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11:37 PM on 08.25.2015

Happy Birthday Sean Connery

Sean Connery is probably my favorite actor ever. He was Born on August 25th 1930. TOday is his 85th birthday. My favorite Connery Performances are , Sir Patric Mason From the Rock, mark Rutland in Manrine , and of Corse James Bond in 007.

After turning down a potential 435 million dollars from rejecting lord of the Rings back in 2001 he was so devastated that he quit acting perminatley. I hope that someday he returns.


10:46 PM on 08.25.2015

Happy Birthday Sean Connery. I hope someday you return to acting.


10:46 PM on 08.25.2015

Happy Birthday Sean Connery. I hope someday you return to acting.


5:28 PM on 08.20.2015

This is how the Batman goes out not with a bang but with a wimper


The Batman Arkham series has fluctuated like a roller coaster in terms of Quality for me.

I thought the first game was an amazing Metroid-vania style adventure with beat em up elements and well implemented stealth mechanics. The second game Arkham City improved upon the formula but took away the Metroid-vania elements in favor of a more open world approach. As far as open world games go it was great but it lacked direction. I’d normally try to beat the main campaign first and then do the side missions in an open world game however 1 of the side missions in Arkham City was only available before you beat the main story.

Thankfully its shortcomings could be overlooked thanks to its beautiful core design and epic sense of scale.

That is where Arkham Knight falls short. It doesn’t lead to any epic finale it just ends abruptly. What I mean is that in Arkham City it starts off one way and by the end so much has happened that you can only wonder how the developers will build upon it. Arkham Knight starts out one way and ends in the way you would expect.

The core mechanics all function like they should however nothing ever feels to out of control, and you always feel like you can handle what is thrown at you. The sense of danger of being alone as if the fate of something big relies on your shoulders is gone. The New tank mechanic which allows you to turn the Batmobile into a tank makes you feel like an over powered baddass. Which would be fine for any other game but Batman is a character who we want to see reach his goals through sheer will power not through force.

                        When the game gives you a tank at the very beginning it kind if takes away the sense of dread that was in the previous 2 arkham games not counting the disappointing Batman Arkham Origins. Just like in Arkham Origins you have an overpowered weapon that you can use anytime you want. Whenever you are near an enemy and your tank is near all you have to do is press two buttons and the tank will knock them out for you. I know you don’t have to do this but just the fact that it’s an option breaks the game like the shock gloves in Arkham Origins.

The game also does a very poor job of teaching you the mechanics. One of my favorite moves to perform in Arkham city was the slide kick. You press and hold down on the R2 button while running and then you will sweep the ground knocking out any enemies next to you. In Arkham Knight you do have the slide mechanic however in order to use it this time you gently tap the R2 button while running. If you hold it down for more than a second nothing happens.

I didn’t even figure this out until I completed the main story. The environments are also nothing special to look at. The game’s opening cutscene looked promising my mom was even impressed by how it looked stating “They finally brightened it up a bit.” Which is a good thing because the previous games have all been incredibly dark not just in theme.

However after the opening cutscene it looks like a completely average game. There are no civilians in the game they have all been evacuated from the city because of reasons I won’t go into. I was kind of Disappointed this is the fourth game in the main series if you count Arkham Origins and the developers still feel like they have to come up with some excuse as to why there are no Civilians. Arkham Asylum took place on a prison island so It made sense that there would be no civilians Arkham City took place in a prison city where criminals where thrown into and was blocked off from the rest of the city with giant walls. It was a goofy reason but still exceptable. Arkham Origins expected us to believe that every single Citizen of Gotham city followed a curfew and stayed indoors past a certain hour, and now Arkham knight yet again comes up with a reason for why we can’t interact with more people. I would have loved an open world Batman game where you can do quests for strangers like in Spiderman 2.

The story and voice acting are good. Mark Hamill reprises his role for a posthumous Joker, Kevin Conroy will always make the best Batman in my opinion, and Jonathan Banks does a great job as the Police Commissioner Gordon.

One of the new mechanics that I actually liked was being able to perform buddy takedowns by teaming up with either Knightwing, Robin, or Catwomen throughout the story. By hitting a button while one of your sidekicks is fighting both you and them will tackle the same enemy and you will be switched to controlling the other character. It’s seamless and fast paced action like this that makes the Arkham games memorable. I also loved the fear takedown, the ability to quickly disarm and incapacitate up to 5 armed enemies in just a few seconds.

The biggest drawback in the game is the Arkham Knight and I think I should warn you I’m going into spoiler territory now.

Everyone knew it was going be Jason Todd. He is the only person it could have been. Rocksteady even said in an interview that the Arkham Knight was going to be an original character. So what the hell happened? I stayed off of Facebook and twitter for two weeks after Arkham Knight came out because I didn’t want there to be the slightest chance of it being spoiled for me. Not only is the identity of the Arkham Knight a disappointment but the reveal as well. Instead of fighting him and knocking his mask off he just takes it off out because the story has reached its climax. Some could argue that the Arkham Knight took his mask off in anger but what made this time any different than all the other times he was angry. The only difference is that the writers couldn’t think of a smart way to reveal Jason Todd. I think it would have been best if you fought him first then at the end of the fight he shoots you and while you’re on the ground he goes up to you, taunts you, and then takes off his helmet.

