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Spazzh20 avatar 12:10 AM on 05.12.2014  (server time)
Happy mothers day/ Ida Movie Review

Well another mothers day has come and gone and with yet another Hallmark holiday meant to make you respect your parents raping up I think that it would be most appropriate to review a movie I just saw abut a girl whose parents are both dead.

This Polish film centering on a young girl is a period piece that takes you back to the 1960's.
Several years after world war 2 has ended Ida a now christian nun finds out that her parents were murdered during the war. Not having any knowledge of what became of her parents, she goes on an adventure with her aunt to uncover the truth behind her past life and even questions her own worth fullness.
When I first saw the trailer my biggest concern was that the movie would rely on its black and white color pallet as a positive without giving it any reason to be in black and white. I can honestly say though that if this movie were in color then it would have lost some of its charm.

Being in black and white allows for certain scenes to receive more attention than others. Like for instance when the main character stands outside of a friends house she looks down on it and the atmosphere combined with the lack of color makes it more interesting. Another instance was when I could tell that the backgrounds were painted in as the clouds weren't moving.  Some might complain about this, but I think that it does an excellent job of giving the film that certain vibe of making it feel like it was make in the 1960's when movies were just starting to transition to color, and backgrounds were commonly painted in.

The music is also fantastic, there are few scenes in the film when bands are playing instruments, but when they do it adds a sense of liveliness to a film that is mostly about discovery and loss.

Ida is an excellent film on all fronts, it may not be something that I can watch repeatedly,
but if you ever feel down, and you want to feel thankful for what you do have in life then Ida reminds you that there is always something worth fighting for.


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