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SpielerDad avatar 1:09 PM on 10.24.2013  (server time)
Possible Legal Action Against Sony over Nude Ellen Page

I'm sure many readers are well aware by now that a nude digital representation of Ellen Page is viewable on PS3 exclusive Beyond Two Souls. The images are floating around online and as the case may be, can only be viewed in the game itself on a debug PS3 unit. It's old news to be quite frank, but it looks like it may continue to be a story if Ellen Page decide to follow through on a possible lawsuit against Sony.

Ellen Page in real life not at all naked

Apparently Ellen Page has a strict "No Nudity" policy for any movie that she appears in. Whether this is stated on her contract or if it's a verbal agreement is unknown to me. It is also unknown if this was verbally agreed to or was stated on a contract that she signed with Sony for her appearance on Qunatic Dreams's Beyond: Two Souls. I would imagine that there was some kind of clause since in the non debugged version of the game, you cannot see her nude. Only with a debug unit can a user free up the camera and view the holy of holies.

If Page does decide to sue Sony and developer Quantic Dream, does she have a case? In the non debugged version of the game, you can't see her nude. One could argue that Quantic Dream never intended the user to see her nude. Also, we're talking about a digital version of Page, obviously. It's not her, ahem, "assets" but rather a representation of her. Lastly, and honestly I don't know for a fact, but I doubt that Page modeled in the nude and was scanned (BEST JOB EVER), so one can argue that the body we're seeing belongs to either another model or is just an artist's assumption of what a naked Page would look like. (CREEP!)

Where things get tricky though is why Quantic Dream decided to have a nude model of Page in the game to begin with, especially considering her "no nudity" clause which is apparently common knowledge in Hollywood. Just seems like it's tempting fate to have the model in the game in the first place that, and let's be honest here, WILL be found. Reminds me of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and the sex mini-game fiasco. Even if it's not the intention of the designers for something to be accessible by the player, you should take it out entirely. There's too many savvy people who will find it.

It would had been safer to have the Page model in a virtual bathing suit or just have it devoid of the fancy bits ala Barbie Doll? What about pasties? If I was a designer at Quantic Dream, I would've given her a hairy chest and a dong, as to make those pervs pay for their curiosity with nightmares.

You won't be able to unsee what is seen

In the end, I honestly believe that Ellen Page should just let this go. This story already seemed to be waning before the take down notices and threats of legal action cropped up. I understand that Page may be upset by this, but fighting this muddies up the waters again which will take time to settle down back down again.

However, it may be the case that Page feels violated by this. If so, then I really can't argue against her point. If it were me, or if Page was my daughter, I would be pissed off. Whatever the outcome, I think that developers will have learned a valuable lesson on how they treat in-game models, especially those who are based on real life actors.

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