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5:10 PM on 07.13.2015

RIP Satoru Iwata

I just wanted to pay my respects to a great m an who's legacy will be remembered for decades. Rest In Peace Satoru I wata. You deserved to live much longer.

I'm not going to list my favorite Nintendo games or do anything trivial. I'm just going to ask what he did that you will remember him for RIP Satoru Iwata president of Nintendo 1959-2015


10:38 PM on 06.21.2015

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out movie review


Here we go again, another Pixar movie that relies on over the top archetypes instead of characters and has no originality whatsoever. This should be fun.

You know I grew up with Pixar back in the late 1990’s and let me tell you the kid in me wants to like them but the objective critic in me can’t stand them. The last film they made that I thoroughly enjoyed was Up and that came out back in 2009. They’re like Activision and Call of Duty now, it’s the same thing every time.

Also If you check their wikipedia page then You will see that they haven’t got anything new planned for the next 3 years. Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, Cars 3. (Wasn't the second one bad enough.)

Why not give their franchises to another animation studio to make an animated series based on these movies like Buzz lightyear of star command instead of constantly going back to the the things that we’ve all seen before. Don’t get me wrong as long as the movie is good that’s all that matters in the end. Even though Call Of Duty is the same game every year at least it’s fun. (Though Ghosts was a big disappointment)

But it seems like Pixar is trying too hard to attract a crowd of new kids without even thinking about the kids that loved them back in the 90’s. I mean Toy Story 3 was essentially Toy Story 2 again just in a different coat.

Open up the movie with a large scale action sequence that is later revealed to be a figment of someone’s imagination, introduce the idea that toys don’t last forever, There is a misunderstanding in which the toy(s) are mistakenly put in a position where the unwanted toys are supposed to be, The toys get placed in new environments meeting new characters, one of them being a jolly plump toy who wields a cane. this toy is later revealed to be an antagonist fueled by the traumatization of being abandoned by their former owner taking his anger out on others, The seemingly good hearted toy convinces the other toys to stay with promises of being loved for generations, A delusional factory setting Buzz lightyear locks up the Protagonist(s) , the protagonists enter a large scale industrial contraption where the antagonists is disposed of and left in the care of another person. That is the plot for both Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

And now as if that wasn’t bad enough since Toy Story is so popular Pixar seems to think that all of their franchises should be like Toy Story. Lets take their new movie Inside Out for example. If I were to tell you that there was a Pixar character who all the other characters only exist to look out for their well being but at the same time they’re not aware of their sentience, the entire plot is affected by them moving to a different city, they also have to deal with growing up and leaving their childhood in the past, who am I talking about? I’m talking about Andy from Toy Story right? I’m also talking about Riley from Inside Out, because when you think about it they’re the exact same person.

Now if it were just the unoriginal characters I could over look this film. Unfortunately there are a lot of other things wrong with this movie. The main human character  Riley doesn’t get anywhere near enough screen time. The whole movie revolves around what a person would be like if they were limited to the amount of emotions they had, but other than not getting along well with her parents we don’t get to see much of her personality. We don’t even get to know much about the people in her environment. There was one point in the film where she starts crying in class and is embarrassed that the cool kids saw her cry. I was thinking that this would make for some great social interaction but we never see them again. The movie isn’t a complete dud though, it shows that even negative emotions have their place and reason for being. It kind of reminded me about a game called Sonic Shuffle. At first everyone is angry at the antagonist Void for making people dream negative thoughts but at the end it is revealed that negative emotions give people strength and that people need to feel all sorts of  emotions in order to truly experience all that life has to offer.

When all's said and done I can recommend this movie as a time waster, something for you to take your kids to. But If you are looking for something deep and meaningful then go watch something else. Overall Score 5/10


9:13 PM on 06.08.2015

Check out my cosplay

Check out my cosplay. I'm Isaac from Golden Sun


12:01 AM on 04.07.2015

Well my cat just died

My cat just dies of cancer today.

RIP Mushie 2004-april 6th 2015 

Here are my last moments with my cat 


11:35 AM on 03.18.2015

Singularity Review

Alex Moretti   

Singularity is a game that was developed by Raven Software and released on June 10th 2010. It was the last full game to be developed by Raven before they became a map developer for the call of duty games.


