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SpielerDad avatar 7:27 PM on 07.22.2013  (server time)
Why Madden NFL Will Continue to Disappoint

I have a confession to make. I used to indulge myself in the pleasures of mediocre and uninspired sports games back in the day. Every August, without fail, I would wait in line, sometimes at mid-night, dressed in my finest Abercrombie gear with all the other dude bros waiting for EA to vomit out the latest Madden game. We could hardly contain our excitement to crush that game like a sorority sister. We were so delusional in our confidence and machismo that we didnít realize how ridiculous we were. We were losers, plain and simple.

I stopped playing Madden four years ago. I was one of the last holdouts of all of my friends who gave up the game before me. I would, without fail, pre-order the game from GameStop, like a sociopath, as if the chain would sell out of the game and I would have to go without, god forbid. †There was no way this game could ever sell out, and yet there I was, pre-ordering it like an idiot.

Then one day, a few years ago, I got the latest copy, booted it up and saw how very mediocre the game was. I was furious, because for the first time, I saw what my friends, the oneís whom jumped ship years earlier were talking about and realized what a moronic dickhead I have been. It was evident that I have wasted countless hours and hundreds of dollars on annually rehashed shit.

So after all these years away from the series, Iím riled up again by the series. EA, with great pride, announce one of the most ridiculous and stupid tie-ins to the series off all time. †GMC will be the official vehicle of the Madden NFL 25. It really is the perfect partnership, as a mediocre car company will be widely showcased in a mediocre football game.

This agitates me to no end. Every year, Madden NFL gets increasingly underwhelming, yet the price remains static at $60, which millions of morons gladly pay for. The cherry on top of this stinking turd is the knowledge that EA is racking in millions of additional revenue in digital ads and sponsorships.

I want to be clear that Iím not an EA Sports hater. Matter of fact, FIFA Soccer is one of my favorite titles. Every year, this game, in my opinion gets more impressive and gains more depth. Yes, there are ads, but I can get past that fact because FIFA Soccer is a solid sports game that improves year after year.

There is a simple reason why FIFA gets better every years while Madden gets worse, and that is FIFA has legitimate competition from Konamiís Winning 11 soccer titles. Itís really no coincidence that Madden has been on a downward spiral since EA got exclusivity of the NFL license. No one is pushing to EA to improve the title and people will buy it every year to get their fix of football.

Itís been a running joke for years that Madden is an annual roster update for $60 a pop. I think EA should embrace this concept and market Madden as a yearly DLC roster update and cut the price in half. I reckon that many folks would return back to the series if they proceeded with this concept. I know that I would give the series another shot, many others who have become disenchanted with the series will return as well?

I doubt this scenario will ever happen however. The risks associated with messing around with their Madden cash cow are too high. They'll keep shoveling out a new title every year, and Iíll continue avoiding it like the plague. Hopefully more folks will begin to see the same way I do and abandon the series, until it gets to the point where EA canít justify the cost of the NFL license and weíll start to see some much needed competition and innovation. Until then, Iíll stick with FIFA Soccer as my sports game of choice from EA.

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