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Spentchicken avatar 3:05 PM on 12.03.2012  (server time)
Hitman: Absolution, first contract.

Earlier this week I picked up a few games, God of War Saga, Metro 2033 and Hitman: Absolution. I have my reasons for picking each title up but mainly itís because Iím burned out of online shooters after playing Halo 4 and CoD for the last few weeks.

Having never played a Hitman title I felt like I was going in a clean slate, not letting any negative press I might have read online about previous titles or hype surrounding this particular entry into the franchise, sway my feelings.

The first level was welcoming for me, a nice tutorial and fairly linear in design. Grab a few items use the disguise feature and eliminate my first target, all in all a pretty solid outing. Enter my next mission. Iím thrust into a crowded Chinatown marketplace and told there is 12 different ways to complete my assignment, 12! My mind was blown, I have 12 different ways to play out this mission, how many challenges can I complete with just one attempt at this level.

I fumble though the first attempt, getting spotted 3 or 4 times and end up opening fire in plain view. Not exactly the way for a Hitman to earn his keep. Upon examining my score for completing the task it was very low and embarrassing compared to some of my friendís numbers. I hit replay mission.

With a better lay of the land and a firmer grasp on the gameplay I ventured forward picking up items and gathering information. I wonít spoil anything but letís say thing ended with a bang this time around.

Itís this unexpected feature I find most interesting about Hitman, I can see how other people have scored and played missions and see where I stack up to them. Itís the feeling of having your name on an arcade cabinet high score, or more recently an online leader board for the world to see. Itís that rare combination of a single player experience but adding in a multiplayer community feel.

So far Iím impressed and excited about more play time with Hitman. Let me know how your enjoying or not the game so far. Check out my review when I finish up Hitman.

Thanks for reading, Patrick.

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