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Spajk's blog

5:27 AM on 06.15.2010

Sad face.

What more than "Sad Face" can I say?

This thing - which is my fourth Xbox360 - has broken down RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of Microsoft's E3 Conference. I guess it was some kind of sabotage for me to buy a new "slimmer" 360. Jesus, but why now?! Why just before new DLC for Mass Effect 2 is about to be released, why just a few moments after I have returned from a shop with a brand new game?!

Nothing better than having The Biggest Event of The Year ruined by a blasted hardware failure.

Thank you, Microsoft. Fourth xbox. Fourth.

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7:13 PM on 06.13.2010

My setup strikes back!

Jesus Christ on a bike...
Right, it's been a while. You know, I needed to learn a bit more than I did previously and so I didn't have time. Or maybe I was playing way too much and so dtoid was "just" my homepage, not bloging area. Nevermind - since my previous set up was featured on the main page I thought "It'd be epic to be there twice!". And so, here I am, I take my chance!

And so - Nice piece of Soap I got for about 15 bucks in the local store with - literally - everything (I am not stupid enough to buy Hardened Edition od Bobby Kottick's FPS Game), BioShock 2 Ultra Clean-Ass Style Limited Edition, Ultra-Cool Chinese Batarang from LE of Batman Arkham Asylum. All of this supported by GTA IV CE Artbook, PS Headset and Logitech PlayGearSomething for my PSP. Yaay!

PS3 games - three crappy Special Editions with boxes made of used teabags, games with cool PS3 logo (yaaay), games with dumb PS3 logo (boooo) and BD movies. Plus Mass Effect 2 CE box lying on top so I can acess it easily while juggling DVD1 and DVD2. Thank you MS for not installing HD-DVD or BD-Drive it really improves my fitness!

Tadaaaaam, because I have a 60GB PS3 I can do something that every owner of PS3 should be able to do - play games from PS2. And so as you can see I have a few games from the old system, 2 games from even older Sony's System, PSP games and 360 games. Note the tiny-little bottle of Johnnie Walker - very helpful stuff when you get too angry at some lazy developer's work working unproperlly.

And now - my new "40 FullHD screen (GOD I MADE IT!) replacing small, 23 inches also 1080p display. As we all know, bigger is better. Nothing to add.

Just to end this with another picture I will post the whole set up pic.

Oh no, Domo-Kun Espionage! :O


4:46 PM on 10.23.2009

Kitchenworks: Uncharted 2 Platinum Trophy.

Hello and welcome!

So, it's been a while since I have written here something a bit longer, I guess it's time to strike back with triple cornflake sideway kick: what would you do if your router would ruin your chances to get Uncharted 2 platinum trophy? Friend of mine said that he'd wait for an opportunity to move his equipment somewhere closer to the router itself so that signal strenght would increase. I asked him when would he to this, and he replied "I dunno, in a week or two, I'm patient". Thing is, I am NOT.

There were only two bloody trophies left - Thrillseeker (Complete one competitive online game) and Buddysystem (Complete one cooperative online game). I swore like a million times when my PS3 was keep loosing connection, even despite 82% signal strenght. But when "DNS ERROR" hit my screen, I thought "Enough of this shit". I took my new PS3 slim, my 23" Samsung and moved my ass into the kitchen, ordering everybody else to get the hell out of there (I have two girls here, so I they had a little alternative - TITS OR GTFO. Unfortunatelly, none of 'em found this option amusing), because I need to get this platinum trophy. And guess what, my voice was scary enough for them to move out very, very fast.

I was prepared to strike the PSN with my awesome skills and so I went online on PS3, ordered the system to search for the game, and then... Nothing happend. I got older waiting for my bloody connection (in theory it's 5mbps, yeah, 5mbps, my ass) to sync with Naught Dog servers. After I literally absorbed 2 liters of Coca-Cola (hell, much better than pepsi), I decided to restart this search. And guess what, the exact second I did that, my list of players filled in no time. BTW, I am really disappointed that save from the Multiplayer Beta is unreadable by the game, online level 35 has gone to hell... Oh well, nevertheless, I played one game in competitive mode, then I spent another eternity waiting for someone who wanted to play in coop, and I finally found them. After we have finished the game, time seemed to stop. After having some problems with Uncharted 2 trophies I was praying for the system to get what I just did. Dust was falling on the floor making a lot of noise, universe collapsed and rebirthed like 8 times and finally I saw this damn notification saying "You have earned a trophy" with platinum on it.

