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Sparky1728 avatar 3:58 AM on 07.29.2011  (server time)
Favorite moments in games

My favorite moments in games.
There's too many of these to count, but I will attempt to. By the way, major spoiler warning for these games (999 and Persona 4).

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is choc full of crowning moments of awesome. I'm going to pick two from my favorites. The first being when Junpei tricked Ace by saying he was Santa. A little background, Ace has Prosopagnosia. This means he cannot recognize faces. The point being, he ended up proving that he had tried to kill someone. Junpei is a clever one.
The second one is the very ending, the last puzzle, the true ending. After all of your trouble, you find out that Junpei hasn't really been doing all the work, it was actually June, from a different time. But at this very moment, the DS screens flip. You must complete a 9x9 Sudoku puzzle upside down. This signifies that you're actually playing as Junpei. Coupled with the song Morphogenetic Sorrow, it's a tear jerker. The weight of both characters' fates weighing down on you, growing antsy over time, trying to play the game as if there was a time limit.

Another awesome point in a game would be Persona 4, at the very end again. This takes place on the true ending route, during the fight with Izanami no Okami. You just figured out that Adachi was the killer, and this woman... This thing gave him (and you) that power. A sick mind. Only, the entire world is counting on you, not just the lives of 8 people. Music starts playing, The Genesis I believe it's called. Certain parts make you nervous and feel as if all will be lost, whilst other parts reach the crescendo of the song, with bright and hopeful music.
And then it happens. Your party members get dragged down to the depths of hell (quite literally) all while trying to save you. You're everything to them. Eventually, you get dragged down too. However, the power of friendship is on your side and you bounce back. Beat the monster, save the world.

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