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Solid Sean avatar 9:17 PM on 07.01.2011  (server time)
Late to the Party: StarCraft 2

This is a bit I'm going to try out where I write about games I'm late to playing. Clearly, StarCraft II is the first game I'm going to write about.

I just picked up SC2 a few months back, and held out with good reason. The main reason being my computer at the time couldn't run it as well as I would have liked, the other big reason was that I just assumed it was StarCraft with better graphics and a few new units. Essentially that's all it is, and those of you who have played them both know that isn't a bad thing at all. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

Back in my SC1 days I didn't play much of the normal multiplayer. I played the campaign, but when it came to the multiplayer I was all about tower defense and RPG maps, on account of being too young and stupid and slow to keep up with the good players. I didn't touch much of the multiplayer on SC2 before I finished the campaign. I was overwhelmed with the new honestly, but once I finished the campaign it was time for me to dive in.

A friend of mine had been following competition SC2 heavily for awhile, so I took his advice and skipped my practice league and went straight to placement, after some more coaching from a couple of other friends. I got placed surprisingly high for how well I thought I was doing. I have to admit, I was proud of myself. Since I've started playing it has been quite addicting doing 2v2 matches with a friend of mine. It became even more entertaining when we began commentating our games under the names Jeremy Lolerson and Sean McLmao. The matchmaking in SC2 is really what makes the multiplayer enjoyable, like I said earlier I couldn't keep up in the SC1 days, but the great matchmaking is allows people like me to keep playing SC2. But the multiplayer isn't the only great thing about SC2, the single player campaign delivered.

The SC2 campaign exceeded my expectations by far. Not only was the story more entertaining than I expected, but the game play varied significantly in the missions. I found plenty of replayability in the single player game between easter eggs and achievements. Apart from the campaign there are a handful of fun challenge missions, and you can play against the AI, which has more difficulty options than anyone should need.

I may be late to the party, but anytime is a good time for this game. No question about it, SC2 will last as long as SC1 did, especially with the expansions on the way. And for those who may retire from the multiplayer, chances are they will get sucked back in with Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.

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