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I am an avid fan of art, literature, and history. I live in New Jersey, and am currently a student at Seton hall. I have always been a fan of Anime since I was six and i was first introduced to Dragon Ball Z. I have always wanted to start a blog, but was afraid that I would never be able to update it as often as i wanted to. With Christmas almost hear my New Years resolution is to update my blog here at least once a week. Any way here are some basic things you should know about me

Name: Alex
Relationship: Single
Likes: Movies , art , Fan fiction, Literature. TV Dramas, Cartoons, and Games.

My Favorite cartoons (American) The Simpsons, Batman the animated series, Batman Beyond , Justice League ,Transformers Armada, Sonic Sat AM. Ed, Edd, And Eddy. Dexter s Lab, Power Puff Girls, Megus XLR, basically anything from Cartoonetwork 1998-2004. Hey Arnold, Rug rats, Cat Dog. Rocket power, Southpark, Family Guy, Cubix Robots for everyone, Jakie Chan Adventures

My Favorite cartoons (Japanese Anime) Tooonami ,Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z, Elfen Lied, Clannad, Mezzo DSA, Nightwalker the midnight detective, Fist Of The North Star, Berserk, Pokemon (First 3 seasons) Digimon (First two Seasons) Ruroni Kenshin Episodes 1-65 (Everything after that was just filler) Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh, Sonic x (Japanese Dub Only) Naruto ( Not Shipudden it completely destroyed everything that the first series established).

Favorite books. Star wars, Lord of the flies, The New Police Man, Maze Runner ( Soon to be a feature Film) Goosebumps (Series) Ender's game.

Favorite Films (Not Animated): Star wars, Terminator 2, Dead Poet Society, Jurassic park, The Goonies, Back to the future 1, and 2, Indiana Jones trilogy, Good Will Hunting, The Wolverine, 300, Skyfall, Casino Royal, Goldeneye, A veiw to a kill, Tomorrow never dies, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, The world is not enough. Die Hard 1-4

Favorite animated Films: Akira, Children who Chase lost voices from deep below, End of Evangelion, Buddha The Great Departure, The Evangelion Rebuilds (Not 3.0 that movie sucked) Berserk the golden age ark films. Toy story trilogy, How to train your dragon, transformers (1986) The Hunchback of Notrodome, Disney's Aladdin.

Favorite manga: Detective Conan/Case closed, Evangelion, Evangelion Shinji Ikari Raising Project, Berserk, Ruroni Kenshin, Fist of the north star, Dragon ball Z, Change Guy, Change 123, Elfen Lied, Akira, and Yugioh.

Favorite Shows: Breaking Bad, Law and Order svu, The Twilight zone, New Amsterdam, The new outer limits, 24, The angry video game nerd Web series.

Favorite games: Sonic 3 And knuckles, Sonic adventure, Bioshock infinite, Rayman 2 the great escape, Super Mario 64, Mario galaxy 1 and 2, Mario kart 64, Metal gear solid series, Golden sun 1, and 2, Skies of Arcadia, Dark souls, Resident evil 4, uncharted 2, The last of us, Max Payne 1, 2, and 3 , Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, GTA 4. Call Of Duty 4, Zelda Majora's, mask, Super Smash Brothers (Series) Metroid prime 3, Super Metroid, Mega Man 2, Ecco The dolphin, Soul Calibur, Tech Romancer, God of war Series, Castlevania (The good ones) Killzone 3, Halo 2, Amnesia the dark decent, Age of Empire2, gone home, FTL, X-com enemy unknown. Singularity, Star wars Jedi Knight 3 Jedi Academy,

Well that's the basic just of me, I do hope to write journal entries more often. Also I currently have written most of my articles on my gamespot account, this includes my game reviews. www.gamespot.com/profile
and my Youtube account is. http://www.youtube.com/user/sonicshuffler Hope that helps
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6:26 PM on 07.18.2014

As a long time fan of the angry video game nerd I was naturally excited by the announcement of this game.

At its core AVGN adventures is a platformer that specializes around satirizing other games. All of the levels in this game are parodies of old school late 80's early 90's platformer games. And with titles like "Dungeons and Dickholes"
and "Asshole Vania" how could you not help but chuckle.

