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SpielerDad avatar 2:25 PM on 06.15.2013  (server time)
A Set Back for 3D TV

Last Wednesday, ESPN announced that they are discontinued their 3DTV channel due to limited viewer adoption. This is a major set back for 3DTV in general. ESPN is owned by Disney, a company that hasn't been particular shy in adopting new technology. If Disney is throwing in their cards, what chance does 3D, in it current iteration have?

I have always found current 3DTV technology underwhelming. I tested it out in stores as well as some of my friend's homes in optimum conditions. It was cool and provided and additional layer of depth, but it wasn't something that I had to have.

Sony dabbled in 3D with the Playstation 3. I also had the pleasure of trying that out. I felt that it was very cool and nicely executed. Personally, gaming in 3D resonated with me far better than watching TV in 3D.

Now, we have 4K televisions coming down the pike. I haven't had the chance to see one for myself, but a friend who has assures me that the picture quality is amazing, akin to seeing HDTV for the first time when all that there was before was standard definition television.

4K television is extremely cost prohibitive right now and it nearly impossible to find any content, but we all now how quickly that can change. Imagine what gaming would be like gaming on a 4K TV? Now that is something I could look forward too.

So is 3D dead? Hardly. 3D is zombie technology as it refuses to die. According to The Hollywood Reporter, we can expect glasses free 3D TV, similar to the Nintendo 3DS by the 2013 Holiday season. No doubt that these sets will be priced beyond the average Joe's budget.

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