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Spencer Hayes avatar 12:53 PM on 05.05.2014
Support the team who used to make!

I'm sure you guys heard that late last week several staff members were laid off. Sadly, the staff of (Destructoid's channel) were part of those layoffs.That means that Philanthr0py and I are unemployed now.

So that sucks.

But we're not done yet! We came to Destructoid for the comunity, and we've fully believed in what you guys have done. Remember when the community rallied together to support LV99Ron? How about when the community created podcasts, interviews, and comics?

When we put our heads together, there's nothing that this community can't do. And that's why Phil and I are building an open, crowd-funded streaming community. We loved entertaining you as a part of Destructoid, and we hope we can keep doing that with your support.

We want to be there with you guys every step of the way. So, come join us in this grand adventure.

We love you guys <3

Phil and I will be here to answer any questions about the project that you might have.

Also, cocks forever!

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