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Solid Sean's blog

2:20 PM on 10.24.2011

MMO Stories: Sound, Scenery, and PVP

World of Warcraft has taken away years of my life that I cannot get back, like it has for many, but some of my favorite memories of playing videogames with my friends come from it. I have relapsed on World of Warcraft multi...   read

9:17 PM on 07.01.2011

Late to the Party: StarCraft 2

This is a bit I'm going to try out where I write about games I'm late to playing. Clearly, StarCraft II is the first game I'm going to write about.I just picked up SC2 a few months back, and held out with good reason. The ma...   read

8:51 PM on 06.30.2011

The Grumpy Old Men of Team Fortress 2

Valve has pissed off many veteran Team Fortress 2 players with the Uber Update. The biggest thing the Uber Update brought to TF2 was a massive increase in activity, but that irked many of the people who paid $20-$60 for th...   read

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