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Spamfish avatar 7:01 PM on 02.14.2012  (server time)
An old Little Big Planet 2 Review ...

Here is a review for LBP2 i wrote about a year ago....


There should be a school to prepare you for this game. Engineering, construction, social ethics, and art could be courses, and Stephen Fry would be the velvet-tongued tutor. There would be no fees required; the only price of admission is imagination.

Little Big Planet 2 is the sequel to the 2008 GOTY, released with the defining mantra ‘’Play. Share. Create.’’ Since then thousands of devotees have joined the cause of creativity, armed with their variety of costumes, levels and contraptions. The fact that there are already 3 million levels made (they aren’t all shark survival levels) is testament to the devotion of Media Molecules army of inspired revolutionaries.

To some, it may seem all MM have done is sharpen the visuals, added a few contraptions, and padded it with a basic story mode that is essentially one great big tutorial. Unfortunately, these souls have the Negativatron in their hearts.

The new contraptions such as bounce pads, sackbots, a grappling gun, and the creatinator ( a gun that can shoot anything) add large amounts of fun and challenge, and have huge scope for inventive community interpretation.

However, the biggest game changer is the new ‘Direct Control’ feature. This allows a inspired disciple to map the control of an object onto your PS3 controller. Aside from the inevitable ‘you ARE the shark’ levels, expect RPGs, shooters, classic game re-inventions and everything in-between to be dreamed into existence over the coming months and years.

Enrolment is now open, join today.

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