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8:52 PM on 09.14.2012

I feel so much better

Allow me to give my thanks to everyone that commented here. You all really made me feel better there.

Anyway, I've been visiting the forums and coming to Destructoid more often. I still haven't earned a single friend here (not made, EARNED. I made some because of my other blog of me whining about me not fitting in the community, but I haven't actually earned any in my opinion), but I'm not upset at all. I am having a good time here regardless. For one thing (and I don't know exactly why), I found myself a part of the community here. Maybe it's just because I'm coming here more often. Either way, I feel great. :)

Another thing is that I also bought a couple of games from this website. I have never, in my wildest dreams, found such a great deal of a certain game that I was looking for a very long time: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. My stores have this game, but they're either sold at a very expensive price or treated very badly. Other sites such as Amazon sold them at decent prices, but it apparently takes over two weeks for the game to even get shipped, so I was tired of waiting and cancelled. Now I tried Destructiod, and it didn't take long for the game to get to where I'm at. Plus, it's in a very good condition!

Finally, I had a good time in the forums. I wanted to trade someone for their Mega Man ZX or Mega Man ZX Advent. Only a few weeks passed and I already made a trade. TWO trades, in fact! I won't mention names, but one person's Mega Man ZX for my Pokemon Black and another person's Mega Man ZX Advent for my brother's Disgaea 4 (which he won't miss).

Destructiod is just....weird! lol I never seen such a site that can do ALL of this for me in only few weeks, and that includes those pep talks at my last blog. Already, this place made me very happy! So happy that I'll put a little bit of information about myself that I should've done since the day I first logged in.

My name is William Lawrence Jasper, and I am a triplet. My brothers are Travis Zachery Jasper and Josh William Jasper. Travis lives very far away from me now, while Josh lives at the same city I live doing really stupid things on the Internet (I won't get into detail about the history of crap he did to me, Travis, my friends, and my other Internet friends). My favorite video games and series are under my "About Me", and I am mostly an RPG, music (which is what I play the most), and fighting gamer, with my least favorite genre being Racing games. I won't reveal my age, but I'll say that I'm a veeery young adult.....okay, I'm a teen. I trust you all already anyway. Also, I'm hoping to stream myself playing some games on in the near future, being a long time user there and all. It's a really great place, other than here.

SRPGs such as FF: Tactics and SMT: Devil Survivor are the ones I love the most. Other than that, I play tons of RPGs. Same goes for fighting games and music games. In fighting games, I ALWAYS main certain types of characters. First and foremost, I mostly main women. They usually have the most unique fighting style. Anyway, here are the types I usually main:

Rich people (such as Slayer from GG, Rachel from BB, Princess Peach from SSB, Petra from Arcana Heart, Lili from Tekken, Karen from SF, Yukiko from P4A, Akiha from MB): These are the ones I usually main the most and get interested in the first day I look at them. They often have the coolest, most unique, or most graceful fighting styles imo. Plus I love their personalities (such as Slayer's or Rachel's) or laughs (such as Yukiko's or Karen's).

Kickers (such as Chun-Li from SF, Jam from GG, King from KoF, Chie from P4A, Xiaoyu and Hwoarang from Tekken, Litchi from BB): The other ones I usually use the most. I love utilizing my own feet in sports, so I use characters that do the same, except it's for fighting. Plus, the kickers often have the coolest styles too imo.

Hard-hitting boxers (such as Balrog from SF and Makoto from BB): They have some of the most brutal hits, so I always love these kind of characters. Note that I didn't say characters like Akihiko from P4A or Dudley from SF because, while they have some hard hitting punches, they mostly have only fast ones that don't have that much "oomph" in them imo.

Lolies (such as White Len and Len from MB, Vatista from UNiB): They also usually have some of the most unique and graceful fighting styles. Note that this does not include in games filled with them such as Arcana Heart and Touhou, because I only like a specific type of loli then (such as, once again, Petra from Arcana Heart).

Samurais (such as Baiken from GG, almost everyone in Samurai Shodown and Last Blade, Mitsurugi from SC, and Yuzuriha from UNiB): Simple badasses. Love them so much for their swift and crazy looking slices. I always liked them more than ninjas anyway.

Mysterious boss characters (such as Eliza-wtf?)

