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I am an avid fan of art, literature, and history. I live in New Jersey, and am currently a student at Seton hall. I have always been a fan of Anime since I was six and i was first introduced to Dragon Ball Z. I have always wanted to start a blog, but was afraid that I would never be able to update it as often as i wanted to. With Christmas almost hear my New Years resolution is to update my blog here at least once a week. Any way here are some basic things you should know about me

Name: Alex
Relationship: Single
Likes: Movies , art , Fan fiction, Literature. TV Dramas, Cartoons, and Games.

My Favorite cartoons (American) The Simpsons, Batman the animated series, Batman Beyond , Justice League ,Transformers Armada, Sonic Sat AM. Ed, Edd, And Eddy. Dexter s Lab, Power Puff Girls, Megus XLR, basically anything from Cartoonetwork 1998-2004. Hey Arnold, Rug rats, Cat Dog. Rocket power, Southpark, Family Guy, Cubix Robots for everyone, Jakie Chan Adventures

My Favorite cartoons (Japanese Anime) Tooonami ,Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z, Elfen Lied, Clannad, Mezzo DSA, Nightwalker the midnight detective, Fist Of The North Star, Berserk, Pokemon (First 3 seasons) Digimon (First two Seasons) Ruroni Kenshin Episodes 1-65 (Everything after that was just filler) Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh, Sonic x (Japanese Dub Only) Naruto ( Not Shipudden it completely destroyed everything that the first series established).

Favorite books. Star wars, Lord of the flies, The New Police Man, Maze Runner ( Soon to be a feature Film) Goosebumps (Series) Ender's game.

Favorite Films (Not Animated): Star wars, Terminator 2, Dead Poet Society, Jurassic park, The Goonies, Back to the future 1, and 2, Indiana Jones trilogy, Good Will Hunting, The Wolverine, 300, Skyfall, Casino Royal, Goldeneye, A veiw to a kill, Tomorrow never dies, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, The world is not enough. Die Hard 1-4

Favorite animated Films: Akira, Children who Chase lost voices from deep below, End of Evangelion, Buddha The Great Departure, The Evangelion Rebuilds (Not 3.0 that movie sucked) Berserk the golden age ark films. Toy story trilogy, How to train your dragon, transformers (1986) The Hunchback of Notrodome, Disney's Aladdin.

Favorite manga: Detective Conan/Case closed, Evangelion, Evangelion Shinji Ikari Raising Project, Berserk, Ruroni Kenshin, Fist of the north star, Dragon ball Z, Change Guy, Change 123, Elfen Lied, Akira, and Yugioh.

Favorite Shows: Breaking Bad, Law and Order svu, The Twilight zone, New Amsterdam, The new outer limits, 24, The angry video game nerd Web series.

Favorite games: Sonic 3 And knuckles, Sonic adventure, Bioshock infinite, Rayman 2 the great escape, Super Mario 64, Mario galaxy 1 and 2, Mario kart 64, Metal gear solid series, Golden sun 1, and 2, Skies of Arcadia, Dark souls, Resident evil 4, uncharted 2, The last of us, Max Payne 1, 2, and 3 , Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, GTA 4. Call Of Duty 4, Zelda Majora's, mask, Super Smash Brothers (Series) Metroid prime 3, Super Metroid, Mega Man 2, Ecco The dolphin, Soul Calibur, Tech Romancer, God of war Series, Castlevania (The good ones) Killzone 3, Halo 2, Amnesia the dark decent, Age of Empire2, gone home, FTL, X-com enemy unknown. Singularity, Star wars Jedi Knight 3 Jedi Academy,

Well that's the basic just of me, I do hope to write journal entries more often. Also I currently have written most of my articles on my gamespot account, this includes my game reviews.
and my Youtube account is. Hope that helps
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This is the follow up to my latest blog top ten movies I like that everyone else hates.

I just want to make it perfectly clear that I do not entirely hate all the movies on this list, I just don't like them as much as most people.

10. The lincoln Lawer.  

Pretentious and overatted The Lincoln Lawer is one of those films that I could never really understand why people like it. The acting was okay, the screenplay was okay but the main character's oersonality just didn't feel write. When we are first introuduced to him he is an unlikeable jerk who doesn't care if you innocent or guilty, but then all of a sudden when he sees that something has gone amiss he jumps at the chance to do the rite thing. for me this was a 6/10. Nothing terrible, but nothing great. 

