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Get stuck.

Come watch Spamfish and The Melted Fridge, every Monday to Friday at 6pm GMT, Midday Central US, 10 am Pacific http://www.twitch.tv/destructoid We have all been there. That point in a game where you have absolutely no clue ...


Undead Nightmare Review

I recently played through Undead Nightmare on my Destructiod Live show at http://www.twitch.tv/destructoid (I cast at 6PM GMT, Midday Central, 10am Pacific Monday-Friday) Here is a review I wrote this morning... Let me kno...


An old Little Big Planet 2 Review ...

Here is a review for LBP2 i wrote about a year ago.... LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 There should be a school to prepare you for this game. Engineering, construction, social ethics, and art could be courses, and Stephen Fry woul...


Oh, hai!

This is my first blog, just wanted to see how this whole thing works, so i'll keep it short and sweet! I am one of the casters on the Twitch.tv site, my show is called Spamfish and The Melted Fridge, and I'll be blogging her...


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