Though the novelty wears off soon after you've played through all the stages it's still a fun time to be had by platformer game fans. What I mean is the game may be fun at first glance, but after you've played all the levels, they start to feel very similar. Sure one stage may have more death traps then another, and some stages have a more colourful pallet to them, they all basically function the same. Each level has invincible enemies that rotate around in a certain pattern. These enemies can be spike balls, ghosts, fireballs, and just about anything that typically would appear in a platform game. The games biggest offender would have to be the insta kill blocks that kill you instantly. These skull marked boxes often appear out of nowhere and it can be extremely difficult to see where they are in dimply lit stages such as a haunted house themed stage.

I know that platform games are supposed to be about trial and error, but here it feel like it's more about luck then skill most of the times. Also since it's release the game has been a bit glitchy, there was a moment that my character was frozen in place forcing me to exit the level and restart the stage because the options menu doesn't just let you restart from a checkpoint, instead you have to exit the level in its entirety.

This only happened to me once, but I have seen videos of people complaining about this happening constantly, as well as steam forums demanding that this be fixed. So until a patch is released you will just have to settle with a game that occasionally glitches up.

Since this is a game based on a character who makes skits about games as well as other topics you can expect to see a lot of references to James Rolfe's work and his friends make cameo appearances as well. Some of witch are playable characters. Kyle Justin the Guitar guy can shoot sound waves through walls to hit switches and enemies that would normally be inaccessible to other characters. Mike Matei can jump higher than other playable characters, see cracks in certain walls and break them to reveal hidden objects. Bullshit man ( Yes that's his name) has the power to double jump allowing you to get to areas that would other wise be inaccessible.

While the novelty of playing as these characters is a guilty pleasure non of them are necessary because the nerd (Your default character) is the only one you need to beat the game. It would have been nice to see a secret stage that required the powers of all 4 playable characters to progress through. However whenever you are fighting bosses, or have just aquired a gun power up the nerd is the best character to use. He is the only one who can shoot in multiple directions, and since almost all the games bosses float around the screen in a figure 8 pattern the nerd is the only one who has the ability to inflict damage most often. Also I'm not sure if this was intentional, but every time I pick up a gun upgrade with the nerd, and then switch to another character and back the upgrade he acquired was gone.

This doesn't happen with any of the other upgrades that I got so it makes me wonder if this was just something the developers overlooked. I can understand getting hit causing you to loose a power up, but switching characters? As far as the power ups go their are rocks that are pretty much useless and only there so that the nerd can make fun of them, there's the game glitch gremlin that freezes all the enemies in place, and Super Mecha death christ 2000 B.C. 4.0 beta that acts as a screen nuke and kills all small enemies in your line of sight. The game also occasionally suffers from poor level design. Outside of insta kill death boxes there was one time when I tried to grab a beer ( Beers are health in this game) while walls with spikes were closing in on me making it impossible to get the beer without getting hurt yourself. The nerd even makes fun of this stating "who the hell put a beer over their are you really expecting me to get that." This is a reference to one of his earlier reviews for teenage mutant ninja turtles. I got the reference because I'm a fan but non fans will just see this as bad level design. Also in one level when I went down a latter I instantly fell down to my death into a pit of sharks, spikes and just about every other hazard there was. I can understand that this was a reference to his Pitfall harry review, but what's the point of having all these references if the only people who will understand this are fanatics of his show. I get that they wanted to put references in the game, but weren't all the cameos enough? Farcry 3 blood dragon proved that you don't need to make a game's level design bad in order to make fun of itself. And separated itself from games that I like to call "Bad games that think that they can get away with being bad by making fun of their obvious flaws genre" Games such as the simpsons game, Duke Nukem Forever, and the fairly recent deadpool game all fall into this category. Angry Video Game Nerd adventures manages to stay just shy of being placed into that genre due to its solid level design great sense of challenge, and awesome set pieces ( What other game lets you fly on top of the back of a gigantic lava shark that shoots laser beams out of its eyes while you are surfing on lava.)

AVGN Adventures is a mix of old school level design, cooky nonsense some comedic elements and the nerd we all love.

TWEWY centers around the exploits of a teenage boy named Neku who loathes his life and has a difficult time understanding and getting along with people. Just as he is mono logging giving the player an idea of the kind of person he is He's shot from out of nowhere and wakes up in modern day Shibuya, Japan as a ghost with no memory as to how he died. He is then given a number on his palm that decreases over time then out of nowhere monsters attack and he is forced to team up with a partner to save his life. This is where the criticism comes in.

 The world ends with you is another one of those R.P.G. games that are about saving the world, and you do this by fighting things, eating foods to increase your stats, controlling peoples thoughts, reading people's minds, buying clothes, and of course discovering the true meaning of friendship. But by forcing relationships in such a way makes it seem like the game is trying to hard to teach a moral and doesn't focus enough on the characters themselves. Over time you get to know more about these characters individually, but when there together the whole game just feels like a sitcom.

