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Solar20XX avatar 3:34 PM on 07.03.2012  (server time)
Why I Want The 3DS XL Now

Everyone heard of the 3DS XL. At first I wasn't excited for the system because of what it is described as: Just a bigger version of the 3DS with longer battery life. Either way, I never was excited for the system...until I did a little bit of research....

The 3DS XL has better viewing angles

This is a must for me. What this means is that the colors won't shift as much as the normal 3DS would when viewed at a different angle in 3D. That is very good because it's annoying for me to find the right position that I can get the best looking 3D visuals without any problems.

People watching you play won't have any problems

I'll try to explain with an example. I have a 3DS. I have friends. I have friends that love to watch me fail and crap when I play 3D games and get a quick chuckle out of it. I have friends that get seriously annoyed when I turn the 3D on in my 3DS and the picture looks really ugly to them, since they can never view it at the right position. Even if they did, it'll look weird. Now on to the 3DS XL. The same thing will NOT happen! People watching you will see a 2D image of the game without ANY problems, while you (the center viewer and player) will see 3D! Note that this happens WHILE your 3D effect is on, so they can still get a quick laugh out of me failing in games.

Backwards compatibility with older games is perfect

This is what really made me excited for the 3DS XL. I'm a huge retro game fan. I have many GBA games from Ambassador's Mode and DSiWare games that I bought before. I still have tons of DS games that I seriously do not want to toss away. There are still good DS games (such as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2) that is coming. Unfortunately, the 3DS has pretty bad backwards compatibility. Many games look worse on the 3DS than on the DSi and other DS models. The games look either really blurry from the normal setting, or really tiny after holding START and SELECT on the 3DS, much smaller than what they look like on the older DS models. This is a big deal because many DS games uses the touchscreen many times (such as Zelda Phantom Hourglass), and with the smaller viewing setting, it becomes a pain to use the touch screen when you really need it, and I'm pretty sure that you don't want to play your DS or DSiWare games all blurry and crap either. By the way, from what I heard from one of my friends, if you look closely while playing your DS games on the 3DS, the colors looks less vivid and more stale or brown. That might not matter much, but I just noticed that as well and thought I'd just let you all know. Anyways, now on with the 3DS XL. It is confirmed that the backwards compatibility is perfect. The games will be back in it's native resolution (I think when holding START and SELECT on the 3DS XL though), and they will look much better on the 3DS XL. This even includes Virtual Console games! That makes everything back the way it should be. This makes it a must buy for me.

"So many good things!" I seem to have caught her interest.

There's still no second analog stick, but I couldn't care less about that honestly. I heard that there's slight ghosting when playing in 3D on the 3DS XL, but I'd say that that's a small sacrifice. Many 3D televisions have ghosting so I'm used to that. It's less portable, but that's another small sacrifice. You probably can't stick it in your pocket, but you can still take it out anywhere you want. I don't know if this is completely true, but I also heard from many places that 3DS games will NOT be stretched when played on the 3DS XL. If this is true then there is absolutely no reason that I should even keep my current 3DS.

One last and very important thing. You CAN transfer data, such as the things you bought on the 3DS store, DSiWare, and the things you received from Ambassador Mode (like the free games you got) to the 3DS XL. HOWEVER! If you do so and STILL have the original 3DS, THE THINGS THAT YOU TRANSFERRED CANNOT BE USED ON THE 3DS! Very important. Just wanted to lay that out on you guys. I don't know about you all, but I would just get rid of the 3DS right then and there.

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading! Sayonara, 3DS. It was fun while it lasted....I guess. Here's the sources that I got the information from.
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Even the cat wants one now. :)

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