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SourGr8pes avatar 11:31 AM on 12.06.2007
Wicked Bad Resident Evil Jacket!

Link is here.

While doing some aimless meandering through Japanese clothing sites, fruitlessly looking for a shirt even remotely related to a Jrock band, I came across this piece of awesomeness: A Raccoon City police jacket. I can't read none of the text, but hey, it LOOKS cool.

Although I can do without that huge, obvious cross on the back that screams "JESUS LOVES ME! NOT YOU!", that S.T.A.R.S logo on the sleeve just plain rocks. Oh yeah, and I'm a sucker for faux fur trim. Now I can waddle up to people and yell "I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S!" like Jill from MvC2.

Anyone proficient enough in the language of bird tracks to get any insightful details out of the description, how much that would be in USD$$, and how the hell to get something delivered from Japan...


Found some more RE Biohazard related stuff.

Get a load of this one
And for the hardcore/nerdy

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