Fixed. (Such as Elizabeth from P4A, I-no from GG, Hilda from UNiB, and Aozaki Aoko from MB): I just simply like how they look and fight. Besides, they're usually some of the hardest characters to master, which are usually the types I like using a lot. And finally, they have the BEST personalities imo.

Finally, I love rhythm and music games, especially Vocaloid and Patapon. I love Vocaloid so much that I have the limited bundle of Project Diva for the PSP. Really fun and awesome.

That's all I can say for introduction. Finally, I still won't be able to comment a lot in the forums and blogs, nor will I be visiting here that much. One, I have school of course, and two, I took up a job at Target (which is going swell). Oh well. I'm still happy and trying.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful year, and thank you all so much. :)   read

9:10 PM on 08.20.2012

I just don't understand

I'll apologize in advance for the following:

*Yes. It's another one of those "I need a friend" blogs. I'm sorry for that.
*I'm complaining a lot. I can see that, and I apologize for that.
*If I sound like a crybaby or a ranter, I apologize for that.
*I apologize if this, to anyone, is an awful blog. I don't even care if this goes onto Failtoid. I'm being brave for once and still posting.
*I know people go through much worse than me, but if this blog makes it sound like that I'm the most lonely person on this site, then I apologize for that too.
*If I did ANYTHING wrong to anyone in the past, then I'm sorry for that too (I just put this here just in case)

If anyone has something rude to say to me after reading what I apologized for, then please just save your breathe, time, and energy, and just don't read anything further down.

So let's get to the point. I'm trying to be a part of the community here, but this is too much for someone like me. I'm only 16 after all. Seriously, what exactly do I need to do? Keep trying? Ugh....I guess I'll just keep trying to have SOME kind of notice....I'm just gonna take a stupid guess here, but maybe I'm just too young and I should just come back in my twenties or thirties? Maybe this is a community "mostly for adults" or something. After all, people like my friends and myself, who are all teens, can't seem to get any new friends so far. I seriously don't know.

I mean, no matter what we do, we can't win in these kinds of situations. I tried doing everything many others have kept telling me:

*Don't be afraid to blog.
*Comment in many blogs.
*Try the chat.

and many other things similar above, to no avail however. Tried the chats, met many trolls and jerks that put me down even further (to the point that I find it a reason for me to make this blog here). Tried commenting, which didn't really do anything. Tried the forums, same thing. Tried blogging, not much of an effect either. Tried PMing people. Never had ONE reply. Not even a simple "alright" or something (and I sent a lot of PMs).

After a few weeks, my friends who also tried to become a part of the community for months all emailed me, saying stuff like "This is the worst community ever" or "Every single person here is wrong as fuck" and finally "They don't care about the newbies, only the popular folks". After that, they gave up on this place and started going to other communities in hopes of better treatment. I'm sick of hearing those complaints, and I'm damn sick of giving up (which is explained further below). Besides, I really want to prove my friends wrong that deep down, this is a great place filled with very nice and caring (although unique) people who would love to be your friend if you give them the chance. I want to prove to them that this truly is the best video game community that many people keep bragging to me about. I been on here since....May of 2012, I think. I know it's pretty early to complain about the lack of friends, but what else can I do? Sit here and expect someone to magically appear right on in the PMs asking me "Wanna be buds?" Of course that will never happen (and if it will, then that'll take many years), so I rather make a stand here and now, say enough is enough, stop being scared, make this blog, post it, pray for nice comments, and see what happens.

I read this blog some time ago. Does this mean that I need to go to conventions? Once again, I'm only 16, and I live too far away. In Gulfport, Mississippi to be exact, which is called by many people "poor city with nothing special ever happening there", and I agree somewhat because it's so boring here! There aren't many gamers who like a variety of games here such as myself. The only people here are a couple of my cousins, my brother Josh William Jasper (who loves to freaking steal, so I can't play with him), and a few people that was in my school and neighborhood before (they moved now. They hated Gulfport).

