.

Story and Plot 5/5:
The story is fantastic. It finishes some grudge matches we've all been waiting for, and replaces Umbrella with a new evil corporation, Tricell. This gives me hope for some great new things in the series, seeing as Umbrella is pretty much done

Re-playability 3/5:
You can play as Sheva for a bit of change your second time around, and you can change the filters and costumes for a little bit of fun, but it doesn't give too much incentive, other then unlocking everything.

Overall 17/20 or 4/5:
RE5 is a great game, but is short of perfection. I hope the next game contains more puzzles, better AI, and some more new monsters.

I recommend this for anyone who likes zombies, shooters, violence, outnumbered fights, or RE games. Its a great game, and if you don't buy it, at least rent it for a week, check it out a bit.

Now, if you will excuse me, I haven't slept in 2 days, so Imma collapse now.

-Spike   read

8:29 PM on 03.10.2009

In the past few Months I have realized that...

I absolutely despise my PS3. I have a piece of crap 20gb, and I thought I liked it ok until now. I usually play my 360, which is:
-Lots of memory
-Fast DLC D/L speed

Now, with my luck, it just all of the sudden breaks. No reason for it. The disk drive just stops working. And whats even better is I can't send it in for a repair anymore, so I am royally screwed. Now I have two current Gen consoles to choose from
The Wii and The PS3

I thought to myself:
"Oh, guess I'll move onto the PS3 till I get a new 360 later.."

But thats not what has happened, noooo, I have, infact, chosen to move to my Wii. I didn't realize this until just now, as I had to pick which game to try and finish off this evening, and I chose RE3 over F.E.A.R. I noticed that this choice had become based on console. I looked at the PS3, had a slight feeling of rage, and then grabbed the RE3 case and popped the disc inside my Wii. I realized that its not F.E.A.R., its the PS3 itself. I then evaluated the piece of crap:
-crappy D/L speeds
-Crappy exclusive game selection so far (Theres a few gems, but the Xbox 360 has lots more)
-No fucking memory card slot!

I then looked at my Wii:
-Barely any load times
-Better backwards compatibility
-Can use memory cards/SD Cards
-Uses AA batteries, so quicker controller renewal.
-Fairly good D/L speed

I would much rather play my Xbox 360, and Left 4 Dead, but I can't. So right now I have to settle for what I have. The only good thing is that RE5 isn't a 360 exclusive, because that would screw me over, big time. I guess I should be thankful that I have all 3 consoles though, as some of my friends and family only own one.

Maybe one day the PS3 will correct its horrible ways, but until then Im a Xbox and Wii person. Can't wait to play RE5 on the PS3 though....but with the install times It could take awhile...

-Spike   read

4:52 PM on 03.10.2009

Why don't Zombies dehydrate?

Quick, someone get those guys some water, they ain't looking too good!

Ok, so while working on my to do list (see previous blog entry), I realized something:

A zombie apocalypse would only last a few weeks. Think about it. Theres only so long they can stay hydrated off of blood, but after that they would have no source of hydration. They aren't smart enough to open a water bottle and chug it, no, if they were that smart they wouldn't be called a zombie, they would be called a cannibal.

So how in all the games and movies do they do it? How do they go months without a drink? It'd kill a human, and a zombie is basically a sick human, so therefor, it'd kill a zombie. This being said, I set off to think of how they could survive.

The first thing to come to mind is blood. If they ate enough flesh the blood would keep them hydrated. But they would eventually run out of people right? They wouldn't stop until every uninfected man, woman, and child, were brain food. But then think of the few humans out of their reach, the ones in fancy, rich, private bunkers, with no risk of zombie breach. Once the zombies ran out of people to eat, zombies would die out, and the rich people could leave and begin re-population. So "Z-day" wouldn't last all that long.




But then, out of the corner of my mind came an idea. What if they, being the stupid creatures that they are, kept their mouths open while it rained, and got enough water to get by on? Impossible you say? I think not. Look at it like this. They keep their mouths open 90% of the time. They shuffle with their heads cocked to the side, or hanging back. This would make it easy for some rain water to get in their mouths, and what are they gonna do other then just swallow it? Spit it out? Unlikely. But then again it might not rain enough to save the undead. Who knows? Nature might do us a favor and kill off the zombies.

Rain, rain, go away. Don't let those zombies live today.

In popular games the zombies last forever. Its unrealistic if you think of it. I mean, take RE for example. You could leave that console running for 3 days, and the zombies wouldn't drop dead. They would still stand there, just waiting, Untiring, unwavering, relentless creatures.

And that brings me to another point, while on the subject of RE. Would Lickers dehydrate too? They USED to be human right? Could they die from lack of blood and water? The world may never know, because Capcom won't make their games like that.

How awkward would it be to talk to that guy? Tongue flopping around on every word.

Then again, what fun would it be if they DID dehydrate? I would honestly prefer to blow their brains out with a shotgun myself =D

So next time you play a zombie game, think of this: "Maybe if I wait long enough it'll dehydrate and die!", because if it were in real life, it just might.

-Spike   read

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