 Each of the cover art characters (with the exception of Rhyme a tom boyish girl who disappears from the story roughly a third of a way into the game) has an interesting back story which are interesting and give you an incentive to keep you on your toes till you've finished the story. however you just can't help but feel that there should be more closure towards the end of the story. The whole focus on the game is asking the player how valuable there life is and if you were to die what reason could be good enough to warrant a return to humanity.
 These questions are somewhat answered by the games end but you just can't help but feel that there should have been a little bit more. though after completing it you unlock a bonus chapter which will have you view the main characters in an alternate reality in a much more comedic form.
Though despite my gripes with the games story the presentation and gameplay are what managed to keep me hooked for hours on end even after completing the main story. In Twewy You control your bottom screen charter Neku with the stylus while the upper screen you control with either the d-pad or a,b,y,and x buttons depending on whether your left or right handed. This is probably one of the coolest game play methods that I've seen on the DS to date. Only one problem there's up to six different attacks that you can use at a time depending on what types of pins your using on the bottom screen alone and they each require you to use such precision that sometimes the game cannot tell one stroke from another and get's your commands mixed up.
 Thankfully you can put some of your pins to sub mode by pressing the shoulder buttons. Outside of combat your characters will be taken around varies parts of a fictionalized version of Shiubuya with some shops (Such as the 104 building based on the real Shibuya's 109 building) being derived from actual Japanese stores though they obviously couldn't name them after there official names due to copy write reasons.

You'll be able to buy brand named clothes for your characters and equip them to increase there status. You can also increase the strength and dexterity of your equipped items and pins by fighting numerous battles in certain sections of the city which in turn depending on what brand you have equipped the most of that brand will become more popular. The hand drawn art style for the cutscenes remains impressive to this day every section of the city has something that will make you just sit there marveling at the attention to detail. and the colorfully hand drawn enemies fit all the more so because of it. Many rpg's focus to much on the environments and the characters and enemies feel like they were an afterthought (Cough Final Fantasy 7) that's not the case with twewy, every design feels like it was well thought out in the grant scheme of things never once did I feel like the environments were generic or just cut and paste.

 If you've ever wanted to take a look at what Japanese society is like then you will get a boat load of cultural references and cameos that will almost make you feel as if you really are in an alternate reality. There is a lot of re playability, from leveling up your pins through extensive use, to hopscotching back and forth between levels after you've completed the game with cool side activities to accomplish and even a minigame that allows you to play with up to three other people locally add to this the fact that your pin's status evolve over a course of however much time your not playing the game, I can see The World Ends With You becoming a fan favorite ds title to be played for years to come.

 However analyzing this game further you will start to see that it owes a lot of its
  existence to other franchises. The hand drawn art style and J-Punk music are reminiscent and can easily be attributed to Sega's Jet Grind Radio and the story as interesting as it may be at one point could no should openly say that it was heavily "Inspired" by GATZ an anime about two teenagers who die and wake up in there world as ghosts who have to perform certain tasks while a timer is counting down on there hands. You know I get this uneasy feeling that every
time Square Enix tries to build a new game from the ground up there's always some guy who bursts into there office and tells them that he won't let them do it unless they rip off at least some other franchise. so they throw darts at a spinning wheel with pictures of different anime and games and "Borrow" heavily from that particular sub genre.

As cool as the game mechanics are flipping the coin over to the the story side of the game it falls short of anything great. It often feels like your watching the story in action and don't feel like your actually doing something. Let me give you an example. There was this part in the game where I was asked to go a place with the symbol's 100 + 4 assuming your memory isn't impaired you will remember a building called the 104 building that stands tall in the middle of a crossing walk.
 So I went to the building to try to meet up with the reapers ,but I cant because there's an invisible barrier keeping me from going there. The barrier will only go down after I've talked to someone who's role it is to help me out with the story, and then wait for them to flat out tell you to go to the 104 building. See what I mean when I say that it doesn't feel like your doing anything.
 The game tries to force you to meet characters, but it dose it in the wrong way. All games that have lot's of character development take at least a little bit off of the game play but this is just stupid. another scenario of this would be during a point when an npc was being attacked , the game gives you two options you can either save him or not save him. Obviously I chose to save him, but when I made that choice I was immediately ambushed by noise. after my battle with them the npc dies and your character says "It's to late we left him to die" however if you chose not to save him he still dies anyway, and the same dialog is spoken, so what's the point of giving you options if the outcome is the same regardless.
 I can't stretch enough how I love the art style animation and the game play is one of the most innovative ideas on Nintendo DS, but the game play comes at a price, a storyline that will have you wanting more to be explained and keeping you in anticipation for something that you know isn't there. overall score 9/10.

