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Nicholas West avatar 12:30 PM on 12.31.2010  (server time)
New Years Eve: My Love and Thanks to Dtoid

This morning, I received a knock at the door, and this appeared:

I asked it what it was doing here, when it cracked open and revealed it's chewy caramel center:

It's been a while, but when Destructoid was doing their amazing live stream for charity, I decided it was definitely worth helping out. I didn't think I was going to get paid back in return, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Here's a closer look at what was in the box:

Combat Dragons, AKA tiny dragon figure that will now guard my shit while I'm away.

Fantasy Petz: For all your three years and above sex-capades? I'm not entirely sure what I can do with this one, but I'm sper thankful nonetheless.

Jake Gyllenhaal would be proud.

Now, I don't own a Wii, but that's ok. You see, for every one of myself that doesn't own one, about three trillion people down the block do. Friends and family could use something that isn't Wii Sports.

Now this hulking beauty is the Apex of the swag pack. Why? Not because I love tanks or boardgames (hard to tell from the cover, but indeed, it is a very large and somewhat complex board game), but because this is the perfect excuse for me to visit my pops, who happens to have actually driven tanks at some point in his life. I appreciate this one a lot.

Not only did I get swag, but also clothes on my back, which is cool, since I don't own any.

Thank you Dtoid for letting me have a little extra cheer this New Years. As I'm getting shit-faced on my first post 21 Holidays, I'll be thinking about all the editors and friends I've had the chance to talk to, and hopefully will see come PAX East 2011. Be good my little babies! Happy New Year.

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