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11:44 PM on 11.13.2007

New Mass Effect TV Spot!


I'm sorry, but the more I see of this game the more I wanna club a baby seal

Weird how something so awesome, like Mass Effect, can make me want to do something so gruesome.

What are ya gonna do?   read

12:51 AM on 11.13.2007

Appleseed: Ex Machina


Appleseed is one of my favorite movies, and this is just too sweet for words really.


12:31 PM on 11.10.2007

Someone get me a Guinness

This may be one of the coolest beer ads I've ever seen, thought I'd share it with the masses

[embed]53446:4613[/embed]   read

12:26 PM on 10.21.2007

Metal Gear 4 Gameplay




[embed]50272:3781[/embed]   read

1:26 PM on 10.18.2007

Street Fighter IV? F*ck That...

Sorry to be so in your face and all but; the new announcement of Street Fighter is cool and all, and I'm very glad to see it getting revisited, I just couldn't help but thinking to myself "Fuck Street Fighter I want a new Marvel vs. Capcom game.'' I mean come on, who would not want such a kick ass game to be made? No one, that's who.

A next-gen Marvel vs. Capcom would kick so much ass it's indescribable. As long as the keep it 2-D, I think it would be full of awesomeness.

Also made a forum post: Here   read

9:17 AM on 10.17.2007

UT3 Rated E, COD4 TV Spot

I hate multiple cBlogs in a row so here's one

Unreal Tournament III



Ok, so after all the beautiful screenshots and amazing advances in graphical technologies, we are still here looking at player models that are just... Tiny. I'm hoping that this isn't really what they're going to look like in the finished product because they look vertically challenged. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to this game like no other, this just kinda bothers me. I can't really get my jollies killing midgets or children, unless they are zombie midget children. I guess I need some true face time with the game to make a better judgment.

Call Of Duty 4 TV Spot


The more awesome videos I see of this the more I wish I tried a little harder to get into the beta for this. Just amazing...

One last thing, did we ever find out who won the Betrayal PS3?. Because I got bored and traded in my God of War Banner and made a new one.   read

4:28 PM on 10.10.2007

Crazy Asians make Crazy Asian Commercials


I've never heard of this but, the commercial has me intrigued.


5:46 PM on 09.17.2007

A Party with the "Soft"

It's often said, "It's not what you know, but who you know" in my case today, that couldn't be more true. A good friend of mine was getting rid of some old computer's over craigslist, and finally found a taker. Anyway, we get to the meeting point and exchange greetings and what not, and the guy offers to buy us lunch, who turns down free lunch? No one. Ok, so we are there talking about computers and such and then we get into a discusion about games, he talks about how he play BF2142 and I tell him I play CS, I then said that I wasn't going to play much PC after this week. He stopped me mid sentence and said: "HALO 3? So you a fan?"
"Of course." I said
"Well I happen to know a guy who works for Microsoft and there is a launch party I was invited to but can't go, would you be interested?" OK, I figured he was bullshittin me, but he assured me he wasn't. So we eat our lunch and everthing and he says he'll give me all the info for it. Before I got back to work, there it was, a shiny invite in my inbox. So come Monday when most people will be sitting in the cold, I will be playing in a nice heated Microsoft sponsored event.

Update inbound with lots of pictures of the event.   read

10:11 PM on 09.14.2007

Mass Effect Character Spotlight


Lots of famous actors here, I can't wait till it gets here.   read

9:28 AM on 09.14.2007

Unreal 3 the Series?

I came across this article on and I couldn't help but wonder if its really not as hard to work with as some people would leave you to believe.

Studio 2.0, the original programming, digital production arm of the Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG), has begun production on 23 new short form series projects for broadband and wireless; one of the animated series will be based on the “Chadam” character introduced as a character icon for the popular rock band The Used. A press release states:

An action-horror-adventure story filled with self-discovery, Chadam will come to full 3D animated life via the magic of the Unreal Engine 3, the leading technology and development framework that powers cutting-edge games such as Gears of War and BioShock on today’s popular platforms, including PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Internet series will serve as an incubator for future expansion of the Chadam universe, from additional online episodes to television, film, videogames and more.   read

12:45 PM on 09.11.2007

Halo 3 Press Release

This is a press release got from Microsoft
Yes I know it's long but, there is a lot of info here

The Countdown is On – Gamers Prepare for Halo 3 Release on September 25th

“Unite to Fight: Halo 3 Launch Week” Invites Fans to Join in the Biggest Entertainment Launch in History

The world is a mere two weeks away from the launch of “Halo 3,” the most highly-anticipated game of all time and biggest entertainment event in history. Fans everywhere are eagerly gearing up for battle. Plans are being made for vacation or “sick days” so gamers can score a copy of the game as it hits store shelves and pre-orders for Legendary and Limited edition versions of “Halo 3” are skyrocketing and are expected to sell out before launch.

