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A relatively new dad telling tales on what life is like as a gamer and a father.

- I'm the youngest of two children with one older sister.

- I'm first generation American as my parents were born in Italy.

- Married to a wonderful wife and have an amazing daughter who makes me laugh and smile every day.

- Hobbies include exercise, reading, writing, sci-fi, film, and of course, video games.

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They say the grass is greener on the other side. I hate that saying, people who say that deserve to get punched in the throat, and yet itís what I keep telling myself when I think of the PS4. Itís not that I feel that I made a major mistake when it comes to buying and Xbox One. Itís just that I maybe should have given it some more thought before I plunked down my cash.

"The grass is always greener on the HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAA!"

Making the decision to buy an Xbox One first was really a no brainer. I was an avid Xbox 360 fan, even though I owned a PS3 as well. All my friends had Xbox 360s and the vast majority of them were going to make the leap to the Xbox One. Iím also a fan of Xbox exclusives and the Xbox Live service, where even though you pay a premium, you get a certain amount of stability and quality from that paid premium service, which I always found lacking from PSN.

I may be simply trying to justify my investment, but I still feel that the Xbox One was a sound purchase, for someone like myself who is looking for the best of both worlds at least. For all intents and purposes, the Xbox One had the better launch lineup, if only slightly. Forza Motorsport, Dead Rising 3, and yes, even Ryse are good exclusives for a launch and of course there were some solid third-party multi-platform offerings like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 (BF4 is a turd regardless on what system you play it BTW). Quite simply, the Xbox One had the slight edge in my opinion in terms launch.

There is something about the prospects of the PS4 that are hard to ignore, however. There were some very early developments that showed that the PS4 hard a certain edge. The French call it a je ne sais quoi, which I believe means having coitus with a mime.

We're about to get freaky.

I never gave much notice to the specs, which stated that the PS4 had an edge, what I care about are the games and itís quite evident that the PS4 has the architecture to create slightly better games. When youíre a core gamer, slightly better is night and day as far as Iím concerned.

First there was the news that Call of Duty: Ghosts would output at 1080p on the PS4 and 720p on the Xbox One. No big deal right? Whatís one game? Of course, more comparisons of cross-platform games came out. Pretty much all multi-platform games on the PS4 looked slightly better than they did on the Xbox One. A testament on how easy it is to develop and port to the PS4, compared to the Xbox One.

Then of course, you have Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which quite frankly, is more definitive on the PS4 than it is on the Xbox One. There really is no reason why these games shouldnít be practically identical for all intents and purposes if Microsoft continues to claim that the difference in specs between the Xbox One and PS4 is negligible.

Itís pretty apparent that there has been a clear role reversal between Microsoft and Sony in terms of how I personally plan to utilize their respective consoles.

Iíve been a two console owner for a long time. I had a Sega Saturn and PS1, where my Saturn was played for first-party exclusives and my PS1 for everything else. I think I had an N64 during this time as well solely for Zelda and Mario etcÖ Same thing for the Dreamcast and PS2. Then I switched over to the Xbox as my lead console and PS2 for exclusives. My Xbox 360 was my lead console for multi-platform games and exclusives, while my PS3 was relegated to just playing Sony exclusives and watching Blu-ray. Thereís has been a very clear method to my madness.

What is becoming very clear this time around is that my Xbox One is going to be taking a secondary role to a future PS4 purchase. Donít get me wrong, the Xbox One is a great console which will have some great exclusives like Forza, Halo, Titanfall, Gears of War, etcÖ and those exclusives are going to be amazing for sure, but itís clear that in terms of multi-platform games, itís going to be the PS4 all the way. The PS4 is going to be the workhorse, at least in my household. The Xbox brand had a good run, but Playstation has caught up. There are no iron clad allegiances for core this core gamer. I care for the best possible experience, and it appears that the PS4 can provide that.
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