I, of course, went to other unique video game community websites and tried those places out before coming here in the first place. I tried 1up: there was a bug that kept deleting my profile information, so no one knew about me! Also, I seen many forum posts that 1up was pretty much "dead". I tried IGN: a ton of people there are so immature! I lurked Siliconera for a while because a friend of mine wanted me to join him: I seen behaviors from them that made them look very unforgiving and uncaring towards others when they do one mistake that makes them angry, so I was afraid to actually join. After seeing one last huge argument, I never went back there again. I went to Gamespot; same thing as IGN, except not as many. I went to a bunch of places, and seen a ton of crap going around in those communities that made me not want to go there ever again. I'm sorry if it seemed like I trashed talked a bunch of sites, but I wasted over 3 years just to find an acceptable video game community. I know there are occasional trolls here and there, and no video game website is perfect, but I still have limits on how much I can tolerate. That's when I found this place and joined. I find the people caring, wonderful, nice, and unique, and I still do,but after everything I did to try to make at least one friend in here, I'm still like a ghost around here. I just....don't understand. I'm not giving up though. Once again, I'm sick of doing that, but I just don't know what to do anymore.

I know this is the Internet and you shouldn't take crap so seriously, but that's who I am. I act serious on the Internet, and I take things seriously on the Internet. I'm a serious guy and I take things personally. It's who I am. Anyway, what am I doing wrong, or what should I be doing now in order to fully be part of the community Internet-wise? Please help me, someone.

Thanks for reading, and good night.   read

3:34 PM on 07.03.2012

Why I Want The 3DS XL Now

Everyone heard of the 3DS XL. At first I wasn't excited for the system because of what it is described as: Just a bigger version of the 3DS with longer battery life. Either way, I never was excited for the system...until I did a little bit of research....

The 3DS XL has better viewing angles

This is a must for me. What this means is that the colors won't shift as much as the normal 3DS would when viewed at a different angle in 3D. That is very good because it's annoying for me to find the right position that I can get the best looking 3D visuals without any problems.

People watching you play won't have any problems

I'll try to explain with an example. I have a 3DS. I have friends. I have friends that love to watch me fail and crap when I play 3D games and get a quick chuckle out of it. I have friends that get seriously annoyed when I turn the 3D on in my 3DS and the picture looks really ugly to them, since they can never view it at the right position. Even if they did, it'll look weird. Now on to the 3DS XL. The same thing will NOT happen! People watching you will see a 2D image of the game without ANY problems, while you (the center viewer and player) will see 3D! Note that this happens WHILE your 3D effect is on, so they can still get a quick laugh out of me failing in games.

Backwards compatibility with older games is perfect

This is what really made me excited for the 3DS XL. I'm a huge retro game fan. I have many GBA games from Ambassador's Mode and DSiWare games that I bought before. I still have tons of DS games that I seriously do not want to toss away. There are still good DS games (such as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2) that is coming. Unfortunately, the 3DS has pretty bad backwards compatibility. Many games look worse on the 3DS than on the DSi and other DS models. The games look either really blurry from the normal setting, or really tiny after holding START and SELECT on the 3DS, much smaller than what they look like on the older DS models. This is a big deal because many DS games uses the touchscreen many times (such as Zelda Phantom Hourglass), and with the smaller viewing setting, it becomes a pain to use the touch screen when you really need it, and I'm pretty sure that you don't want to play your DS or DSiWare games all blurry and crap either. By the way, from what I heard from one of my friends, if you look closely while playing your DS games on the 3DS, the colors looks less vivid and more stale or brown. That might not matter much, but I just noticed that as well and thought I'd just let you all know. Anyways, now on with the 3DS XL. It is confirmed that the backwards compatibility is perfect. The games will be back in it's native resolution (I think when holding START and SELECT on the 3DS XL though), and they will look much better on the 3DS XL. This even includes Virtual Console games! That makes everything back the way it should be. This makes it a must buy for me.

"So many good things!" I seem to have caught her interest.

There's still no second analog stick, but I couldn't care less about that honestly. I heard that there's slight ghosting when playing in 3D on the 3DS XL, but I'd say that that's a small sacrifice. Many 3D televisions have ghosting so I'm used to that. It's less portable, but that's another small sacrifice. You probably can't stick it in your pocket, but you can still take it out anywhere you want. I don't know if this is completely true, but I also heard from many places that 3DS games will NOT be stretched when played on the 3DS XL. If this is true then there is absolutely no reason that I should even keep my current 3DS.

