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ive covered some ground there incase you couldnt understand! my names kenny, im a 22 year old gentlemen. im a xbox 360 man myself, very into first person shooters and some RTS ( although im yet to see a decent one on the 360 ) Im still playing the orange box cause i just cant get enough of team fortress and portal

im a PC gamer aswell but more of a console person. i dont really have a favorite game but obviusly im still in love with all the retro games like mario and sonic and i really miss kid ikarus ( the first game i fell in love with as a child )

Thats all really, im gonna try and blog alot so keep watching!
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Dont get me wrong. when ive been waiting for a game to be released which i like the sound of but now thats its a long way to release i love seeing some screenshots or hell even just abit of a teaser trailer, but sometimes i think some companies might be overdoing it abit. Now the obvious one that comes to mind when i say this was army of two. Remember army of two?

before this game was released i couldnt go a week without turning on my xbox or PC without being punched in the face by some " brand new trailer featuring revolutionary game play footage! ". I was genuinely excited for this game. It looked awsome. The whole co-op thing looked amazing, and when your tipping a game to be the co-op experience of the future (or something like that) you wouldnt let down your audience would you?

...hmmmm would you really?
Apparently you would, huh who knew.

I cant tell if it was just me but i was sad when i finished this game. I wanted to love it i really did. I bought this game at midnight on the release date and took it too my friends house and we played it through in one sitting. In these amazing trailers i saw things like flipping parts of fallen buildings to make cover, hovercraft through the desert, and to top it all off a machine gun mounted on a forklift truck. What sort of person dosnt think that is cool. And the footage looked good, REALLY good.

So why was i so disappointed? Because i never really got any of that stuff. What did i get? Well lets see. You could bunk you partner up onto higher ledges, not exactly the most thrilling mechanic to enter a game. I DID get my hovercraft... but on water...where it belongs... wheres the fun in that i ask you. It makes me wonder. Would i really have been disappointed if i wasnt teased all these features only to have them taken away?