Top 10 worst films of 2013
In order to appreciate the good movies we get it’s only right that we honor the bad one.
Oh and before I make this tis list I should point out that I don’t consider these to be real movies

. Sharknado
. Grown ups 2
. The Smurfs 2.
.Machete Kills
.Scary movie 5
.Movie 43
.The starving games
That’s because a film has to at least have some level of quality to it and I don’t think that anyone working on the above films said to themselves “Oh yeah this is going to be great, I can’t wait till people watch this and enjoy themselves.”

10. Kick Ass 2. 
A watered down sequel with very little of the charm that made the original so great.
The dialog sucks, the plot is all over the place, and Jim Carry is the only actor who even tries to make this a fun film.
 9.Anchorman 2.
A sub par sequel that nobody wanted. Extremely annoying main cast that doesn't grow on you.  Uninteresting side characters, a plot that takes forever to get in motion even though theoretically it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.  How the hell can people call this quality entertainment?  It's mediocre at best. All the cameos in the world appearing at the end couldn't stop this film from being barley mediocre.
8. The Hunger Games Catching Fire.
A sequel that does nothing to enhance the plot until the last 5 minutes.  The fact that people had to pay money for the same movie twice is ridiculous. The set up is the same, the risk is the same. The movie had a good chance to capitalize on the book by adding in one of Cadnice's friends who's leg was missing.  Instead they replaced that character from the book with an old women who doesn't speak and dies almost instantly when the hunger games begins. Also the writing is so laughably bad that I almost had to leave the theaters so as I didn't disturb anyone while I chuckled. Like for one instance the characters get sprayed by a poison that causes lesions to grow on their body and the only way to remove it is with water.  Water, seriously the cure for this deadly virus is the most abundant resource on the planet.  If that's true then what about the water molecules in the air that we breath wouldn't that cure them too. The ending is a plot contrivance if I ever saw one.  Cadnice almost dies and the good guys take advantage of this to rescue her by impersonating an enemy ship.  So in order for the plot to make any sense at all the good guy knew that the main character would almost die at the end of the movie so that they could secretly rescue her while pretending to be a body disposal ship.   If I didn't know any better I'd think that this was a parody of the hunger games but we already have two ( The Starving games, and The Hungover games.)                                                                                                  

7.Turbo. A movie about a snail with super speed... What could possibly go wrong. Okay I saw this movie for free at a mini golf center/Arcade.  I had some time to kill with my friends and I thought Okay it's a harmless movie made by Dreamworks.  The movie is so juvenile and so ridden with plot conveniences.  I could get past all that though if it entertained me, but it didn't.  

6.Fruitville Station. While no wear near as bad as some of the other films on this list this one makes it on pure principle.  The fact that someone can make a movie with such low quality camera work and still have it praised makes me as a movie critic just pissed off. Seriously half the time I was watching this thing it looked like somebody stuck a dirty fish tank up to the camera lens. The only reason why this film got so much critical praise was because of its subject matter not its quality.  Which is a shame because when a good movie with the subject matter of black oppression came out (12 years a slave) I was almost hesitant to watch it. I guess the motto is “why bother putting actual effort into something if the subject matter alone is enough to make it sell.”

5. After Earth.  Will Smith's lowest rated movie, and deserving so. Asking me to describe the chemistry between will smith' character and his son is like asking me to describe that scene in Ghost Busters where the Ghost Busters take control of the State Puff Marsh mellow man and use him to fight off the army of darkness and Zuuls minions.  It didn't happen.
Abysmal writing and focus on a narrative, not to mention earth looks like a prehistoric wasteland.  Seriously it's called “After Earth” where are all the buildings the remnants of society, anything to make this movie entertaining.

           4.  The incredible Burt Wonder Stone. A dumb movie about two stage magicians who get out shined by a street performer. This movie could have been good if it followed Jim Carrie. Seriously why wasn’t this movie mainly about him.  If this movie focused on a street performer who went against the convention of magic it could have been awesome. Instead we are left with a stupid movie who's only saving grace is Carrie's performance, and he doesn't get that much screen time. I mean he's an excellent actor, and he does his best.  This year though it seems as though he's being held down and severely underplayed.  Between this and Kick Ass 2 2013 was not a good year for Jim Carrie at the movies.  