It was released to positive critical reception, but only sold roughly over 400,000 copies worldwide.


The premise is simple back in the 1950’s the evil Russian Government discovered a rare element that has strange effects on people both good and bad. Scientists discovered that it had supernatural powers and after an island exploded off the coast of Russia it remained top secret for more than 50 years.


That’s where you come in as Captain Nathan Renko you are sent off to investigate the island after satellites picked up signs of distress. Upon crash landing on the island you are quickly bombarded with an energy wave that sends you back in time upon where you must escape a burning building, but not before saving a man from burning to death.


When you are returned to the present by the power of plot device you will notice that things have changed and that you have altered history. From here on the game will have you focus on writing the wrongs you’ve done by giving you a badass arsenal of weapons and even a device that lets you control time. The Time Manipulation Device or TMD allows you to do all sorts of kooky thing that you’d want in a sci fi game. You can shoot a giant time buble to freeze enemies and slow down the environment around you. You can age enemies to death or turn them into mutants. You can even pick up small objects like Half Life 2’s gravity gun and launch them like a projectile. To quote Kevin Vanord from gamespot “Who needs a reason for all this it’s super fun.”


I especially loved experimenting on different types of enemies. Since this is a sci fi game after all, you will fight not only humans but mutants. Different enemies react differently to your TMD’s functions. Phase ticks will implode when you pump them with energy from your gauntlet, Zeks will slow down becoming virtually immobile, while reverts will turn into time bombs and explode after a while.


Though while having this OP weapon does make the game easy for the most part don’t get too cocky. Every time you use your TMD it drains a certain amount of E99, energy that you’ll find on the island in the form of crystals. Very rarely this happened, but if you run out of energy since your only means of melee combat once you acquire the TMD is its impulse shock attack which shoots out a horizontal beam of death, once your out of energy and your out of ammo you will be completely defenseless. Why couldn’t the developers make it so that once you run out of energy the melee attack becomes your knife again? Or map the knife to a different button, or something.    Since your gauntlets’ energy recovers naturally at a snails pace the only way to constantly stay one step ahead of your enemies is to search the island for E99 energy.  You will also be able to find audio recordings of people hidden throughout the game that do a good job of immersing you in this world. If it seems like I’ve been describing Bio-Shock or Half Life then kudos to you you’ve played a handful of popular video games before. I often joked to  myself saying that this game should have been titled “Similarity” because of how similar it is to other popular games.  


The game also has upgrade stations scattered throughout that allow you to increase your guns strength, ammo capacity, and reload speed. As well as many other character upgrades that I won’t spoil for you.


The game also has a multiplayer feature, but since this game was released back in 2010 nobody seems to be playing it online anymore.


As much as I liked going along for the ride the game lost a lot of its luster towards the end. Towards the final hour of the game you're so overpowered that you’d pretty much have to try to get yourself killed.  And the games twist if it could be called that had me yearning for more.


But at the end of the day Singularity is fun game that should not be overlooked.  Only hope that RavenSoft or Activision realizes the potential that this game has and decide to franchise it.

Overall score 8.25/10


12:56 AM on 03.09.2015

Valkyria Chronicles HD Trilogy for PS4 and Vita

I have been a fan of Valkyria Chronicles ever since the first game came out in 2008. I watched the 26 episode anime series and read the manga. with the re release of Valkyria Chronicles on steam being one of the most popular releases of 2014 I am hoping that Sega will realize that there is great potential remaining in this franchise. Valkyria Chronicles 3 was released exclusively in Japan back in 2011. With HD re-releases of old games being a popular thing (Metal Gear Solid HD collection, Jack and Dexter HD collection Halo the Master Chief Collection, Etc) I would love to see all three Valkyria Chronicles games be remastered in HD for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. This way people outside of japan will be able to expireince all 3 games. The biggest problem with Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3, was that they were both exclusive to the Playstation portable, a system that not that many people had. Having all 3 games become available for the Playstation 4 and Vita systems will increase their chances of being sold. After all the first game on ps3 sold over a million copies when it first came out. If they sell well enough then We might see more games in this franchise please sign the petition.


12:38 AM on 03.07.2015

Venetian Blinds, the story of Activision original post date 1/25/2011


Back in 1982 A small group of Atari employees led by DavidCrane create a demo game for the Atari 2600 which they called “The Venetian Blinds technique.”

