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I live in Kansas City where I keep it real.

I love music, vidya games, and having a good time.

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Sorry Mom
2:19 PM on 12.15.2009

So let's start a discussion D-toid. I'm really curious as to what you guys think.

So, are games art? Or not?

I personally don't look back on the original Legend of Zelda and think how artsy it was. I look back fondly on it's music as art, though. Which of course I firmly believe that music is art, and who would disagree?

So that begs the question, are games just 'craft'? Or do they truly transcend into the realms of art? Is art just completely subjective? Or...have video games just not been around long enough when compared to film and photography? In 50 years will we finally be at the point when a video game can be called art without a second thought?

I'm well aware that this is well-tread ground, but I think it's still a very valid discussion.


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