One last and very important thing. You CAN transfer data, such as the things you bought on the 3DS store, DSiWare, and the things you received from Ambassador Mode (like the free games you got) to the 3DS XL. HOWEVER! If you do so and STILL have the original 3DS, THE THINGS THAT YOU TRANSFERRED CANNOT BE USED ON THE 3DS! Very important. Just wanted to lay that out on you guys. I don't know about you all, but I would just get rid of the 3DS right then and there.

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading! Sayonara, 3DS. It was fun while it lasted....I guess. Here's the sources that I got the information from.
Many Forums

Even the cat wants one now. :)   read

8:14 AM on 06.11.2012

Rayman: My Hero Makes an Epic Return

The Rayman series has been one of the the very first few platformer games that I knew and played back then (the others being Kirby and Megaman Zero). Here's a little history with the Rayman games I played and the experiences I had with the series.

When I was eight in Japan, I visited this person dressed up as Santa Claus. He was happily bringing smiles to other children, which obviously made me want to meet him myself. I don't really remember what I said, but after talking to him for a while, he was really happy and gave me a game he used to play himself. I was filled with joy as I wanted to play that game so badly. That game was Rayman for the Game Boy Color, and that was the very first Rayman game I owned and played.

This Rayman game was interesting. This game has the Rayman 2: The Great Escape worlds and levels, yet it still has the plot of Rayman 1. I didn't notice this back then, but I find this a unique way to sort of port the game. The game was very challenging for me, but it was still fun. I found out from one of my friends back then that this version is said to be the hardest Rayman in existence. I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if what my friends said was true because I never was able to clear the game, and I'm usually really good at platformers.

By the way the visuals were beautiful for a Game Boy Color game in my opinion, but the music did annoy me a bit.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the game anymore. I lost the game at the beach in summer. This was upsetting to me because back then I didn't have a console at all, so I couldn't play the console versions of the games. While the console versions of the games were fairly common, the handheld ones were extremely rare and expensive, which also meant that I couldn't play another Rayman game for a while. A couple of years actually. Fortunately after waiting such a long time, my brother (Travis) saw his friend have the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc that he didn't want anymore. I wanted to trade my Sonic Advance 2 game with his friend's Rayman 3 Advance game, since I already completely cleared Sonic Advance 2 before. He gladly accepted my offer, and I quickly put the cartridge into my Game Boy Advance.

I was a bit iffy about this game at first because ever since I heard from some of my friends back then that Rayman 3 wasn't anything special, I wasn't expecting anything out of the handheld either. Fortunately, the game proved me wrong. This was one of the most beautiful Game Boy Advance games that I ever played, if not THE most beautiful. I was drawn into the game instantly just because of the visuals, and the game's animations wasn't bad either. I find one way to get someone's interest. The gameplay was as great as usual, and the music was good as well. Not as fantastic as the Sonic Advance series, but far from being bad or annoying. The game was actually much easier than the Rayman game I previously played, but the bosses were still a bit of a pain in the neck. Unfortunately months later, I lost this game as well. I had this cat named Arthur that apparently had a hunger for my video game. We got rid of the cat afterwards of course.

This screenshot obviously doesn't tell you how beautiful this game was. I seriously hope for a 3DS re-release so that I can have another go at it.

That was my last Rayman game for over five agonizing years. I was seriously about to lose my interest towards the series. I knew that the series was still alive though because of the Raving Rabbids series, but I honestly could care less about those. They caught my interest at first, but I soon lost interest after playing the demo of one of the games. I loved the insane rabbids though. Anyways after seven years, I found Rayman 1, 2, and 3 for the PC on eBay. Altogether as a bundle, the games cost an unbelievably cheap amount of $2.99. What a price! I quickly ordered them for my birthday. After installing all three and immediately tried to play them many times, the games just constantly kept deleting themselves for no exact reason. Soon after the attempts I gave up trying to play them. Hours later I found out that the games put viruses on my computer and they literally crashed the whole thing....I'd say that those games was such a wonderful way to tell me to get a new computer.

Death towards my computer......on my birthday. Lovely......

After that retarded event, I was a pinch away on saying "I give up" on the Rayman series. I did notice DS and 3DS versions of Rayman, but I heard that those games were terrible from a ton of people (and not just from critics either). Besides, the stores I visited had them for over forty-nine dollars, so I obviously didn't waste my time. I couldn't get the old versions of the games that they re-released digitally because I didn't have a PS3, and I also didn't have WIFI at the time so I couldn't get the DSi version either. I was literally stuck......until Rayman Origins came along.

