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Fallout 3, Mass Effect and Dragon Age Hater.
Silent Hill, Yakuza, Metal Gear Solid, The Witcher Fan.
Bioware hater, Obsidian fan.

Also I'm a fan of great and imaginative indie games.
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I finally uploaded some videos of the few indie game projects I've been involved with.
You can check them out at my youtube channel
or just view them embedded here:

This is Pocket Bogart, a Detective Adventure for the DS, this is just a demo. I developed it using PAlib, it's a great easy to use library. It's inspired by Ace Attorney and old film noir movies. I wrote a lot of stuff for this, and is my favorite pet project. I'm trying to port it to iPhone. Forgive the fast video, it's a framerate bug.

This is me playing with the game on an actual Nintendo DS. As you can see it runs fine.

This is Flashlight, a platformer multiplayer shooter I made in Python with some friends, for University. If I had the time I'd polish it and make some more levels, it's got a great concept (platforming with darkness with multiplayer) I think.

There you go! Nothing special but I loved working on these concepts. I still got a 3d concept to show you guys but it's nothing to look at, just a mouse picking test with a flaming man walking around.

It's been 4 years since the start of the great site. I check it everyday for the latest gaming news. If Kotaku is the women's gossip magazine of Gaming, Destructoid is definitely the Maxmen or Playboy. I've been here since the very start, and what a journey! Unfortunately I haven't met any Dtoiders yet. I live in Portugal if anyone wants to make a meet! Destructoid PT, how about it?

The Community blogs feature is unrivaled in any game blog or website. It is a great community that I'm proud to be a part of. As a token of my affection here's my great Paint work celebrating four years of journalism!

Also, this is just a suggestion, but I say we make a day of Sterlingtoid in honour of honourable Jim Sterling's contributions to the site. I know Destructoid is much more than Sterling, for we have the great Rev's Indie discoveries, the lovely Cole Bennett's love of all things silent (and hilly) and also Hamza AZIZ (were you part of Something Awful? I suggested a guy's crazy programming support forum for Weekend Web and never got an answer back!), Dale North's all around awesome averageness and of course Sterling's raw brutality. There are others that I don't remember, but I love you all guys the same, except perhaps the lovely Cole Bennett more than others because of her love for all things silent.

Also did or did not Dtoid birth the great Rev's sister amazing series Hullo Josh whatever arst thou perusing in thy video game console? Congrats on that.

After killing The Silver Living and apparently getting into a quarrel with the top heads of Inifnity Ward, the peons who fetch the money from Activision's infinite golden COD mine, I've received another GoG notification about how this is Activision's Month (guess it's February AND March) and that Phantasmagoria 2 and Return to Krondor are now / will be available for cheap bucks and DRM free.

It's ironic really, the GoG partnership seemed like a will of good faith. Sure the King's and Space quests were already on Steam, and while Steam is what I call "friendly DRM", the GoG releases feature none of that. After the drama though, it just looks like a move to grab some bucks.

Steam wouldn't be an appropriate channel for Return to Krondor of Phantasmagoria, I think. It has some classic games, but GoG is the place to get the really old and perhaps not so universally acclaimed games. So this is just Activision wanting some bucks for old IP. Of course, naturally, companies exist to make MONEY! So it's all fair and good. But they're sending a mixed message.

4:12 AM on 02.23.2010

Ok folks, last time I blogged Yakuza 3 on the West was just a mirage, and now it's real.

Also, I've arrived to some new conclusions:

On the PC:
I NO LONGER HATE BETHESDA. Giving Obsidian the chance to make Fallout: New Vegas was a good move on them, and not something that any company would do, i.e., giving a chance to some of the old developers from Fallout 2 to take the franchise for a new spin. I still hate Fallout 3 though.

I AM IN LOVE WITH BIOWARE AGAIN. Dragon Age is amazing, I've barely just touched it (I've just completed the nightmare with that sleepy demon guy in the Wizard's Tower), but it is awesome and brings back so many memories of Baldur's Gate I can't help but love it.

Simone, my character in Dragon Age

Also, I gave a chance to Mass Effect 2. It's great. I still can't play the first one, the shooting bits are pretty bad, but ME2 is fantastic. I haven't completed it yet, but I will!

I hate default Shepard. I tried to make the roughest tough-guy I could imagine

SYSTEM SHOCK WITH MOUSE LOOK: Someone made a mod so you can use proper mouse look on the oldie System Shock. This makes the game instantly more playable than it was before. Now it works like a true FPS. The game is incredibly deep for a '94 game, when games were just mere distractions for kids, or so they thought. In fact, this game is incredibly deep for a 2010 game!

BIOSHOCK 2 IS GREAT: Another one that I haven't finished, but it's looking very solid. Love the hack tool, it solved the hack problems I had with Bioshock that I mentioned in a previous post.