3.Carrie.  I already wrote a review on this one no need to harp on it.

2. 47 Ronin.  I believe I described this movie once as a mix of Hollywood nepotism and lord of the rings fan fiction. I still stand by what I wrote.

 1 A good day to Die Hard A.K.A  A good day to ruin a franchise.
Bad Horror movies are one thing, bad comedies are one thing.  When you take what is arguably the greatest action movie franchise and turn it this you've done what hundreds of terrorists failed to do.  You've killed john McClain.  Everything about this movie is wrong. The action is wrong, the camera work is wrong the fight scenes are wrong.  Seriously no hand to hand combat? This is quite possibly the worst action movie to be made in the past five years. I liked 2007's live free or die hard. It was fun it was action pact the plot made sense the situation had weight.  None of these things can be said for the
abomination that was 2013's A Good Day To Die Hard.

Do you agree with this list?  What are your least favorite films of the previous year?
Whatever you thing comment below and let me know.

It's no secret that Activision is notorious for being a company that has lost more subsidiaries then they've kept. From the firing of Troika games to the recent "Merger" of Infinity ward and Neversoft Activision holds the track record for being the biggest bully in the video game industry. Electronic Arts quite possibly be tied for this title but it doesn't make Activision any less guilty. I have always been a fan of companies like Neversoft, and Eurocom. Two of the many companies that up until a few years ago held their own. Neversoft's Tony hawk pro Skater 2 will go down in history as one of the best sports games of all time, and Eurocoms' excellent track record with the James bond franchise up until the abysmal 007 Legends was released in 2012 were both aspects of the companies that they felt highly about.
if you want a visual on Activisions current track record for the companies that they have lost, then look at this list from their Wikipedia page.
The Blast Furnace in Leeds, United Kingdom, founded in November 2011 as Activision Leeds, renamed August 2012, shut down March 2014.
Gray Matter Interactive in Southern California, founded in the 1990s as Xatrix Entertainment, acquired January 2002, merged into Treyarch in 2005.
Infocom in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded on June 22, 1979, acquired in 1986, closed in 1989.
Luxoflux in Santa Monica, California, founded in January 1997, acquired October 2002, closed February 11, 2010.[40]
Shaba Games in San Francisco, California, founded in September 1997, acquired in 2002, and closed on October 8, 2009.[41][42]
RedOctane in Mountain View, California, founded November 2005, acquired in 2006, closed February 11, 2010.[43]
Sierra Entertainment in Los Angeles, founded in 1979 as On-line Systems, acquired from the merger with Vivendi Games, closed in 2008.
Underground Development in Foster City, California, founded as Z-Axis in 1994, acquired in May 2002, closed February 11, 2010.[43]
Budcat Creations in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded September 2000, acquired on November 10, 2008. Closed November 2010.
7 Studios in West Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Utah and Taipei, Taiwan, founded in 1999, acquired on April 6, 2009. Closed in February 2011.
Bizarre Creations in Liverpool, England, founded as Raising Hell Productions in 1987 and changed name in 1994, acquired on September 26, 2007.[44] Closed February 18, 2011.
Neversoft in Los Angeles, founded in July 1994, acquired October 1999, merged into Infinity Ward in 2014.[45]
Wanako Studios in New York City, founded in 2005, acquired by Vivendi Games on February 20, 2007, sold to Artificial Mind and Movement on November 20, 2008.
Swordfish Studios in Birmingham, England, founded in September 2002, acquired by Vivendi Universal Games in June 2005, sold to Codemasters on November 14, 2008.
Massive Entertainment in Malmö, Sweden, founded in 1987, acquired by Vivendi Universal Games in 2002, sold to Ubisoft on November 10, 2008.

Now with a track record like this how can any company be comfortable working for them?
It's not just the companies that do poorly even the companies that do well get shafted by Activision. When High Moon Studios released Transformers Fall Of Cybertron back in August of 2012 to both commercial and critical success Activision repaid them by laying off half the staff.
So it's like this "Should I would hard and get laid off sooner, or slack off and extend my job security."

Seriously if your going to get canned no matter what then what incentive do you have to work hard. I love some of Activision's Subsidiaries, Raven Software is still functioning as a multiplayer developer for call of duty but that's about it. I hope Activisions current companies are not subject to the same treatment of their previous ones.