While the game was never released it was a revolutionary idea for video game developers at the time due to its unique features.  The game’s feature allowed half an image to be displayed on the screen half the time which would allow a game to have up to 8 different images on screen at once instead of the usual six.  As soon as this idea was announced to the public Atari wanted to take full credit for this and shaft David and his entire group.

David and his staff then decided that before they released the game they would break apart from Atari and form their own company called “Activision” who went on to create games such as pitfall, Ghostbusters, Freeway, canyon bomber, and so on. Once they were about to release their Venetian Blinds game and Atari caught wind of it, Atari attempted to sue Activision for “Proprietary infringement” clamming that the technique that they were using was owned solemnly by Atari studios.  David Crane and the rest of Activision knew that they hadn’t done anything wrong so they showed the demo to the public and called out Atari as a liar.  After the lawsuit passed in Activision’s favor they went on to creating games with the intention of creating a business that would accept innovative ideas while being fair and truthful to the developers.


But low and behold almost 30 years later Activision is one of the most corrupt and hated companies in the video game industry.  Let’s start about a year ago.  About a month before the release of call of duty modern warfare 2 Activision had made a contract with the two lead developers at Infinity Ward Jason West and Vince Zempela.  The contract clearly states these things.  If modern warfare 2 is finished and released to the public before the date of November 15th 2009 then the developers Jason And Vince would be paid royalties in the form of thirteen million dollars each.  The contract also states that  After modern warfare 2 was released that Infinity Ward would have the right to break apart from Activision and work independently as their own company.

So did Activision stay true to their promises… HELL NO.


On November 15th 2009.  Activision’s current CEO Bobby Kotick  burst into one of his Infinity Ward, and fired the two lead developers of Call of duty modern warfare 2 claiming that it was for “Reasons that they already knew.” After many days had gone bye giving him time to come up with an excuse he stated that they had conspired against him by planning to merge with an other company after Activision had let them go.  Even though there was absolutely no proof at all to support this accusation he still ended up firing them and because he had fired the two main developers the rest of the contract was apparently null and void as well.

This is not the way to run a business, this is Slavery.  When you have the power to choose to null and void a written contract you’re pretty much forcing your developers to work underneath your foot until they either retire or die.


To further prove my point in late December 70 former employees at infinity ward had left to work with Vince and Jason at EA studios under a new subsidiary company which they call Respon Entertainment.  After hearing this Activision was furious that an other company offered them better deals and treated them fairly.  So just to try to prove that once you work at Activision you’re their slaves Activision filled a $400 million civil suit against EA last December claiming that EA Was using Jason and Vince to lure former employees over in an attempt to delay modern warfare3.  And that as of July 2009 Jason and Vince had been conspiring against Activision and that they were trading company secrets with EA since before they were fired.  EA has shrugged the lawsuit off their shoulders claiming that there is no evidence of this what so ever, and that Activision are using scare tactics to keep their employees from joining other companies.


As if that’s not bad enough Activision has also exploited many other of their subsidiary companies over the years.  Their latest victim is Raven Software.  In June of 2010 Raven software released Singularity to the public.  The game had extremely disappointing sales according to Activision and because of this in December of 2010 Activision fired the forty employees at Raven Software who developed the game.  This is just downright disgusting.  The game in question had very little if any marketing support and even though it’s partly Activision’s fault for not paying to advertise for it they didn’t want to take any of the blame for themselves and wanted to punish Raven for simply trying out a new IP.  This is Activision’s main problem they are to dependant on their super huge mega franchises that they don’t have time to focus on the little guys.  What makes this disgusting is that it’s not that Activision didn’t pay to advertise for it, but that they simply didn’t want to.  It’s not as though they were to busy for any number of possible reasons, but they flat out didn’t care.  To prove this let’s take a look at Call Of Duty Black Ops.  Three months prior to this games release the game already had over four million pre orders at GameStop alone.  But this didn’t stop Activision from advertising for it.  After the game had been released there were commercials on tv on billboards on blimps.

Even though this game already sold like hot cakes they still spent millions to advertise for  it.  So while they may seem like their interested in new ideas the truth is your nothing to them unless you develop titanic super games. 

