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I'm a man of integrity. If I am given a mission, job, or quest, I do what I can to complete the objective.

My mission as of PAX East 2011 was to adopt Krow's delicious avatar. Here's how it all went down:

Krow, and the brothers Bacon left for the airport around 2:30 in the AM. We were tired, but pumped full of giddy excitement- we were headed to PAX. We traveled land, sea, and air to get to Boston from Louisiana, but we made it. Along the way we met interesting folk such as...

A group of sexy female Snorlax, and their boyfriends.

A Poke-Gym leader who kicked all of our asses.

...And Roco Botte from Mega64. Everyone was confused as to why I wanted them to hold Krow, but they complied.

We met a lot of other folks who signed him, such as the entirety of bands that visited PAX. Also...

Because Kool Kids Love Krow and Kurtz.

So much happened, our journey with Destructoid, the Omegathon, drunken stupor's in my hotel room and walking around in our boxers in the lobby. I wouldn't have been half the man I was without Krow though. I lived through him, and it gave me confidence ten fold.

I want to thank all the Dtoiders there who showed me a good time, and showed me that this Community is, hands down, the greatest I've ever known.

Much love to everyone.
Also Rim Jobs!
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