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Spazzh20's blog

3:21 AM on 01.07.2016

Top 11 good games based on bad movies

We all know how it works a big hollywood block comes out and everyone tries their damnedest to make a quick buck off of it. Which is why it’s such a luxury when a game comes out that’s based on a movie that isn't complete...   read

11:37 PM on 08.25.2015

Happy Birthday Sean Connery

Sean Connery is probably my favorite actor ever. He was Born on August 25th 1930. TOday is his 85th birthday. My favorite Connery Performances are , Sir Patric Mason From the Rock, mark Rutland in Manrine , and of Corse James...   read

5:28 PM on 08.20.2015

This is how the Batman goes out not with a bang but with a wimper

The Batman Arkham series has fluctuated like a roller coaster in terms of Quality for me.I thought the first game was an amazing Metroid-vania style adventure with beat em up elements and well implemented stealth mechanics. T...   read

11:16 PM on 08.13.2015

Happy Birthday to me

Today or yesterday depending on when I get this blog uploaded will be my 22nd birthday. I was born on August 13th 1993. I checked to see who's birthday I share mine with and I was surprised that both Fidel Castro and Alfred H...   read

9:26 PM on 08.05.2015

Remembering Alec Guinness

August 5th 2015 marks the 15th aniversary of the death of one of my favorite actors Alec Guinness . Many remember him best as Obi Wan Konobi in Star Wars. I remember him for his roles in the Prissinor, the Horses mouth, Star ...   read

5:10 PM on 07.13.2015

RIP Satoru Iwata

I just wanted to pay my respects to a great m an who's legacy will be remembered for decades. Rest In Peace Satoru I wata. You deserved to live much longer. I'm not going to list my favorite Nintendo games or do anything trivial. I'm just going to ask what he did that you will remember him for RIP Satoru Iwata president of Nintendo 1959-2015   read

10:38 PM on 06.21.2015

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out movie review   Here we go again, another Pixar movie that relies on over the top archetypes instead of characters and has no originality whatsoever. This should be fun. You know I grew up with Pixar back ...   read

9:13 PM on 06.08.2015

Check out my cosplay

Check out my cosplay. I'm Isaac from Golden Sun   read

12:01 AM on 04.07.2015

Well my cat just died

My cat just dies of cancer today. RIP Mushie 2004-april 6th 2015  Here are my last moments with my cat    read

11:35 AM on 03.18.2015

Singularity Review

Alex Moretti    Singularity is a game that was developed by Raven Software and released on June 10th 2010. It was the last full game to be developed by Raven before they became a map developer for the call of d...   read

12:56 AM on 03.09.2015

Valkyria Chronicles HD Trilogy for PS4 and Vita

I have been a fan of Valkyria Chronicles ever since the first game came out in 2008. I watched the 26 episode anime series and read the manga. with the re release of Valkyria Chronicles on steam being one of the most pop...   read

12:38 AM on 03.07.2015

Venetian Blinds, the story of Activision original post date 1/25/2011

  Back in 1982 A small group of Atari employees led by DavidCrane create a demo game for the Atari 2600 which they called “The Venetian Blinds technique.” While the game was never released it was a revol...   read

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