9,8,7. The Hobbit trilogy.  Was this necessary? 3 3 hour long movies based on a 300 page book. The amount of filler makes me want to just role my eyes and say "Get on with it"  Nearly 9 hours of walking talking singing and traversing the most uniterestin CGI environments with the most unconvincing environments in a movie I've ever seen. Seriously the fight with Smoug looked like a video game. Everything was unnaturally place against another thing to create a convient way to fight the dragon."Hit this to activate this trap, jump at this exact moment to access the next platform." It's like the writters just took a look at every video game ever and said "We can do that." It looks like a video game, I wouldn't be surprised if the lego hobbit games were the inspiration for the movie's environments and not the other way around. Fuck this trilogy. 5/10 (Only reason why is the goregous landscapes.)

6. Monsters inc I just could never get into this movie for some reason. The imagination was their but my interest just faded away halfway into the film. I liked the prequel better to be honest. 6/10

5. Evangelion 3.0 How can anyone like this? I was surprised when I saw that this movie got a 7.0 on IMBD. I wrote a blog review explaining why I hate this film, go read that. 3/10

4.The Mist.  This movie is Fucking terrible. Evrything form the acting to the characters to the overabundance of characters screaming at eachother. This movie had nothing good about it. They were trying to go for a subtle undertone of people being their own worst enemy, but they failed miserably. Their was an episode of the twighlight zone that did this rite. Some aliens come from space and dissable all of the electronics in a neighborhood except for one house. Naturaly this makes people suspicous, and eventually everyone is at each others throats. This movie took away the subtle undertones and replaced them with screaming riligous finatics and some of the most obnoxous and unrelateable characters in existance. 0/10

3. Fruitville station.  "If you don't like this movie your a racist." That is pretty much the only reason I can think that this got a 94 on rotten tomatoes. Same score as 12 years a slave. Mediocre acting, boring protagonist and horrible camera quality made this film to me mediocre at best. 5/10

2.Ghostbusters. The thing that got me interested in this movie was James Rolfe's review of the NES game. After hearing about how much of a finomenom this film was back in the 1980's I had to go see it. One Christmas eve I got a chance to sit down and see it and holy shit was it boring. How is this one of the best movies of the 1980's? How was this even a contendor for best film of 1984? Beverly Hills Cop and The Terminator were much better. I especially hated the ending were this stay puff marshmellow man just comes out of nowhere and we as an audiance are suppossed to care. Sure the Ghostbusters know who he is but we don't. I was like Who is this guy we never knew anything about him, why should we be shocked to see him? This movie is one of the most overatted films ever. Sure the Practicle effects still hold up pretty well after 30 years but that's about it. 6/10

1. Finding Nemo  This film has a 99% fresh raiting on Rotten tomatoes. I am part of the other 1%. Don't ask me why I just didn't like it.

Have you ever enjoyed something but were compelled to keep it to yourself under fear of riddiclule? 

As a self proclaimed film critic There are a lot of films that I enjoy that are genrally looked down on by the mass majority of movie buffs. 

While I wouldn't go so far a to call every movie on this list good, some of them are guilty pleasures at the very least. 

10. Total recall 2012.   Rotten tomatoes score 30% A fun sci fi movie that got panned by critcs when it came out. Critcs citted it as being bland and unimaginative. I just enjoyed it for what it is, a goffy acid trip of a film that built up on its predessesor and delivered. I never understood why so many critics could hate it but call the original 1990 film with Arnold Schwarzeneggar such a classic. They both have there their charm, but I liked this one better, so sue me.

9. The Sandlot 2.  Rotten Tomatoes Score 40%.  Being make 12 years after the original film this sequel added in a female character, but did not try to incorporate a stupid love story. A lot of people didn't like how the writters did not give more chemistry to the female character, but if they gave her to much of a presense and made the movie  a stupid tween love romp film then it would have been criticized for the exact opposite reason.

8. Jurassic Park 3   Rotten Tommatoes score 49%. A lot of people hate the Jurassic Park sequels. While I can agree that 2 was an obvious cash grab 3 was a new thing. It didn't rely on the audience to have knowlege of the first two films and bacause of its shorter run time than the previous 2 films the film felt like it had a lot less filler and focused more on the action. Unlike in Jurassic Park 2 where the characters are hanging on the edge of a cliff for like half an hour.

7. Halloween 2007. Rotten Tomatoes Score 25% .     A lot of people hate this film and although I can kind of see why I can't belive the amount of improvements that this film made went over everybody's head. For 1 at least now we have real teenagers playing teenagers, not women in their 30's. 2 The children in this movie act like real kids. They jump up and down on beds they laugh, they act like what kids would act like on Halloween night. They don't just stare motionlessly at the camera like in the first film This film was lamblasted by critics for bing too violent and too over the top. But hey if that's what your looking for in a horror movie then by all means enjoy it. Now it's sequel on the other hand, you couldn't pay me to watch that.