Nintendo's e3 press conference is slated for tomorrow so I was wondering what people wanted to see the most in the newest smash bros game. With only 3 releases in the past 17 years I think I can say that Nintendo hasn't been the most attentive father to the Super Smash Bros franchise.

Each new release does offer substantial content, but the premise has been the same throughout I.E. Knock the opponent off of the platform to win. The following features are what I would like to see Nintendo apply to the franchise.

5. Energy bars. A lot of characters in the previous smash bros game could pull off overpowered combos just by repeatedly using the same attack, (I'm looking at you Metaknight)  If a character does have an attack that does substantially more damage than average, or a projectile attack , then I would like to see that attack tied down to an energy meter that replenishes over time. I'm not saying that it should be too restrictive, but this is a good way to balance out characters who have projectile attacks against characters who don't. I mean seriously what is this a fighting game or laser tag?

4. A little more depth to the level creator/Being able to play online in user created levels.

In Smash Bros Brawl their was a level editor that let you choose from 3 basic backgrounds. You could fill up the level with whatever you wanted provided that it was what the game offered you.  Now in 2008 little big planet was released for ps3 and it was amazing. The amount of level customization and depth was incredible for a kids game. the key selling point of that game was to create your own level and share it.
 I want to be able to do the same thing for the next smash bros game.  I want to make a level , show it off and have people vote on weather or not they want to play it.  I would love to use the Wii U's game pad to take pictures of things then upload then to my console, and use that as a background, or even as objects you can stand on.  Have people vote your level up if they like it. Little big planet did it back in 2008, so what's to stop Nintendo from doing it now.

3. Better Online Play.

From friend codes, to lag issues brawls online multiplayer was not very good.  I would like to see a significant amount of care being put into developing an online community for this game, Leaderboards, high score co op challenges, and more modes would definitely keep this games multiplayer from being the butt of industry jokes for years to come.

2. NO stupid peripherals.

They say less is more, and in this case people are right.  The last thing I want to see is some figurine that you can buy to place on your Wii U's gamepad to make your character stronger. With all the money that Nintendo has put into Disney infinity I wouldn't be surprised if they were planning to sell you more powerful versions of attacks for 10 bucks a piece.  I can see it now "Do you wanna upgrade your Charzards flame thrower to Fire blast, how about Pikachu's electro shock to thunderwave then buy smash bros infinities for the Nintendo Wii U." I don't think anyone wants this, but Nintendo might do it given the incredible sales records of all their consoles gimmicks.

1. Connectivity between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

I know this may sound contradictory to my last request, but if Nintendo wants to release the game for both 3DS and Wii U, then they should encourage interactivity between both consoles. Since the roster is the same on both platforms would it be to much to ask to be able to use the 3ds to unlock all the characters on the Wii U version and vice versa.
How about being able to trade stickers to upgrade characters. This way a person who only has a 3ds could go to a friends house who only has a Wii U, and they could help one an other unlocks the characters on their system, as well as share upgrades, and stages.

I guess I'll have to wait tomorrow to find out, in the meantime give some feedback and tell me what you want to see in the upcoming smash bros game.

Well another mothers day has come and gone and with yet another Hallmark holiday meant to make you respect your parents raping up I think that it would be most appropriate to review a movie I just saw abut a girl whose parents are both dead.

This Polish film centering on a young girl is a period piece that takes you back to the 1960's.
Several years after world war 2 has ended Ida a now christian nun finds out that her parents were murdered during the war. Not having any knowledge of what became of her parents, she goes on an adventure with her aunt to uncover the truth behind her past life and even questions her own worth fullness.
When I first saw the trailer my biggest concern was that the movie would rely on its black and white color pallet as a positive without giving it any reason to be in black and white. I can honestly say though that if this movie were in color then it would have lost some of its charm.

Being in black and white allows for certain scenes to receive more attention than others. Like for instance when the main character stands outside of a friends house she looks down on it and the atmosphere combined with the lack of color makes it more interesting. Another instance was when I could tell that the backgrounds were painted in as the clouds weren't moving.  Some might complain about this, but I think that it does an excellent job of giving the film that certain vibe of making it feel like it was make in the 1960's when movies were just starting to transition to color, and backgrounds were commonly painted in.

The music is also fantastic, there are few scenes in the film when bands are playing instruments, but when they do it adds a sense of liveliness to a film that is mostly about discovery and loss.

Ida is an excellent film on all fronts, it may not be something that I can watch repeatedly,
but if you ever feel down, and you want to feel thankful for what you do have in life then Ida reminds you that there is always something worth fighting for.