Here’s the basic rundown for Activision’s profits’ 70%  World of Warcraft 20% Call Of Duty, and 10% everything else.

It is said that the most common cause of suffering is success and failure.  Never have truer words been spoken when it comes to Activision If you create mediocre games for them that and multi million dollar sellers then they shaft your studio for insufficient sales.

But if you create a titanic super game franchise like Call Of Duty then Activision thinks of the best ways to exploit your hard work.  It’s a shame to see that the once proud Activision who once symbolized original and innovative ideas and stood for equality has

grown up to be the Bastard demon child of Atari.


My only advise is stop buying games that we know will sell a million copies and start buying games with the potential to sell a million copies because potential is what all businesses should look at not trying to milk a yearly franchise with a development team who is scared and angry at their employers.  Because sooner or later it’s all going to come crumbling down on you realize that people are fed up with your franchise and you haven’t tried anything or experimented with new ideas for years.





5:23 PM on 02.16.2015

Visit my ebay page

I'm currently selling a lot of stuf on ebay. If anyone is intersted here's a link


7:59 PM on 02.06.2015

Top ten movies I hate that everyone else likes

This is the follow up to my latest blog top ten movies I like that everyone else hates.

I just want to make it perfectly clear that I do not entirely hate all the movies on this list, I just don't like them as much as most people.

10. The lincoln Lawer.  

Pretentious and overatted The Lincoln Lawer is one of those films that I could never really understand why people like it. The acting was okay, the screenplay was okay but the main character's oersonality just didn't feel write. When we are first introuduced to him he is an unlikeable jerk who doesn't care if you innocent or guilty, but then all of a sudden when he sees that something has gone amiss he jumps at the chance to do the rite thing. for me this was a 6/10. Nothing terrible, but nothing great. 

9,8,7. The Hobbit trilogy.  Was this necessary? 3 3 hour long movies based on a 300 page book. The amount of filler makes me want to just role my eyes and say "Get on with it"  Nearly 9 hours of walking talking singing and traversing the most uniterestin CGI environments with the most unconvincing environments in a movie I've ever seen. Seriously the fight with Smoug looked like a video game. Everything was unnaturally place against another thing to create a convient way to fight the dragon."Hit this to activate this trap, jump at this exact moment to access the next platform." It's like the writters just took a look at every video game ever and said "We can do that." It looks like a video game, I wouldn't be surprised if the lego hobbit games were the inspiration for the movie's environments and not the other way around. Fuck this trilogy. 5/10 (Only reason why is the goregous landscapes.)

6. Monsters inc I just could never get into this movie for some reason. The imagination was their but my interest just faded away halfway into the film. I liked the prequel better to be honest. 6/10

5. Evangelion 3.0 How can anyone like this? I was surprised when I saw that this movie got a 7.0 on IMBD. I wrote a blog review explaining why I hate this film, go read that. 3/10

4.The Mist.  This movie is Fucking terrible. Evrything form the acting to the characters to the overabundance of characters screaming at eachother. This movie had nothing good about it. They were trying to go for a subtle undertone of people being their own worst enemy, but they failed miserably. Their was an episode of the twighlight zone that did this rite. Some aliens come from space and dissable all of the electronics in a neighborhood except for one house. Naturaly this makes people suspicous, and eventually everyone is at each others throats. This movie took away the subtle undertones and replaced them with screaming riligous finatics and some of the most obnoxous and unrelateable characters in existance. 0/10

3. Fruitville station.  "If you don't like this movie your a racist." That is pretty much the only reason I can think that this got a 94 on rotten tomatoes. Same score as 12 years a slave. Mediocre acting, boring protagonist and horrible camera quality made this film to me mediocre at best. 5/10

2.Ghostbusters. The thing that got me interested in this movie was James Rolfe's review of the NES game. After hearing about how much of a finomenom this film was back in the 1980's I had to go see it. One Christmas eve I got a chance to sit down and see it and holy shit was it boring. How is this one of the best movies of the 1980's? How was this even a contendor for best film of 1984? Beverly Hills Cop and The Terminator were much better. I especially hated the ending were this stay puff marshmellow man just comes out of nowhere and we as an audiance are suppossed to care. Sure the Ghostbusters know who he is but we don't. I was like Who is this guy we never knew anything about him, why should we be shocked to see him? This movie is one of the most overatted films ever. Sure the Practicle effects still hold up pretty well after 30 years but that's about it. 6/10

1. Finding Nemo  This film has a 99% fresh raiting on Rotten tomatoes. I am part of the other 1%. Don't ask me why I just didn't like it.


