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11:05 AM on 07.16.2008

Warhawk Patch 1.4v is up

With all of the excitement of the past few days, I just wanted to remind you guys that the new Warhawk patch is up and ready to go. This may be old news and if it is I apologize.   read

10:24 AM on 05.26.2008

Hurry.... God of War PSP Bundle Street Date Broken

Yup, that is right. There has been a sighting of the God of War PSP Bundle at a local Wal-Mart and some lucky bastard got his early. The bundle, which isn't suppose to be out until June 3, was scooped up by this guy today. This is probably a fuck up by someone that works at this guy's Walmart, but it may be worth a try for anyone that has been waiting on this bundle to get it early. Good Luck. The link is below for the story and pictures.


10:43 PM on 05.18.2008

Rumortoid: Sony's next firmware will contain in-game XMB and other things

Sony..... just say fuck it and give us something !!!!!

I thought this was interesting, but the rumor has it that Sony will have the long anticipated in-game XMB might be in the next firmware. Hopefully this is more truth than rumor. I know that everyone, including myself, has been waiting for this for a long time. I enjoyed this feature on my 360 and hopefully Sony does it right. This "insider" also claims that there will be an "achievement" system that will be available for 70% of the existing games that is something like the 360. Personally, I am more excited about the trophy room in Home, but I guess this will do for the mean time. Also they are doing some stuff to Stardust if anyone plays that. The guy also said that Sony want the firmware to be out before MGS4. Again, I will put the disclaimer out there that this is what the one guy said he heard from a Sony rep. The link is below. If this is old news I apologize. I just hope there is more truth to this than rumor.   read

10:00 PM on 03.20.2008

UT3 Patch Here early

I don't know if it is just me, but I turned on my UT3 tonight and VOILA!!!!! My PS3 said there was an update. My understanding was that it was not suppose to be here until the 27th or something, but it is here. I can now chat and everything. So all you UT3 people get on and start talking.   read

7:06 PM on 03.06.2008

Rumortoid-Sony and MS in talks to bring Blu-Ray addon to 360?

I was just reading a post on another site that said that Sony and MS may be in talks to bring a Blu-Ray addon to the 360 and maybe eventually making a SKU with Blu-Ray built into the 360. I have both systems, so it doesn't matter to me. But, are 360 owners really going to buy this? It is still only rumors, but this could be interesting in the console wars. I am not sure how much it is going to cost, but I would think it would raise the price of the 360 and the addon may be pricy as well. I understand that Sony is a business and they want to make as much money as possible (and they would with every sale of a 360 addon, new SKU and PS3), but if Sony is trying to push consoles, I am not sure if this is a wise move. I am not sure what to make out of this, what do you guys think?
PS- It is a PS3 fan site, so be warned   read

12:12 PM on 03.06.2008

THQ CEO says that both PS3 and XBOX360 will catch the Wii this cycle

Despite the lead that the Wii has enjoyed in the console wars so far, THQ CEO came out and said that both the PS3 and XBOX360 will supplant Wii for the lead in sales in the console wars. He bases this estimation on the lower price point of the Wii that has accelerated the demand of the Wii. However, he also says that he expects price drops in the 360 and PS3 to further help sales of both consoles, and eventually overtake the sale of the Wii. DToider's, do you believe that both consoles will over take the Wii and is the lower price point the only reason the Wii has the advantage right now? In my opinion, I think so. Link below:   read

11:41 AM on 03.06.2008

Sony executive says that MS didn't take full advantage of 1 year headstart

I guess the gloves have come off between MS and Sony in the console war. Yesterday the MS marketing director said that MS had a far superior library to that of the Sony library. Today, Sony's marketing executive came out and said that MS didn't take full advantage of the year headstart that they had on Sony. He said that MS did not gain a sizeable advantage outside of their core FPS titles. He says starting with with this year's exclusive titles, Sony will start to distance themselves as far as the library goes because of the exclusive titles that are coming to the PS3 (notably MGS4, Little Big Planet, Tekken, etc..). He also notes that MS made a mistake in the HD-DVD format because as titles begin to get more and more complicated, the HD-DVD format will not be able to support the technology. He notes that MS had a great "crescendo" with the release of Halo, but Sony is "still within a stones throw" of MS. In my opinion, I think that both console will have a successful console cycle. That is the ideal situation for all gamers because competition breeds innovation. But, I don't think that MS has won this cycle of the console wars. I am a PS360 owner, and as a 360 owner I am not sure what I am going to buy this year. Sure GOW2 is suppose to come out later this year, but that is still 8 months away. Sony seems to be on a role for this year and I think that they will definitely close the gap significantly. So now lets turn it over to the fanboys. Is MS so far ahead that Sony can't close the gap, or is the Sony executive correct when they say that Sony in the long run will take over the console war.

PS- the link to the story is below   read

4:44 PM on 02.25.2008

Little Big Planet...Sony's biggest title this year?

Hello DTOID. This is my first blog, so handle me with care....

I was reading a story on another website where a Sony executive said that Little Big Planet is going to be Sony's biggest game this year. Now, I believe that the game is going to be a great title for Sony. I think that it is going to be one of the most innovative games out this year. It will have a large element of user generated content and influence, which I think Sony has done a good job with up to this point. But with games like Resistance 2, MGS4, GT5, Tekken, SOCOM, Killzone 2, and Haze coming out exclusive to Sony this year, do you really think that LBP is going to be the biggest? To me, MGS4 is going to be the biggest title of the year and potentially one that could result in moving a lot of consoles for Sony. No matter where you stand on this one, I think it is going to be a huge year for the console. Related story is linked below.

PS- If someone could give me a tip on changing my avatar, that would be great. For some reason it doesn't seem to be working right for me or maybe I'm just retarted today. Later DTOID.   read

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