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2:12 AM on 07.29.2010


(This is actually a rough draft for an essay that I decided to post since I got the inspiration from another blog post on destructoid)

Videogame’s are Not the Reason for Crimes
BAN THIS SICK FILTH! That’s what you would hear out of the mouths of those against videogames. Organizations against videogame’s should go extinct. The views expressed by such people are extremely unreliable. Such reasons include the defiling of our youth, brain rotting, and evil inducing interactivity; more often these allegations are based on pure bias than concrete facts. Various human rights groups are seeking to abolish the ever growing forty billion dollar gaming industry without taking into consideration the more obvious threats in other media. Lastly, videogames have a rating system which is clearly explained whenever you get near the videogame section, so parent’s should be just as liable to blame as taking their child to see Friday the 13th. Things are essentially not what they’re worked up to be.

Videogames are claimed to be the number one defiler of the world’s nations. An extremely perfect example of this is a statement from the “Mothers against Videogame Addiction and Violence.” According to their views “Video game addiction is without a doubt, becoming this century's most increasingly worrisome epidemic, comparable even to drug and alcohol abuse. All the while, the video game industry continues to market and promote hatred, racism, sexism, and the most disturbing trend: clans and guilds, an underground video game phenomenon which closely resembles gangs. Parents NEED to be aware of the hidden dangers.” This statement is severely false and completely based off the personal view of someone who is ignorant of the medium. Alcoholism can lead to death due to liver failure as well as become the motivator to commit acts of crime. Drugs that were to be reference from the statement could include and not be limited to Heroin, Marijuana, and abuse of prescription drugs. According to them videogames can destroy one’s liver, give you cancer, and even cause you to commit to a life of crime, sin, and punishment. If simply playing videogames are to be compared to drug abuse, there has to be some type of effect that if misused can negatively alter one’s condition. Where’s the misuse of videogames? What does it alter to be considered drug abuse? On to the statement about guilds, in videogame terminology, a clan or guild is a group of people in a videogame who get to together a play videogames. Having personal experience across many groups, they are not a group of criminals or hoodlums who ban together to wreck havoc on the innocent for profit. Just like movies or music, the content in videogames is there for a reason. In real life there has been such form of hatred like sexism and racism. In music, we can hear sexism and racism all the time especially among popular artist whom children faithfully listen to. This is just a small example of how unreliable these statements can be. Instead of winning those to their cause, they’re just trying to force other to listen to their ignorance.
Organizations are selfishly trying to take down the videogame industry entirely based on ignorance. A steadily growing forty billion dollar industry missing from the country’s already trouble economy is extremely dangerous. Job’s and revenue would be lost around the world. Yet there are government official such as Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin who seek to put a strangle hold on the industry by approving laws that allow games to be under the same category as pornography. Even parents will feel embarrassed to go into the back room of the video store to pick up a child’s favorite SpongeBob game. Countries such as Germany, Australia, and Venezuela all have stranglehold laws which severely limit the economic potential of released videogames. For example, the company based in germany named Crytech, the makers of first person shooter game Crysis were forced to relocate after recent laws became overbearing to develop the game properly. Other companies have completely ceased shipping their games to Australia because of the difficult brought forth from such laws. Revenue is being lost and jobs are being lost that otherwise would be abundant to hundreds of thousands of consumers, students, and professionals. Can one imagine war without any type of violence?
Parents are to blame for their own ignorance of videogames. Since the early 1990’s it is the law to have a rating of all released videogames. This ranges from Mature(17+), Teen(13+), and everyone. This is plain and simple and is label on every videogame title. It is also the law for the retailer to verbally express these ratings for parent’s buying games for their children. I have seen countless times parent’s buying M rated games such as God of War which include sex and gore but is clearly label the same for an R rated movie. I have seen countless times young children accompany their parents to R rated movies. If the child is in unbuckled in the back seat of a car and the parents runs a red light, they are responsible, not the stop sign, not the car. If the parent is responsible for their children, than the parent must be aware of what the child is exposed. Unfortunately organizations against the videogame industry are born of such ignorance, which is why life is much simpler of they never was thought of in the first place.

It is true when they say that education is the key to understanding. If these organizations never existed, there would be no ignorant bantering about how games can give you lung cancer. There wouldn’t be any selfish government officials trying to make life difficult for innocent people. There would be no blaming for reckless parenting. Their extinction would actually do the world a favor socially and economically.   read

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