6. The Bench Warmers  Rotten tomatoes Score 11%.              A funny over the top cartooney film about three guys who come together to play baseball. It's not the most dignified commedy but it's no where near as terrible as people make it out to be.

5. Robocop 3  Rotten Tomatoes Score 3%.                              I honestly never understood why people hated this film. Its got action its got suspense. It has Robocop flying around in a Jetpack. 

4. Doogle. Rotten Tomatoes score 8%                                          By looking at the front cover for this film you might be thinking to yourself that this is CGI garbage. A lot of people would agree with you on that, but this to me is an excellent fantasy adventure film.

3. Scary Movie 4Rotten Tomatoes Score 37%. Just take my word for it.

2. Never Ending Story 2. Rotten Tomatoes Score 0%               I don't see why this film got so much hate. At least they got a real Native American Kid to play the role of an Native American, and not some white kid that they dressed up to look Native American like in the first film. This film had a fun cast of characters, and a really charming ending. A lot of people hated it because the bad guys were to cartooney, but lets be real here this is a fantasy adventure film. What were you expecting richly develloped bad guys with lots of personality and thought provking questions about morrality? If you were then go watch something else. Now neverending story 3 on the other hand that's something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 4  rotten Tomatoes score 33%. A great film that I enjoyed from begining to end. I'm looking forward to Pirates 5 coming out in 2017.

What are some films that you like that everyone else seems to hate? Join me next week for the top ten films that I hate that everyone else likes.

10:31 PM on 12.31.2014

Happy New Years.

9:02 PM on 11.27.2014

I just wanted to wish you all a happy thanksgiving, so for all the people out there reading this tell me what you did for thanksgiving today.


