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Spazzh20 avatar 5:07 PM on 04.28.2014  (server time)
The Grand Buhdapest hotel movie review

Wes Anderson may not be one the most known directors of all time, but His movies are nothing to look over.

The cartoony style of all his movies combined with a sense of realness added in for juxtaposition.  In a sense his movies offer something for everyone, while being very difficult to critique for being either to silly or not goofy enough.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a period piece set mostly in 1930's Germany. It is told mostly through flashbacks.  Focusing mainly on two Hotel employees, a Lobby boy, and a manager, it has an excellent way of getting you to light them despite the hotel manager being a complete ass.  He's mean spirited to his employees, but in a funny way, he makes lots of insults but you've gotta love his charm.

After a friend leaves him a valuable painting in her will he unknowingly gets involved in a war between his hotel and the secret police. After being arrested and Shaw Shanking his way out of prison in the second act, him and his hotel buddy team up to go on an epic quest to prove his innocents and discover the true meaning behind the painting that was given to him.  This movie is some sense reminds me of Airplane, and the Bourne Identity, if that makes any sense. It's so ridiculously over the top, but is filmed in a way that makes the action feel like it has consequence.  The Nazi SS symbols have been replaced with ZZ, but we all know what they are trying to be.

The characters are funny and while some are obnoxious, they are just obnoxious enough to still all be likeable.  For the most part that is.  There was one part where in order to intimidate a lawyer the family of the original painting throw his cat out of a window, and the cat dies.  This seems out of place for a movie like this, why did they have to show the cat die, or better yet why did they throw the cat out of a window in the first place, it just seems mean spirited, in an otherwise mostly light hearted comedy action film.

If you haven't seen it, then you should because it reminded me that in a world filled with garbage movies, there are at least a few like this one that actually try.


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