Here I am, starting to celebrate my success. I called everyone back into the living room and restarted the little party I have ruined. Whole thing ended up around 4 am, with me singing "All Along The Watchtower" from Battlestar Galactica Season 4 on the balcony. I admit, I was a bit drunk, well, 3 big glasses of Johnnie Walker Black Label did it's job and indeed made me feel even better. After this epic event I went to bed where I turned on my netbook just to discover there is new Mega64 Podcast and I have to listen to it. And so I did. This day ended with sending some crappy msgs to my friend, who (fortunatelly) didn't take them too seriously, and so I can still sleep at her house tomorrow, when her parents will go on a trip. I gotta feeling that next night is gonna be a good night :D

Once again, thank you for reading, any comments are appreciated.

Take care, play a lot! :)   read

4:01 PM on 10.22.2009

Possibly the best way of drying your hair!

Hello and welcome!

Today I did't go for my university classes because it'd simply be stupid to spend nearly 1.5 hour in the bus just to listen to some old lady talking gibberish about how important was meat in pre-roman times on terrains of Italy. Instead, I managed to earn another 4 trophies form Uncharted 2, which means that there is only one left until the Platinum Trophy. Anyway, one week ago my dad surprised me and bought me PS3 Slim (2004B w/ Uncharted 2), what actually allowed me to break out of my boredom and create the vid you can see below.


Yup, seems that I've gained a bit weight... Shit, not again...   read

5:58 AM on 08.19.2009

My HC Room

Hello and welcome!

Well, I haven't managed to get my money for Fallout 3 back, but I instead I got myself Battlefield Bad Company, which turned out to be absolutely astonishing. Intensive gameplay, nice visual effects (gotta love destroying buildings with mortars :D), pretty damn cool characters and plot which seems to be good material for a film.

Nevertheless, today I wanted to show you my HC Room. HC obviously comes from Hardcore.
All of you probably have got more games-related stuff in your room, but please remember I live on suburbs of hell, and putting my hands onto some unique items is harder than anywhere ever. Except for Africa. So, this is where I play, eat, and sleep. You must excuse me that I won't show you my couch, but currently it's hidden somewhere under a big pile clothes, because my mom is "tidying up the wardrobe" and I believe it's going to be loads of fun when she'll try to put all of this back into the wardrobe.

So, basically, this is the place, my Gaming corner:

I know, nothing special. Most of you probably have got some 52' kick-ass Full HD TV, but as for now I have this tiny, little, 23' Samsung monitor with built-in TV tuner, 2 HDMI ports and one Component. My PS3 is connected via HDMI, because Component cable was defective and I have been having some problems with image at 1080p. It's OK on HDMI, thankfully. What may seem strange for some of you, there is also AV multi out cable connected to my PS3. Well, I like to play at night, so I had to find a way to play with sound but without waking up my parents. At the end of AV Multi out cable there is a little connector, which enables me to plug my earphones directly into PS3, so there is no interference caused by monitor and it's poor audio components. It works excellent, both when playing and when watching movies, listening to music etc.

Here you can see the desk itself. On the left there are joypads, 2x SixAxiS, 1x NYKO Zero for PS3 (utter failure, don't buy it...) and 360 joypad. Above you can see my black 360 Elite, router with Kagami and Konata figurines from Lucky Star before it, then on the right there's my 23' monitor-TV (screen ratio is 16:9, so it's great, most of these wide-screens are 16:10), PSP in carrying case, and finally, on the right side, there is my beautiful PS3 60GB, my window onto the universe of digital entertainment. On the desk there is also Logitech G15 keyboard, MX1000 mouse and DualShock 3 + remotes for HiFi and monitor.

Over here you can see my games collection, which is not impressive I guess. Some of my games are borrowed at the moment, so it's not complete. And some of the games here are not mine, cause I've borrowed them from my friends. Below you have list of games that I own.

Ace Combat 2
Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Crash Team Racing
Formula 1 '97
Need for Speed 4: High Stakes
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

PlayStation 2
Ace Combat The Belkan War
Burnout Dominator
Burnout Revenge
Burnout 3: Takedown
Final Fantasy X
God of War
God of War II
Gran Turismo 4

PlayStation 3
Battlefield Bad Company
Burnout Paradise
Gran Turismo HD (@HDD)
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Grand Theft Auto IV Collector's Edition
Heavenly Sword
inFamous Special Edition
Killzone 2
Lost Planet Extreme Condition
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Ridge Racer 7
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
WipeOut HD (@HDD)

Xbox 360
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Burnout Paradise
Burnout Revenge
Gears of War
Gears of War II Limited Edition
Fable II
Mass Effect
Midnight Club: Los Angeles

PlayStation Portable

Ace Combat X: Skies Of Deception
Brave Story
Burnout: Dominator
Final Fantasy VII: Crysis Core
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children The Movie (UMD)
God Of War: Chains Of Olympus
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Need For Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0
Ridge Racer
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
WipEout Pure

Unfortunately, most of PSP games are borrowed ATM, so you can't see them on the pic.