3:53 PM on 02.02.2015

Top ten movies I like that everyone else hates

Have you ever enjoyed something but were compelled to keep it to yourself under fear of riddiclule? 

As a self proclaimed film critic There are a lot of films that I enjoy that are genrally looked down on by the mass majority of movie buffs. 

While I wouldn't go so far a to call every movie on this list good, some of them are guilty pleasures at the very least. 

10. Total recall 2012.   Rotten tomatoes score 30% A fun sci fi movie that got panned by critcs when it came out. Critcs citted it as being bland and unimaginative. I just enjoyed it for what it is, a goffy acid trip of a film that built up on its predessesor and delivered. I never understood why so many critics could hate it but call the original 1990 film with Arnold Schwarzeneggar such a classic. They both have there their charm, but I liked this one better, so sue me.

9. The Sandlot 2.  Rotten Tomatoes Score 40%.  Being make 12 years after the original film this sequel added in a female character, but did not try to incorporate a stupid love story. A lot of people didn't like how the writters did not give more chemistry to the female character, but if they gave her to much of a presense and made the movie  a stupid tween love romp film then it would have been criticized for the exact opposite reason.

8. Jurassic Park 3   Rotten Tommatoes score 49%. A lot of people hate the Jurassic Park sequels. While I can agree that 2 was an obvious cash grab 3 was a new thing. It didn't rely on the audience to have knowlege of the first two films and bacause of its shorter run time than the previous 2 films the film felt like it had a lot less filler and focused more on the action. Unlike in Jurassic Park 2 where the characters are hanging on the edge of a cliff for like half an hour.

7. Halloween 2007. Rotten Tomatoes Score 25% .     A lot of people hate this film and although I can kind of see why I can't belive the amount of improvements that this film made went over everybody's head. For 1 at least now we have real teenagers playing teenagers, not women in their 30's. 2 The children in this movie act like real kids. They jump up and down on beds they laugh, they act like what kids would act like on Halloween night. They don't just stare motionlessly at the camera like in the first film This film was lamblasted by critics for bing too violent and too over the top. But hey if that's what your looking for in a horror movie then by all means enjoy it. Now it's sequel on the other hand, you couldn't pay me to watch that.

6. The Bench Warmers  Rotten tomatoes Score 11%.              A funny over the top cartooney film about three guys who come together to play baseball. It's not the most dignified commedy but it's no where near as terrible as people make it out to be.

5. Robocop 3  Rotten Tomatoes Score 3%.                              I honestly never understood why people hated this film. Its got action its got suspense. It has Robocop flying around in a Jetpack. 

4. Doogle. Rotten Tomatoes score 8%                                          By looking at the front cover for this film you might be thinking to yourself that this is CGI garbage. A lot of people would agree with you on that, but this to me is an excellent fantasy adventure film.

3. Scary Movie 4Rotten Tomatoes Score 37%. Just take my word for it.

2. Never Ending Story 2. Rotten Tomatoes Score 0%               I don't see why this film got so much hate. At least they got a real Native American Kid to play the role of an Native American, and not some white kid that they dressed up to look Native American like in the first film. This film had a fun cast of characters, and a really charming ending. A lot of people hated it because the bad guys were to cartooney, but lets be real here this is a fantasy adventure film. What were you expecting richly develloped bad guys with lots of personality and thought provking questions about morrality? If you were then go watch something else. Now neverending story 3 on the other hand that's something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 4  rotten Tomatoes score 33%. A great film that I enjoyed from begining to end. I'm looking forward to Pirates 5 coming out in 2017.

What are some films that you like that everyone else seems to hate? Join me next week for the top ten films that I hate that everyone else likes.


10:31 PM on 12.31.2014

Happy New Years

Happy New Years.


9:02 PM on 11.27.2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish you all a happy thanksgiving, so for all the people out there reading this tell me what you did for thanksgiving today.


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