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Bridging The Gap

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Four 7's and Broken Glass

This has been a crappy week for me so far. It started Tuesday morning when I woke to the realization that someone had decided that they couldn’t afford to be lost another minute and had to resort to smashing in my passenge...


If You Love it, Change it: EarthBound

When I first read about this months musing, I was excited to have a chance to express how I thought some of my favorite games could be improved. Then after a bit of thinking about the topic I realized that it wasn’t going to...


Four Things about GTA 4 – Part 1 of 4

Usually I try to avoid posting something about a game like GTA 4 just after release because everyone and their dog does the same and the chance of mine being worth reading or even noticed is slim, like finding a needle in a h...


My Week in Gaming

When as many cool things happen as they did with me these past few days, I feel the need to share my experiences with others. I was debating on how to list them, whether it be ranked by coolness or in chronological order. E...


Gamings Guilty Pleasures: Cheat Codes

Hello my name is Chris, and I am a cheater. You know they say it is supposed to be a relief once you admit something like that but I don’t feel any better. Let me clarify the above confession. There are two different typ...


Condemned 2 – First Impressions

Melee. Forensics. Hobos. A winning combination. I initially played the original Condemned game after hearing it mentioned in a Zero Punctuation review. I had a blast beating crazies to death with random weapons of opp...


Newest Digital Art: Halo 3

It has been a while since I have had an opportunity, or a inspiration to do any digital art. I have been bored at work this week and decided to work a little on my lighting skills. I know Halo 3 is old news but I played it ...


My Gaming Setup

I have seen so many other posts of people showing off how their gaming area is set up I thought I would share mine. I recently bought a brand new couch, and it is super comfortable and great for lounging and gaming. \ Th...


About Soulhammerone of us since 12:12 PM on 02.07.2008

I have been playing videogames my whole life. The first system I ever played was the ColecoVision. The first game I can remember playing was Pitfall. They have flash based games made by elementary school kids that look and play better than Pitfall these days but back in the day that game rocked.

I enjoy First Person Shooters, Adventure Games, and RPGs mostly.

My favorite games include:

Chrono Trigger
Kings Quest VI
Final Fantast VII
ToeJam and Earl
Quest for Glory IV

Games I am Currently Playing:

Condemned 2 (Completed on Hard)
Devil May Cry 4
Lost: Via Domus (Completed)
Lost Odyssey (Lvl 32/Disc 3)
Call of Duty 4 (Completed)(Rented and Returned)
Bioshock (Completed)
MOH Airborne (Completed)


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