However after you defeat the Arkham Knight Death Stroke shows up and reveals that he was the one who was running the operation. I thought to myself “Oh boy what a great twist I can’t wait to go up against Death Stroke. Then you finally get to him and you fight him in a tank. You fight like 90 million fucking tanks in this game and DeathStroke an opponent who is known for his fighting skills you fight in a tank like he’s just some random thug.

For those of you who don’t know in the realm of DC comics Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke is a martial arts grandmaster. He’s mastered 127 styles of martial arts, has a super brain capable of processing information at 9 times the speed of a normal human, has regenerating powers, and with enough prep time managed to defeat the entire Justice League. This is a guy who you want to fight hand to hand. I mean as much as I didn’t like Arkham Origins the battle against Deathstroke in that game was one of its high points.

That’s another problem the game has very few boss battles. Most of them are just normal enemies that can take more damage. The only boss battle that felt like a real boss battle was the fight against the fucking riddler. A poindexter who has no martial arts background. He’s in a mech suit protected by an energy shield, you and Catwomen defeat his robots this somehow deactivates his shield you then hit a couple of times repeat this process three times and you win.

When all is said and done I can recommend this game to diehard Batman fans or fans of 3d beatemups. I sold my copy a few days ago and will probably pick up the game of the year edition with all the DLC on it when it's 30 bucks.

By the way don’t get this game on pc from what I heard it’s an absolute Disaster on PC. I played it on PlayStation 4. Overall 7/10


1:22 PM on 08.14.2015

Today or yesterday depending on when I get this blog uploaded will be my 22nd birthday. I was born on August 13th 1993. I checked to see who's birthday I share mine with and I was surprised that both Fidel Castro and Alfred Hitchcock share my birthday.


11:16 PM on 08.13.2015

Happy Birthday to me

Today or yesterday depending on when I get this blog uploaded will be my 22nd birthday.

I was born on August 13th 1993. I checked to see who's birthday I share mine with and I was surprised that both Fidel Castro and Alfred Hitchcock share my birthday. Anyway I'm planning on uploading a review for the new Dragon Ball Z movie soon, and now that I've had the time to beat Arkham Knight you can expect a review for that as well. Stay gold Bang.


9:26 PM on 08.05.2015

Remembering Alec Guinness

August 5th 2015 marks the 15th aniversary of the death of one of my favorite actors Alec Guinness . Many remember him best as Obi Wan Konobi in Star Wars. I remember him for his roles in the Prissinor, the Horses mouth, Star Wars and Lawrence Of Arabia He lived a long life and Died of cancer in 2000. With the upcoming Star wars movie this year Episode 7 The Force Awakens I just thought it would be rite to remember and respect the people who made this franchise great in the first place. RIP Alec Guinness april 2nd 1914 to august 5th 2000.


5:10 PM on 07.13.2015

RIP Satoru Iwata

I just wanted to pay my respects to a great m an who's legacy will be remembered for decades. Rest In Peace Satoru I wata. You deserved to live much longer.

I'm not going to list my favorite Nintendo games or do anything trivial. I'm just going to ask what he did that you will remember him for RIP Satoru Iwata president of Nintendo 1959-2015


10:38 PM on 06.21.2015

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out movie review


Here we go again, another Pixar movie that relies on over the top archetypes instead of characters and has no originality whatsoever. This should be fun.

You know I grew up with Pixar back in the late 1990’s and let me tell you the kid in me wants to like them but the objective critic in me can’t stand them. The last film they made that I thoroughly enjoyed was Up and that came out back in 2009. They’re like Activision and Call of Duty now, it’s the same thing every time.

Also If you check their wikipedia page then You will see that they haven’t got anything new planned for the next 3 years. Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, Cars 3. (Wasn't the second one bad enough.)

Why not give their franchises to another animation studio to make an animated series based on these movies like Buzz lightyear of star command instead of constantly going back to the the things that we’ve all seen before. Don’t get me wrong as long as the movie is good that’s all that matters in the end. Even though Call Of Duty is the same game every year at least it’s fun. (Though Ghosts was a big disappointment)

But it seems like Pixar is trying too hard to attract a crowd of new kids without even thinking about the kids that loved them back in the 90’s. I mean Toy Story 3 was essentially Toy Story 2 again just in a different coat.

Open up the movie with a large scale action sequence that is later revealed to be a figment of someone’s imagination, introduce the idea that toys don’t last forever, There is a misunderstanding in which the toy(s) are mistakenly put in a position where the unwanted toys are supposed to be, The toys get placed in new environments meeting new characters, one of them being a jolly plump toy who wields a cane. this toy is later revealed to be an antagonist fueled by the traumatization of being abandoned by their former owner taking his anger out on others, The seemingly good hearted toy convinces the other toys to stay with promises of being loved for generations, A delusional factory setting Buzz lightyear locks up the Protagonist(s) , the protagonists enter a large scale industrial contraption where the antagonists is disposed of and left in the care of another person. That is the plot for both Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

And now as if that wasn’t bad enough since Toy Story is so popular Pixar seems to think that all of their franchises should be like Toy Story. Lets take their new movie Inside Out for example. If I were to tell you that there was a Pixar character who all the other characters only exist to look out for their well being but at the same time they’re not aware of their sentience, the entire plot is affected by them moving to a different city, they also have to deal with growing up and leaving their childhood in the past, who am I talking about? I’m talking about Andy from Toy Story right? I’m also talking about Riley from Inside Out, because when you think about it they’re the exact same person.

