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Rev Response: what

[I realize Anthony posted this, but I didn't even see it until very recently and I've already spent a bit of time on this response. Also, you should take what I say about Citizen Kane with a pinch of salt considering I've o...


The Meaning of the Valve Logo

When was the last time you saw a company logo like this? A company logo which immediately inspired a thoughtful reaction of you? When was the last time a logo made you think about what a company does, rather than the name ...


How to Play Left 4 Dead on Xbox

[This was supposed to be my Playing With Others article but I forgot to unlock it. If you still care, enjoy.] On PC, Left 4 Dead is a cornucopia of decisive thinking paired with frenetic gunplay. The burgeoning enthusiasm...


A Time to Build: Creative Concepts

What is it, the 28th? Fuck, I hope Iím not too late for this. Thereís been a lot of buzz going on lately about how Media Molecule is deleting copyright-infringing LittleBigPlanet levels (re: removing them from existence, s...


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