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Soulman101 avatar 5:00 PM on 08.20.2013  (server time)
What is the potential for Rockstar and future non GTA games? (Spoilers)

Note: If you have been keeping a media blackout on your PC about GTA V and it's features then look away if you want to be surprised as I speak about them in detail in this blog.

When I look at the Grand Theft Auto games and Red Dead Redemption it is quite clear to me that Rockstar have went forward paces and backwards one regarding GTA IV.

It's not to say that GTA IV wasn't fun it had lots of fun moments especially when it came to the expansions and the online modes.

What also occurs to me is that they seem to be looking forward into more interactive experiences. Examples of this appeared in San Andreas with customization, side missions and selling animal pelts in Red Dead Redemption

and now with a fully realized world in GTA V/GTA Online.

GTA V wants you to create your own empire and make the 3 main protagonists your own to shape as you need. Vehicles can be given your own stamp and a large arsenal of weapons available to be modded to suit your playing style.

Stats can be improved and with special abilities we are already in RPG territory, although when it comes to GTA Online you can acquire a appartment to invite your friends round to view it's features

or you can purchase a garage to show off your modded cars and not to mention your online avatar can be adjusted in many ways including clothing, tattoos and haircuts.

None of this is new to anyone who has been following GTA V for the past year or so but it makes me think where could Rockstar go from here. Personally I'd love to see them do a new version of GTA London with surrounding villages,countryside and motorways.

Another idea would be to see them take on a medieval RPG and see them do a proper adventure game lampooning some of the RPG games we all know and love or maybe lampooning fantasy films in general such as Lord Of The Rings, Eragon, Krull or Conan.

Rockstar are capable of making large scale open worlds, they are capable of doing massive vistas,

they are capable of stat building, capable of customization.

Here's what kind of situation I'd love to see: Start off as a peasant in service to a lord or baron who witnesses something corrupt they do and gets caught as a witness and framed for a crime he didn't commit.

They break out from a prison or from an execution and flees to a nearby village and is hidden by a family whose head is part of a rebellion who recruits you to recruit other factions to take down this baron(ess)/Lord/Lady etc.

You could take residence, modify armour and weapons, purchase mounts, take on side missions, do jousting or bare fist fighting, open a shop, visit a bard or town crier, get drunk in a tavern or build a fort to plan conquests.

Bounties and animal hunting could be another avenue for the game. The weapon wheel could involve sword, daggers, bow, crossbow, slingshots. Online could involve horse racing, jousts, fort take downs and mini missions.

I think Rockstar could thrive on a game mixing the best of classic adventure games with a blend of typical GTA humour and mechanics. They are great at providing a great narrative as well.

If that doesn't tickle your fantasy maybe a pirate adventure, hey what works for Ubisoft ;).

Please discuss as it's something I think should be a consideration for them.

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