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Solid Squirrel avatar 12:18 AM on 08.13.2009  (server time)
iPhone can be iFun to play with your Soul

Oh, the horror of it all. Namco announced they were opening a full-fledged branch of their company solely to developing iPhone games. Looks like that god-awful Galaga Remix sold better than I thought.

If it weren't for my iPhone, I'd probably not have much in the way of organization skills or end up dead on the wrong side of town because I took that left turn at Albaquerque. But truth be told, I have an extensive library of games on it as well, from small and large developers alike. Price is Right, Metal Gear Solid Touch, iFighter, Bookworm, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Flight Control, Shift, yadda yadda yadda. It's my one piece of hardware that has a very eclectic selection of things to play because
1. The games are cheap enough to take risks
2. All genres can play well--and quick--on it.

But if you were to judge by the comments on a rival board, it's that Namco's INSANE for considering a port of some kind of Soul Calibur.

I say, bring it. I had a copy of the original on my short-lived Dreamcast. iPhone is as powerful as a Dreamcast.
Validation No. 1 it can be done.

Others think it's impossible to play a game of fisticuffs on it. And yet Wii boxing was nothing more than waving a pair of controllers around, and it amused the hell out of people.
"But the controls would be impossible!" "It can't handle the rapid button mashing on a touchscreen!" they say.
But what if there were a trio of buttons stacked vertically on either side of the screen, allowing for attacks, and tilting the screen left and right to move your character forward and back? But what about jumping? Why not a quick small shake of the screen? It can be done.
Validation No. 2.

Sure, the real estate on the screen will be reduced with the buttons, but we're talking about a screen of only a few inches to begin with, and yet games like The Secret of Monkey Island's re-release play extraordinarily well on it.

So I say, let 'em try for Pete's sake. It's not hurting anyone to, and if it works, then there will be a lot less crows in the sky come dinnertime when it does.

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