I heard many fantastic things about this game, which made me want it so badly. Plus, I was really happy that it was a new Rayman and not another port or Raving Rabbids game.

Last year on Christmas, I finally got a PS3, WIFI, and earned enough money to get a PSVita. I was so happy because the very first PS3 game that I wanted was Rayman Origins, and now I can get it. I soon found out that the game was also coming to the PSVita. Being more of a handheld gamer than a console one, I decided to wait for a few more months and get the Vita version. The wait was worth it. Last week, I was able to get the Vita and the game.

The game is just breathtakingly beautiful. It animates so fluidly and it looked really colorful. I thought Skullgirls was the most fluid and best looking, but this game does just as well as Skullgirls. I know because I got Skullgirls too. Anyways, nothing much to say except that the gameplay is just as great as the other Rayman games I played, which is a fantastic thing. There are many things to do in almost every level, and it's not annoying at all. This game is challenging, but fair. Many things to collect, accomplish, and explore. I am filled with joy while playing this game. This game got my love for the Rayman series to return.

The faces and behaviors of the characters are so full of win.

I was also finally able to get the first Rayman game as a PSOne classic on my PS3, and it just helps me love the Rayman series even more. I am disappointed that I wasn't able to play this game when I was younger though. I could've been showing this great game off to so many of my friends. Oh well. Glad I was able to get it at least. Such a classic this game is.

So old.....yet still so fun and beautiful.....and hard.

I haven't gotten far on Rayman Origins, but I didn't need to in order for me to get the message that this is going to be one hell of a great experience. By the way I don't want Rayman 2 and 3 anymore (actually not exactly. I still want the GBA version of Rayman 3) because my cousins have those and I can just play it over at their house now. I'm also very excited for Rayman Legends. I saw the preview, and because of how fantastic Rayman Origins is, I plan on getting Rayman Legends as soon as it releases next year. All in all, I would like to thank Ubi Soft for finally making such a wonderful Rayman game, and I surely will never forget the experiences (good and bad) I had with the Rayman series.

Rayman fan for life, baby!   read

7:30 PM on 06.06.2012

Touhou: A Unique Series of Shooters

Touhou is a series of mostly bullet hell shmup games. If you didn't know what a bullet hell shmup is, then allow me to give a quick summary of what it is.

Shmup means Shoot 'em up. Shmup games mostly consists of you dodging enemies without getting yourself hit once, or else you lose a life. Bullet hell shmups possesses an overwhelming amount of enemy projectiles for you to dodge as well. Gradius is a fine example of a shmup, but here's a screenshot of a Touhou game to help get the idea of what bullet hell shmups are and to present what Touhou pretty much looks like.

Yep. You have to dodge ALL the bullets, but it's not as hard as it looks. Each attack has a pattern that is noticeable with practice. Touhou really does support the saying "Practice makes perfect!" or something similar to that. So you better practice or you'll be in for a surprise.....

This is an official spin-off Touhou game by the way. Credits to deviantART user ~kevynleo for making the epic face.

You play as females dodging a huge amount of bullets from other trouble making and bullet hell loving girls. You have to keep shooting them until you whittle their health bar, which is above each enemy Touhou character, to the red bar. That's when they will use a spell card, which is basically a warning call for more bullets coming towards you in a unique fashion. Until you whittle their health bars down or the timer goes to 0, they will just keep shooting the same pattern of bullets at you.

Although there are only girls in the Touhou series to face and play as, the series is far from girly. Games like Arcana Heart are a bit girly because they have mostly generic female characters with bland fanservice and predictable personalities. They also have a ton of girls that are adolescents. If I'm not mistaken, the official series of Touhou has few to no fanservice and the designs of the female characters are all very innovative. You probably will notice from design alone, but you'll find them more enjoyable when reading the story. Most of the Touhou characters are not adolescents, despite their appearances. Most of them are either as old as adults or they are well over 100. Some are even older than 300.

The story in the Touhou series aren't really important, but are entertaining with characters brimming with personality.