Stand with PSP games, PSP Box, some carrying cases for PSP games, Digipack with Mass Effect PC Collector's Edition and some other stuff I keep in there.

I guess it's all gonna change in a month, because I'm moving to Warsaw in order to study at the university there. Obviously I'm going to take all of my gaming stuff with me, and I'll have to arrange it at my new place. Well, one thing will change for sure - I'm about to buy myself one of these oh-my-God-so-big-HDTV over there, so I'll no longer play on 23'. I have 40' Samsung in my living room, but usually dad is watching something so I have no chance to play over there.

That's it for now, thank you for reading,
Take Care!

PS. Post pics of your rooms! I'd really like to see them :)   read

5:55 PM on 08.15.2009

Fallout 3 Fail Of The Year Edition.

Hello and welcome!

The day came. Yesterday I went to one of the MediaMarkt shops in order to buy myself another PS3 game. This one was suppose to be special, because it's my 20th game for PS3. And guess what, it is special. Like hell.

I simply couldn't decide between very good Battlefield: Bad Company, new Red Faction: Guerilla and a bit old, but still awesome Fallout 3 (CE). After a long debate with two of my friends who were with me, I have decided to buy Fallout, which comes with oh-my-god-how-cool metal box, which reminds me of the one, in which I've been carrying sandwiches to primary school. Nevertheless, I was happy as 7-year-old girl who has just received a pony as her birthday gift.

The first symptom of trouble with Fallout 3 was little sticker on the box saying "PL Version!". You must know, that in Poland there is a guy called Jarosław Boberek, and - omfg - this guy has appeared in 99% games translated to my beautiful language - starting with a role of minor guard in Gothic II (PC), through Visari in Killzone 2, all the way to being Polish Version of Burnout Paradise's' DJ Atomica. The same guy plays a cop in Polish soap opera called "Rodzina zastępcza" (don't bother, you won't be able to say this as it should be said) and believe me - he literally sucks in all of these roles mentioned above. Happily however, I didn't find his surname in credits, which made me smile. Just for a very, very short time.

I've launched the game and started to create my character. After giving him a name I started to choose face, blablabla, usual stuff, when suddenly one of my friends went on line. And whole game freezed. "WTF" was exactly what I was thinking at the very moment it happened. Then, friend of mine decided to go off line, or he had a problem with his internet connection. Guess what, the game freezed again.

I thought like "Okay, screw this, I'll simply log out of the PSN, but first I check if there are any trophies in next 15mins of gameplay". There were, shitload of them, I'm afraid I have to say. Thing is, none of them were available for me, which - connected with freezes of game - was getting too annoying to ignore. I decided to ask Uncle Google what is his opinion about all this, and he answered me instantly - there is a patch. Now this was damn strange - the game haven't downloaded the patch when I launched it. WTF? Well, there is one problem with patch - it was released for ENGLISH version only, after this, each and every local distributor of the game was suppose to release his version.

Yup, you guessed it. Polish distributor, widely known as Cenega (read with "c") has fucked up. Nearly 8 months have passed since the release of original patch by Bethesda, but people responsible for creating PL version simply didn't bother! Jesus Christ on a bike, why can't I play game I paid for? You'll say that I am a trophy hunter or something and the whole fuzz is about trophies - not really. I like to talk with my friends while I'm playing, and to do that, I need to be signed in. While having 35+ friends on PSN it's impossible to avoid any online-offline movement and receiving messages, so how the hell am I suppose to play while my game freezes all the bloody time? I'll tell you: there is no way. That's why I'm going to return this damn Fallout 3 to the shop and preorder myself Batman Arkham Asylum CE with totally-badass Batarang. And someday I'll get myself a proper, English version of Fallout 3, the one which can be patched.

This is only one example of "fine" polish adaptation - there are others. Like, for instance, Prince of Persia PL is incompatible with Epilogue available in the PlayStation Store. All polish PoP discs are BLES 00390, while Epilogue is compatible with BLES 00389 discs. Another fine example of how translations should not be done is Killzone 2. In ENG version Rico says "OK people, keep your shit tight" while departing from ISA cruiser. In PL version he says something like "OK people, keep your sphincters together". Seriously, WTF!? Hopefully, Sony Computer Entertainment Poland (Yes, we have our own division, something's happening!) was kind enough to give us a choice which language we want to use. Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia are PL only. Shit happens.

Thank you for reading,
Take Care!   read

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