In preparation for the launch of “Halo 3,” which is expected to shatter day-one entertainment sales records when it is released worldwide beginning Sept. 25, fans in the United States are cordially invited to partake in “Unite to Fight Week,” which will include a bounty of “Halo”-related activities such as midnight madness events, promotional activities, a variety of Xbox LIVE opportunities and contests sure to excite fans and make the entire week of “Halo 3’s” launch a historical experience.

“Unite to Fight: Halo 3 Launch Week” will consist of the below activities. Be sure to check out for updates and more information!

* Midnight Madness: An unprecedented number – more than 10,000 retailers in the United States alone – will be opening their doors at midnight on September 25 to usher in the biggest day in entertainment history. Fans will be invited to participate in a variety of activities at local retailers to countdown to “Halo 3’s” launch. Major regional events will be held in select locations including New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Miami. Those who make the trek to be a part of the countdown could score free merchandise and get a chance to play “Halo 3” with local celebrities in on-site Game with Fame sessions! Regional event locations include:
o New York City – Best Buy, 529 5th Ave, New York, NY, 10017*
o Seattle – Best Buy, 457 120th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005
o Los Angeles – Gamestop, 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Universal City, CA 91608
o Miami – Circuit City, 8575 Northwest 13th Terrace, Miami, FL 33126

* First to Own: Pontiac is teaming up with Microsoft to provide 1,000 lucky winners a copy of “Halo 3” before it’s available in stores with their “First to Own” promotion. Gamers can log onto now for a chance to win!

* NASCAR and Master Chief: All eyes will be on Target Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates as David Stremme drives the No. 40 Target/”Halo 3” inspired race car at the NASCAR Dover 400 on September 23rd. Select NASCAR drivers will have a chance to test drive Halo 3 prior to the race during a private event.

* Only on Xbox LIVE: “Halo 3” features an online experience unmatched by any other game. For the first time, gamers can play the “Halo 3” campaign cooperatively in the same location or over Xbox LIVE with up to three friends. They can also take advantage of “Halo 3’s” unprecedented user-created content features to create, upload, share and enjoy their own game movies, map variants, screenshots and more. “Halo 3” also provides a unique multiplayer matchmaking mode which will intelligently pair gamers of like skill and experience to ensure fun, balanced gaming with others over Xbox LIVE. Starting Sept. 25, gamers will be rewarded both with “Halo 3’s” incredibly rich new Xbox LIVE features as well as a series of opportunities to play and win during “Unite to Fight” week:

o Best Buy Presents Three Days Free on Xbox LIVE: Best Buy is helping fuel the largest gaming day in console history by making Xbox LIVE Gold free for everyone during the first three days of “Halo 3” availability. September 25 through September 27, everyone with an Xbox 360 and a broadband connection can be an Xbox LIVE Gold member and experience the full benefits of the “Halo 3” online experience.

o Xbox LIVE and Best Buy Play & Win Sweepstakes: 8,000 Microsoft Points will be given away during the free Xbox LIVE period to a total of 144 randomly selected people. Those first prize winners will then be entered for a chance to win one of two grand prizes, which include a “Halo” themed Pontiac G6 GXP Street Edition (ARV $28,000) and a Samsung home theater entertainment system (ARV $3,499.97). To enter the sweepstakes, consumers can register and then play “Halo 3” over Xbox Live (or follow free mail-in entry instructions).

o Halo 3 Game with Fame: To celebrate “Halo 3’s” launch, Game with Fame sessions will take place during the first week of launch, pitting gamers against their favorite actors, bands, and sports stars over Xbox LIVE.

o Game with Bungie: The development team behind “Halo 3” will be glued to Xbox LIVE the week of launch, giving gamers a chance not only to play with the talent behind the game of the year, but also to learn the strategies of the pros who know all the ins and outs.

o Exclusive Marketplace Content: For Xbox LIVE Gold members, “Halo 3” will be making a trip to their dashboard with a new Xbox 360 “Halo 3” theme as well as a Gamerpic, only available “Unite to Fight” week.

o Unite to Fight: Play & Win: Gamers can register their Gamertag at starting September 11 and then play “Halo 3” between September 28 and September 30 to enter the sweepstakes. Prizes will be randomly drawn and will include “Halo” accessory packs, Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Consoles, Halo 3 Edition Zunes, Microsoft Points, and the Halo Graphic Novel.   read

5:38 PM on 09.02.2007

Justice League Movie, Also New Banner

Thanks to for always having great movie info:

Courtesy of

Before there were X-Men, or the Fantastic Four, or Watchmen for that matter, there was the Justice League. Also known as the Justice League of America or the JLA (or, to the less knowledgeable out there, the Super Friends), this group of DC Comics superheroes are the standard-bearers by which all other comic team books must be judged. With the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in their ranks, how could the JLA be anything less than the creme de la creme of the superhero world?

And now Warner Bros. is making a feature film about the JLA. As astounding as it sounds, this looks to be a real project that is expected to go before cameras at the beginning of 2008. Which raises the inevitable question: Who will play our favorite heroes in the film?

Three more pages of info found here: JLA Movie   read

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