Now if it were just the unoriginal characters I could over look this film. Unfortunately there are a lot of other things wrong with this movie. The main human character  Riley doesn’t get anywhere near enough screen time. The whole movie revolves around what a person would be like if they were limited to the amount of emotions they had, but other than not getting along well with her parents we don’t get to see much of her personality. We don’t even get to know much about the people in her environment. There was one point in the film where she starts crying in class and is embarrassed that the cool kids saw her cry. I was thinking that this would make for some great social interaction but we never see them again. The movie isn’t a complete dud though, it shows that even negative emotions have their place and reason for being. It kind of reminded me about a game called Sonic Shuffle. At first everyone is angry at the antagonist Void for making people dream negative thoughts but at the end it is revealed that negative emotions give people strength and that people need to feel all sorts of  emotions in order to truly experience all that life has to offer.

When all's said and done I can recommend this movie as a time waster, something for you to take your kids to. But If you are looking for something deep and meaningful then go watch something else. Overall Score 5/10


9:13 PM on 06.08.2015

Check out my cosplay

Check out my cosplay. I'm Isaac from Golden Sun


12:01 AM on 04.07.2015

Well my cat just died

My cat just dies of cancer today.

RIP Mushie 2004-april 6th 2015 

Here are my last moments with my cat 


11:35 AM on 03.18.2015

Singularity Review

Alex Moretti   

Singularity is a game that was developed by Raven Software and released on June 10th 2010. It was the last full game to be developed by Raven before they became a map developer for the call of duty games.


It was released to positive critical reception, but only sold roughly over 400,000 copies worldwide.


The premise is simple back in the 1950’s the evil Russian Government discovered a rare element that has strange effects on people both good and bad. Scientists discovered that it had supernatural powers and after an island exploded off the coast of Russia it remained top secret for more than 50 years.


That’s where you come in as Captain Nathan Renko you are sent off to investigate the island after satellites picked up signs of distress. Upon crash landing on the island you are quickly bombarded with an energy wave that sends you back in time upon where you must escape a burning building, but not before saving a man from burning to death.


When you are returned to the present by the power of plot device you will notice that things have changed and that you have altered history. From here on the game will have you focus on writing the wrongs you’ve done by giving you a badass arsenal of weapons and even a device that lets you control time. The Time Manipulation Device or TMD allows you to do all sorts of kooky thing that you’d want in a sci fi game. You can shoot a giant time buble to freeze enemies and slow down the environment around you. You can age enemies to death or turn them into mutants. You can even pick up small objects like Half Life 2’s gravity gun and launch them like a projectile. To quote Kevin Vanord from gamespot “Who needs a reason for all this it’s super fun.”


I especially loved experimenting on different types of enemies. Since this is a sci fi game after all, you will fight not only humans but mutants. Different enemies react differently to your TMD’s functions. Phase ticks will implode when you pump them with energy from your gauntlet, Zeks will slow down becoming virtually immobile, while reverts will turn into time bombs and explode after a while.


Though while having this OP weapon does make the game easy for the most part don’t get too cocky. Every time you use your TMD it drains a certain amount of E99, energy that you’ll find on the island in the form of crystals. Very rarely this happened, but if you run out of energy since your only means of melee combat once you acquire the TMD is its impulse shock attack which shoots out a horizontal beam of death, once your out of energy and your out of ammo you will be completely defenseless. Why couldn’t the developers make it so that once you run out of energy the melee attack becomes your knife again? Or map the knife to a different button, or something.    Since your gauntlets’ energy recovers naturally at a snails pace the only way to constantly stay one step ahead of your enemies is to search the island for E99 energy.  You will also be able to find audio recordings of people hidden throughout the game that do a good job of immersing you in this world. If it seems like I’ve been describing Bio-Shock or Half Life then kudos to you you’ve played a handful of popular video games before. I often joked to  myself saying that this game should have been titled “Similarity” because of how similar it is to other popular games.  


The game also has upgrade stations scattered throughout that allow you to increase your guns strength, ammo capacity, and reload speed. As well as many other character upgrades that I won’t spoil for you.


The game also has a multiplayer feature, but since this game was released back in 2010 nobody seems to be playing it online anymore.


As much as I liked going along for the ride the game lost a lot of its luster towards the end. Towards the final hour of the game you're so overpowered that you’d pretty much have to try to get yourself killed.  And the games twist if it could be called that had me yearning for more.


But at the end of the day Singularity is fun game that should not be overlooked.  Only hope that RavenSoft or Activision realizes the potential that this game has and decide to franchise it.

Overall score 8.25/10


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