It's been a while since 2012 has ended, with that being said I think I can post my opinions on the best games that came out last year without anyone being to upset that/if their favorite game wasn't on this list. 
First though I want to lay out some rules. 
Rule #1  Only games that were released from January 1st 2012 up until December 31 2012 any where in the world are eligible to be on this list. 
If a game was released in Japan or Europe or any other country prior to this date then it won't have a chance to be on this list.
This also goes for Persona 4 Golden, for as amazing as it was it's a re-release of a ps2 game that came out back in 2008.
Rule#2.  I don't rate games based on how much I like them, I rate games based on how well they perform in doing what they set out to do.  For example I may rate a game like Zero's escape Virtue's last reward a perfect 10, and another game like the walking dead an 8  If I had to choose a game to play for just a couple of hours for fun then I would choose the walking dead. Because While I think Zero escape is a masterpiece in its own rite it's not the type of game that I would just be able to jump into for the fun of it.  
This list is made based on how much fun I ad with these games, NOT how high I score them.
Rule# 3. I can't possibly play every video game that comes out in a year so If your favorite game is not on the list It's probably because I either haven't played it, or god forbid I'm not interested.
Well those are the rules so now here are my top ten favorite games of 2012
#10.  SONIC AND ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED.   HOLLY FUCK BALLS can it be a Sonic game that's actually worth playing?
Sumo digital has done the impossible make a Sonic game that is Genuinely  fun, doesn't rely on stupid gimmicks, and focuses on what's important in a racing game,  the Racing. While previous Sonic Racing games like sonic R for the Saturn focused on terrible controls and horrible music.  Games like sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 where all about giving you a hernia on a small screen, and the Riders Series was focused on making a convoluted mess of a story with mediocre if not below average gameplay,  All Stars Racing is accessible to everyone and focuses on well designed tracks colorful stages and an Excellent sense of speed and technique.  If your a Die hard sega Fan and Want to see what Vyse Inglebard from Skies of Arcadia, or Beat from Jet Set Radio would look like in HD then here's your chance.  With a variety of missions and wealth of unlockables this is a game that any racing fan should be proud of.  Sega also didn't Scrouge around to appeal to the lowest common denominator and payed professional NASCAR driver Danica Patrick for use of her likeness in this game.  Thank you Sumo  digital,  with sega pumping out a new Sonic game seemingly every five seconds you and Dimps are two devs who I trust to make quality sonic titles.
Another surprise, While the Call of duty series has definitely seen its fair share of questionable undeserving hate Black ops 2 tries to reach out and do something different.  While it is by no means the most revolutionary shooter on the planet,  The inclusion of story segments that can be altered by your choices and a verity of different paths to choose make this perhaps the best call of duty game Treyarch has ever made.  While the game definitely could have benefited from not having those annoying Strike force missions, and the fact that you are only given one save file in a game that's all about choice can be agitating the scope of this game gives it the larger then life felling that people have come to expect from a franchise like this. 
Fun fact about me I love Dragon Ball Z.  I watched it religiously growing up as a kid ever since I was six years old.
Naturally I bout the video games to satisfy my need for more anime action, and while the budukia franchise was fun as a fighting game, it just didn't capture what Dragon Ball Z was about.  Enter Asura's Wrath a game that's all about flashy explosions, shooting energy beams at gods, and saving the world from generic, yet oh so lovable bad guys.  The game is mostly a giant guicktime event, but it does have some straight up brawling sequences that break up the heavy cinematics. For more on why I love this game just read my review   
Firaxis and Two K have brought back a dying franchise, and brought it up to date with everything a strategy fan could love about sci-fi alien shooter games.  While the texture pop up is still an issue in the pc version,  Being able to skip through cut-scenes faster and having full control over the battlefield with a keyboard and mouse is so much more satisfying than on Consoles.  
If the menu's weren't so confusing then this game might have even been higher on my list,  If only I could recruit five members per team instead of four at the very beginning and had a mode where you could just play for fun like a simulation room, but  still this game takes the cake for strategy games, and I really am hopeful that Firaxis makes a game this fun maybe based on another long forgotten strategy game. Maybe a sequel to The Temple Of Elemental Evil ever since Troika games went under.   
I'm pretty sure by now if your into gaming then you've heard of this game.  An Indie game that only lasts 2 hours at most yet has gained huge critical and commercial success. Both IGN and Gamespot gave it their 2012 game of the year awards, and while I wholeheartedly respect them I have to disagree.  Journey is whatever you make out of it.  it's not something that you preach to the masses and expect them to understand.  "This is the defining game of our generation" say some game journalists.
It singlehandedly reformed what is to be expected from an indie game and shows that with the right people given the freedom to do what they want, nothing is impossible.  It cured cancer, it brought world peace, I'm sure you've heard everything.
The bottom line is that Journey is only what you make of it.  I can't place it higher on this list because to me it doesn't scream most amazing game ever.  Journey is not so much a game as it is a way of trying to get people to come to face with themselves on what a video came is about.  It's a story without a story a game that has every right to boast of itself.  However it just doesn't feel like a complete "Game" to me.  It's still a fun experience, but it is by no means the life changing masterpiece that some try to make it out to be.  Just enjoy it for what it is and move on.
#5. SPEC OPS THE LINE:  A three man delta squad are sent on a mission to rescue a group of foreigners  stranded in Dubai six months after a massive Sandstorm has wiped the cit off the map.  While on the outside it seems like a standard Shooter,  Once you've played it all the way through you realize that this is not a typical shooter,  This is a story of one mans decent into madness. If you would like to view a more in depth analysis of the games narrative then copy and paste this link 
for my review of the game just click on my username and it will bring you to my review page.  You will find it there.
#4 ZERO ESCAPE VIRTUE'S LAST REWARD.  Making a follow up game to 2010's  cult hit 999 was not an easy task, especially when it wasn't intended.  However being the genius that he is Kōtarō Uchikoshi made a sequel that is surprising arguably better than the first game.  The game is a masterpiece in its own rite.  It shows some of the deepest and most well thought out relationships throughout the roughly 40 hour experience.  This is made even more amazing by the fact that the majority of this game is text based. I dare not spoil anything from this holy grail of an adventure.  Play it yourself and be amazed.
Overrated maybe but there is still no denying how brilliant of an idea this was.  While most comic book games tend to be horrible the atmosphere in the walking dead as well as the kick ass finale and ending them will most likely stick with you for months to come.  When you get to the part where you are surrounded by a sea of the undead armed with nothing more than a meat cleaver and a glass shard, you feel like a Complete BAMF.  Not because you are playing as a space marine trying to save the world or a marine commando gunning down terrorists, but because there is a little girl who needs you, and you are her guid to a safer place in a zombie infested hell hole.  Excellent music, sense of atmosphere and characters made this an enjoyable game throughout regardless of if your a fan of the comics or not.

Taking everything I love from games like Chronicles of Riddick escape from butcher bay, and turning it up to 11 Dishonored is a fine example of an action stealth game done right. Just like in Riddick you take out enemies stealth-fully and carry their bodies around so that you won't raise suspicion. However here you are given special powers to help aid you along the way. Being able to teleport from one rooftop from the next all while hounding down corrupt town guards and trying to figure out who framed you so that you may reclaim your honor is something that never gets old. If you love the Riddick games, or are a fan of stealth games in general, or just want something a little new, Dishonored has something for everyone.

