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SomeWhatGrey's blog

9:12 PM on 11.11.2013

Replayabilty and "Art Games", with The Stanley Parable

   Caution: this post contains spoilers on the Stanley Parable, mostly on why its so good. If you don't want to spoil what the big deal is for yourself, you should go play that instead. Also Game of Thrones spoilers, oddly e...   read

8:46 PM on 04.16.2013

Violence: But of Course

9 people die in the Shakespeare’s story of Hamlet. At least 3 die in Romeo and Juliet. One of Shakespeare’s earlier works, Titus Andronicus, is also quite the gore-fest. In The Odyssey the hero violently kills monsters and ...   read

3:14 AM on 02.23.2013

Musings on Challenge

I have probably sunk something like 20 hours into Super Hexagon. Probably more. On the first night I bought it I beat Hexagon mode. Last week I finally beat Hexagoner. Now I'm finally working constantly on Hexagonest and t...   read

2:53 AM on 01.26.2013

Sex: Application of Super Hexagon

WAIT WAIT I GOT THIS. OK HERE WE GO. Disclaimer: the writer is male. Super Hexagon, assuming you like it, could be considered a sort of essence of what skill-based video games are meant to be. The music is catchy and rhyth...   read

9:43 PM on 01.12.2013

Barely A Review: Killing is Harmless(Spec Ops:The Line Spoilers)

I would hardly call this a review of Brendan Keogh's Killing is Harmless: A close reading of Spec Ops: The Line. I picked it up yesterday, read half, then finished the other half today. And now I have thoughts on it, or at ...   read

2:59 PM on 01.06.2013

Experiences with Emergent Experiences(ME2 Spoilers)

Games have a rather special feature to them that I'm sure gets talked about to death. I'm pretty sure we've all read at some point some sentence about the idea of emergent game-play—experiences with games that could be consi...   read

1:28 AM on 12.20.2012

Why Charles Barkey is the best written JRPG protagonist to date

So I blasted through Barkley, Shut Up and Slam: Gaiden today, and while still reeling from the insanity of it, I decided to do my first real blog post under the influence of slamming and jamming. This should totally...   read

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