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SomethingGerman avatar 3:50 AM on 03.31.2010  (server time)
Examples of linear, non-linear, interactive and not interactive segments

(Disclaimer: wrote this because I was really bored, I allready feel sorry if you read this)

Not interactive and linear:
a movie...duh, also Heavy Rain, because the final plottwist will allways be the same
Interactivity has been reduced to the point where it might as well not exist (unless you really want to fuck the story up even more)

Not interactive and not linear:
The endings in Silent Hill 2
I think those are not linear because the outcomes can allways be different but they depend on shit the player will have no clue about (unless you play the game with a guide in hand)

Interactive and linear:
MW2 "No russian", Bioshock, Shadow of the Colossus, Prince of Persia, inFamous etc. etc.
There is only one way to play through the story and even if it will end up linear it can at least feel right, without any conflict between what I want to do and what the game expects me to do.
Said design is also be able to let the player experience certain emotions and make him think interesting things depending on what kinda person you are.

Interactive and not linear:
Sims, Far Cry 2 buddies, True Crime L.A.
You have full control over what happens during the story in the end and will end up with different outcomes.
This should be again devided into SCRIPTED and NOT SCRIPTED, i.e. "player get's to express himself through non linear mechanics" and CREATE ways to play and even tell a story.
So let's say you must kill some dude, but you are given many ways (either lots of scripted events, or you can create your own little idea through the mechanics) to kill said dude.
Outcome will be the same but you can change the path to your outcome the way you wanted.
But maybe you can change the final outcomes and end up with an entirely different story.
That would make for some difficult programming.
Somebody should call Fumito Ueda to make an RPG.
Well, if the endings to Bioshock were more depending on free will and choice and not on how much Adam I want and how much I hate girls or if Fallout 3 was more of an blank slate RPG with more branching story arcs those would be able to count as non linear games.

I'm sorry that you just wasted 5 minutes, enjoy the volleyball scene from Top Gun

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