#1 MAX PAYNE 3. Max Payne. A fitting name for a man who lost everything. A man whose seen the deepest, darkest parts of his own mind. His whole life has been torn apart by the evil and corrupt. But where many would crumble, Max just got harder. Because that's what Max is: a survivor, a paradox. The man has nothing to live for, but he refuses to die. This game was just pure fun from beginning to end. Rockstar has never been one to disappoint, and Max Payne 3 is another fine example of a Quality product from a company that always tries to push the envelope. Whether it be an incredible recreation of 1910 america in Red Dead Redemption, an Amazing life of Drugs hookers and Gang Violence in GTA4, or over the top balls to the walls action is Max Payne 3, Rockstar is a company that you can trust. To see why I love this game so much, just read my review. And that's my list of games that I loved from 2012. Tell me some of your favorites. If you haven't played any of these games, or are on the fence about whether or not you want to shell out cash for any of them, then don't be afraid. It will be money well spent

3:43 PM on 10.29.2014

Wolfenstien 2014 review.

After the last release in the Wolfenstien franchise in 2009 fans have been craving a more action pact experience with less filler.

2014's Wolfenstien reboot was shaping up to be a great game. It looked impressive, the story was unique, and the trailer showed different sections of the world being overtaken by Nazi rule.

However the finished product fails to live up to the hype.

The game starts off in Poland in the 1940's you fight Nazis you blow up giant robots and people die.

Then after taking some shrapnel to the head, BJ Blazkowitz is comatose for 14 years and awakens to a world taken over by the axis powers

The story is ridiculous, however it's that certain level of ridiculous that fans of the franchise can adjust to.

While I don't mind following a ridiculous story to further the plot I felt that the game doesn't do enough to immerse you in its world.

The game is a linear shooter with very little exploration in each level. A contrast to Wolfenstien 3d which was all about exploring a giant building for secret rooms.

I wanted to know more about the world that I was in, I wanted to see how the Nazis changed people's views, ideologies, and ordinary citizens taking about the world that they live in and how it has affected them.

Unfortunately the most that you will get in terms of immersion come from news paper snippets explaining how the world has changed in the past 14 years scattered throughout the game.

There are no innocent people walking amongst the street, no children playing outside singing German songs, or talking about how they live their lives. Things like this would have added to the immersion.

The developers went through all this trouble to create this world, and they barley did anything with it. This doesn't even have to take place on planet earth it could be an another world that was invaded by Nazi robot space pirates.

The gameplay is solid you can carry as many guns as the game has to offer, though they don't feel unique. You don't get access to sci-fi weapons like you did in the 2009 game. I mean seriously the game is all about fighting giant robots and futuristic soldiers, why can't I acquire a laser gun.

The enemy AI is competent but sometimes lacking. There was one instance in which I shot right in front of someone, but they still didn't see me. There aren’t anywhere near enough boss fights in the game and the ones that they're feel lacking.

The games combat system is very similar to Resistance: Fall Of Man. You have a weapon wheel and 4 health bars each of which will replenish so long as not all of one is depleted.

The game does however do stealth well, as many scenarios offer you a different way to approach them as apposed to just shooting your way out of every situation. Though the payoff is minimal as there is never a time when choosing stealth over action gives you anything substantial.

Also the game has some inconsistent rules. Sometimes when you kill an enemy their body disappears, but sometimes it doesn't. Since enemies will sound the alarm if they come across a dead body you never know how to plan your tactics since the difficulty of the game is dictated by randomness.

You also can't drag bodies around like in games like Dishonored or the Chronicles of Riddick games, so you better make sure that if you kill an enemy it's in a remote location if your trying to be stealth-full.

Also the game looks extremely gritty, and not in a good way. I wouldn't be impressed by these visuals if the games came out back in 2008. It looks like a PS2 game that was upscaled for the PS3.

It's not just the lighting, the characters look a bit off to. After being in a coma for 14 year BJ doesn't look a day older then he did at the start of the game, and he still has all of his muscle.

I can't help but be disappointed by this new Wolfenstien game. I was hoping for something that would only be possible to develop on next gen consoles, and what I got was something that feels like it could have come out at the start of this console generation. It is marginally better than 2009's Wolfenstien made by Raven Software, but after half a decade of waiting I expected a little better.