There are also official fighting games with bullet hell, however you have to dash through the projectiles. Here's a screenshot of a Touhou fighter.

Finally, there are also official spin-offs of the Touhou series with you playing as a different character with a different gameplay. I already showed you one, but here's another screenshot of a spin-off.

Now you know what the Touhou series is, but what makes the Touhou series so lovable? For one thing, the games are just beautiful to look at. The backgrounds, the colorful and unique patterns of bullets, and the designs of the enemies really make the games look spectacular in my opinion. The character art isn't really anything special, but it's not bad at all either. Besides, I think it shows how much effort it took to draw all of these characters.

Another thing is the music. The music is probably the best thing about the Touhou series. I can't really describe how fantastic the music is, but I can say that the the music fits really well with who you're fighting and where you're fighting at. It also has a very unique style. I loved the music so much that I couldn't help but get some on my MP3.

Next is the huge amount of characters that appeared and the roles they take. Here's a few of the characters.

Emphasis on a few. There are many more characters in Touhou. I bet you can't name them all in one go.

The next thing is the ASTOUNDING amount of fanmade things Touhou is getting. Fans worldwide are making fanmade Touhou characters, music, remixes of the music, art, manga, anime, porn, and more. There is even tons of fanmade games representing Touhou. Many of the fanmade stuff is good and many is awful, but it's still very enlightening to see so much representing Touhou. There's a reason why Touhou is in the Guinness World Records as "the most prolific fan-made shooter series".

Finally, with the exception of some spin-offs and the fighters, the official Touhou games is made by only one person alone. That person goes by the name ZUN.

He made the music, characters, designs, art.....he made it all!

That's basically what Touhou is. While I'm not a huge fan of Touhou, I can't help but love it's music and games. The fanmade remixes of the music is what really got me into the series as well. Touhou is another series that will remain inside my memories, and I'm glad to be such a fan of the series.   read

5:56 PM on 06.05.2012

M.U.G.E.N: What Really Got Me Into Fighting Games

Mugen is a fighting game engine made by Elecbyte. I was amazed that a program like this existed. You get to add any characters, music, and stages that is from many other fighting games or that is originally created by the fighting game fans. You can even add characters from TV shows or movies and make them battle it out. Who wouldn't want to watch Peter Griffin face Optimus Prime and come out victorious? Full of win. You get to add all of this, play all of this, and create all of this on your own without paying a dime.

I wanted it right away. It sounded too amazing for me to just completely ignore without trying it out. Adding the stages, music, and characters was surprisingly simple for me. I added May from Guilty Gear, Arcueid from Melty Blood, Ikumi from Eternal Fighter Zero, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken from Street Fighter, Iori and Twisted Leona from The King of Fighters, many fan made characters like Ella and Dragon Claw, and many more, all to battle it out in one game. It was just so awesome. I added characters that are from fighters that I never even seen before in the game because they looked so cool. Mugen alone helped me find and get interested in many other cool fighting games.

That's an actual screenshot of a user's Mugen character select and gameplay. I was really addicted to Mugen, until 2005. First of all, Mugen took up a ton of space on our mom's computer. Over 30GB worth of space! I never knew how much stuff I added there! I was never paying attention. Second, after adding so many characters and stages in Mugen, I found myself completely lost. Where was my Arcueid? That exact Arcueid that I loved so much is hidden somewhere in the pool of Mugen characters. It was torture to find and finally play as her again. Third, I added so many overpowered and cheap characters that the game isn't even fun anymore. Whether I played as them or not, I got bored of them quickly because they were absolutely impossible to defeat unless you use the instant kill cheat button. I initially added them because I wanted to see their cool moves and powers, but the flashiness and extremely long supers just bored the crap out of me. Finally, designs of the characters were getting either repetitive or very weird. I noticed after a few years with Mugen that 36 of the characters I added had the same exact move, super, or animation. Yawn. Also when I went to find more characters to add in 2005, most of the new designs featured characters either completely in the nude or that had extremely nasty moves. Pass. That was when I finally deleted Mugen off of the computer.

Despite the things that made me delete Mugen, I had a lot of fun with it overall. It gave me good laughs, great fun, and helped me get interested in many fighting games that I probably would have never found without Mugen. I'm glad that I had Mugen, and I'm sure that many people will have fun with it too.


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