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Soulman101's blog

5:00 PM on 08.20.2013

What is the potential for Rockstar and future non GTA games? (Spoilers)

Note: If you have been keeping a media blackout on your PC about GTA V and it's features then look away if you want to be surprised as I speak about them in detail in this blog. When I look at the Grand Theft Auto games and ...   read

1:46 PM on 05.29.2012

My thoughts on Dragon's Dogma.

I have been looking forward to the game long before there was an english website for it and have followed it since. I downloaded the demo and loved it and then I pre-ordered the game based on that experience. Party in the pa...   read

4:47 PM on 04.30.2012

Why I just pre-ordered Dragon's Dogma.

It takes a lot to get me psyched about a game and Dragon's Dogma is one of those that got me psyched up for it. I have been following this game since the original site was in japanese and watched through the footage and inter...   read

8:09 AM on 04.17.2012

Collaboration: Streets of rage arkham style.

Personally growing up in the early days of videogames I have seen them evolve from something that could be coded in a week or month to massive budgets and timescales with up to 3 years or more to make, possibly even longer if...   read

6:18 AM on 04.03.2012

Dreaming: Lord of the rings RPG. Why not?

Since the recession there was definately some scare mongering in the media like oh no we should do some sequels and cash ins and lay off the original concept games. One of the most frustrating examples is lord of the rings,...   read

2:17 PM on 10.04.2011

What excites me about Skyrim

I love RPG games. I've loved them back since the day they evolved from text adventures to sega rpg's like shining force to the western action rpg's you see today. One thing I've always wanted in the RPG genre is a decent ope...   read

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