On the PS3:

AFTER 2 YEARS, I FINALLY FINISHED GTA4. Incredible, it took me more than 2 years to finish that game. It was very hard to resist the compulsion to steal a car, run over a bunch of people and start shooting random cars and then escape the police and start destroying helicopters. It's all because of the Euphoria engine, it makes chaos so beautiful and irresistible, I would spend a whole day just to arrive at the spot of a mission, killing hundreds in the way.

LAST GAME I GOT FOR MY PS3 WAS BAYONETTA. It fucking rocks. Here's a game for the action fanatic. This one I've already finished, but it's immensely replayable. It allows you to turn off acquired upgrades and abilities, and it show you the full history of game time and points for every stage, once you finish the game. Since one of the unlockables requires a less than 3 hour completion time, I don't need to replay the whole game to achieve it, I can just try to reduce the time on the stages I took longer. The game is filled with jewels like this.

I'll change my header and profile text since it's no longer all true.

Also, just tried the Mount and Blade: Warband beta, it's looking pretty good, though I wish there was a full Campaign-mode multiplayer.
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Hey folks your friendly Fallout 3 hater is back. I wanted to give a spin on the new community blog features that the good dtoid hackers managed to implement!

Here's something I haven't seen around here yet, THE LATEST RUMOUR (Right after the Yakuza 1 & 2 playable on PS3 through PSN and that Yakuza 3 is coming to the west by means of a company I forget the name):

YAKUZA 3 is coming to europe in march! (or so sayeth a spanish magazine) (courtesy of Sega Nerds, courtesy of The Vandal)

So what does this mean? Is this god damn game finally gonna be translated?

I don't know, but listen to this awesome battle theme from the first game:


Anyone that tried the demo can attest that this game rocks, even if you don't understand crap about what they're saying. The combat system is just sweet, using those nunchuckus (nunchakus?) to unleash PAIN on those bastards is great. Batman also shares this characteristic with the Yakuza series, where you really feel the BEATDOWN you are deploying on those poor guys (mostly through a slow-down finish on the last guy and by EXTREME punching and cracking sounds).

NOT PICTURED: Excruciating sound of PAIN

I finish this post with the obligatory hot hostess:

Free hot picture for your pleasure

Even if this is just bullshit, we all know this game (and 4) must come to the WEST! And don't forget Yakuza Kenzan. Though I guess that one won't be coming here, since it features some kind of slave girl market or whatever.
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7:49 PM on 07.10.2009

Throughout the years since I first started gaming I witnessed, as many of you, the evolution of the game box.

My first games were Spectrum games, so the boxes were simply regular tape boxes with great covers, that most of the time didn't even had that much to do with the actual game. They featured great art that set the imagination on fire, which helped when the game's graphics were most of the time really simple.

Then, I got my first PC games, and they came on cardboard boxes, big ones that attracted the eye when one wandered through the shops. First the boxes contained floppies, and then these were replaced with cds. Besides this, the boxes contained manuals, sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes maps, and sometimes other stuff, like quick reference cards and weirder things like Leisure Suit Larry 7's Smell-o-vision piece of paper that had 9 different smells, that you would smell as instructed during the game.

And then, sometime in 2000, 2001, or 2002, games started to come in DVD boxes. Manuals had to be shortened or neglected at all, maps became extremely scarce, and the box artwork was diminished, miniaturized. No longer could a publisher use the width or size of a larger box to call attention to itself. Every game now occupies the same space, and has only that cover artwork to sell itself.

Nowadays, game boxes are under the risk of disappearing, being replaced by Steam and Direct2Drive releases.

What follows is a sample of photos I took of my best looking game boxes, from my best games.
Click on any of them to go to the full set of photos.
Enjoy the ride.

The great collection. People just don't make boxes like this anymore.

All of these games' manuals and maps stacked together. Nowadays this kind of stuff only comes in special editions.

The game that started it all.

Fallout 2 Manual's Introduction, written by the Vault Dweller of the first game.

The map of Baldur's Gate. The ingame city is as big as depicted in here, with as many nooks and crannies.

The manual of the game that kick started the PC Action RPG genre.

Diablo's manual, open. It's in Portuguese, and it makes it all the more mystical. Gorgeous artwork.

Absolutely amazing.

Planescape: Torment poster. The best written game on any platform.

Behold Bioshock's father, Ken Levine's and former Irrational Studios fairest child: Shock 2.

The evolution of the Ultima series, as depicted on the box's cover panel. Peculiar how Ultima VII is above all the others.

Promotional flyer for the cancelled Warcraft Adventure game.

I heard this game is getting a sequel soon...

Jagged Alliance 2, one of the finest turn based experiences.

The map of the Northern Kingdoms, The Witcher's world.

Here's the collection again, this time ordered by year of release.

There are many more photos of these and other game boxes from my collection on my flickr account, specifically on this set.

Here's hoping that collector's editions keep bringing back the big cardboard boxes, the manuals, the maps and the extra trinkets of old.