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Sonntagskind's blog

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Sonntagskind avatar 10:43 AM on 01.25.2011  (server time)
The man in the mirror or why not introduce myself

Hey guys,
welcome to my first gaming blog. I thought a long time about starting one...and I guess this is it.

About myself:

Most information you already get from the 'about me' column over there --->
Gaming by far is my favorite hobby. I started of with "Space Invaders" on an old Apple 2 with the age of 5. During the early years I played primarily on PC (386, 486, P90) or at friends houses who had consoles (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis). The first console I owned myself was a N64 followed by a PS2 and nowadays a 360...I guess no one can call me a fanboy with that history^^. At heart, I'm still a PC gamer, though. I always enjoyed building my own "gaming rigs" and having lan parties with friends.
Besides the games, I'm also interested in the industry itself. The struggle between the major companies is kind of a RTS game in itself and, in my opinion, fun to watch.

I'm reading several gaming sites for years of them is Destructoid.
Just recently I decided to get deeper into the community aspect and Destructoid seems to be by far the most community driven site on the intertubes. You will most likely find me chillin' in the chatroom on or one of my other "hang out spots". Shoutout to all the chillbros/-siss(?) out there. So here I am...hoping to have made a decent first impression.^^

About this blog:

Primarily I'll write this blog for my own sake, I always found that writing your thoughts on a topic down helps to give them structure...and since I think about that stuff anyway, why not write it down and see what others make of it.
I'll try to write at least one blog post a week. Since I'm interested in all things gaming, the topics might vary hugely. Some will deal with industrial aspects, some with psychological aspects, some with technical aspects and some with specific games.
The only things you won't find on this blog are game reviews. Those you can find all over the internet and most of them are subjective anyway.
I'll give you my honest opinion on the stuff I write about...If you agree/disagree on a topic, feel free to give me your opinion. I'm always open for discussion.

Next up: Can't touch this or why digital distribution is gaining ground

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