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Solar20XX avatar 8:26 PM on 12.28.2012  (server time)
Make Your Fingers Dance With DJMax: Technika Tune!

First Thing's First

First let me just say that I apologize for not being here for a very long time, especially after my absurd whining of wanting more attention around here. Well, there is a reason for that. I've been playing my PS3, PSP, and PS Vita more. I've forgotten how much fun these devices were, especially since I've gotten a ton of rare games for my DS and 3DS that I've been ignoring these devices more. Now that I have the holiday off until January 7th, I have far more time and been enjoying Sony's devices a lot more. Also I will be posting more since, again, I have more time off.

Second, this blog has a few spoilers. Not a lot, never few.

Anyway, back to the main point. At the middle of December, I noticed a ton of new fun games on Playstation Network. The very first thing that I was really happy to see and could never ignore was DJMax: Technika Tunes.

DJMAX: Technika Tunes

As you might have noticed from my banner, I LOVE music, therefore I love music games. The DJMax series has always been music rhythm video games where you must press the corresponding buttons the notes that fall down on the buttons at the right time for you to be able to beat the game. That's basically all you have to do in the series, but not in Technika Tunes. Oh no. Technika Tunes is an adaption of the arcade versions of Technika 1, 2, and 3, WITH crossover songs from DJMax games that we didn't get at all, such as Portable 3, which I find very nice. In Technika Tunes, you must touch the notes that appear on screen at the right time in order for you to continue. No buttons, just touching.

Here's a screenshot of the gameplay

Oh no, TOUCHING! From what I heard, people fear many PSVita games that only involves touching because most have inaccurate timing or it simply isn't fun. Well, there no demo for this game, so I'll just tell you from my experience of the game, and it is your decision on whether to believe it or not. This is damn fun, and the touching mechanics on this game is very accurate. Maybe not completely, but from my opinion, yeah it is, as I have yet to have a problem with touching the notes on the screen. Oh yeah, and did I mention that this game utilizes the back touchscreen? Well it does, and it is just as accurate, so if you miss notes or don't touch them in the right time and way, that is YOUR fault. By the way, see that blue bar from the picture I just uploaded? That just tells you when to touch your notes, as that blue bar goes by notes as the song goes by. Once the blue bar touches that note, YOU TOUCH THAT NOTE. It helps when it's you're first time listening to the song, but I still suggest you listen to the song a few times, before or after you play it in this game. I'm not going to explain how to touch each note, since not only does that take way too long, but there's a tutorial right in the game. Just play the tutorial a few times and you should know what you're doing. Forgot? Play it again. It is always there. Oh, and if you miss a note wrong, you'll notice. Playing the note at the right timing plays part of the sound effect in the song you are playing, so that means when you miss notes, it will sound weird. You don't want that, now do you? Even if you did, miss too many and it's game over. See that rainbow bar at thee top center? That's basically you're health bar. Finally, the Fever button at the top right. Fill that bar completely red by not missing many notes in a row, touch it afterwards, and you get extra points when you touch notes correctly.

Let's see.... only four modes. That's it? Uh, no. This is just a distraction. There's a BUNCH of stuff in here, I assure you. Let's take a look into the arcade.

The very first thing you will see is this. This is the easiest mode, utilizing the front touchscreen only and having the fewest notes. If you scroll to your right you have:

Pop Mixing....

and then Club Mixing

Both of these are much harder than Star Mixing, as they utilize the back touchscreen as well. However, as you may have already noticed, Club Mixing utilizes 4 stages, which I will quickly explain about in a moment. Now, there is one more thing that is here if you scroll one last time to your right....

And it should be this. This is just the mode where you can play any song you previously played in any of the Mixings you played them in. Now let us go into one of these Mixings and take a quick glance of what to expect.

A list of songs appears. So many choices. Just pick a song, play the notes in tune, and you're all set. Stare at the screen for a bit and you get a quick preview of the song, so you'll know what to expect and will help you choose towards your liking. By the way, see those three "Offs" at the top right of the screen? Those are mostly gimmicks, and in my opinion, they can make the game harder. Either way, it's a nice addition to how you play. Touch the first "Off"...

And it should show you that. If you hated the direction of where the blue bar goes, you can touch that first "Off" until you find one towards your liking. Touch the second "Off"....

And that's what you'll see. Fade ins and fade outs. If you select fade ins, the notes will only appear as soon as the blue bar appears, otherwise you'll never see them. Fade outs are the complete opposite. Touch the last "Off"....

And that should be what you see. Blinks, when selected, make the blue bar blink. There's also blind, where you don't see the blue bar AT ALL. See what I mean about gimmicks? Well anyway, you noticed my avatar and online rankings from my recent pictures, have you not? Online rankings are exactly what they are, but the avatars are pretty special. Not just to see how cute or cool they look, but they have abilities as well. Let's go into that real quick. Touch the avatar place, and....

This is what you see. Mine has recover 5%. I don't know what that means yet, (since I'm not that far in the game yet), but these really do help with difficult songs. You have to unlock avatars first though. I don't know what those note signs mean yet. Maybe you can change the appearance of notes? Don't know yet.

I finally explained about all the gimmicks. Now then, after you complete a song...

You will taken here, scoring on how well you did.

Sometimes you'll level up....

And sometimes you'll get extra goodies!

So you continue to do that three times in a row (except for Club Mixing, which is four times in a row), which means you have to complete three songs in a row before you are shown this....

The overall ratings of the songs you have chosen and completed in the mixings. After that....

That's it! That's basically all you have to do in the arcades and the whole game itself. By the way, every song is in every mixings except Club, where those have exclusives. Now then, let me do a short explanation about the other modes and then I'm done with this.

This is the collections. In the Image Gallery, you view screenshots of the music you played, you look at some other exclusive pictures, and some other pictures. Play Data is just your best records you made in each Mixings. Internet Rankings is just what it says: all the rankings you can have a peek at. Finally, bonus movies.... which is just what it says. You have to unlock more movies as you play.

Now for Album mode. Album is where you listen to EVERY SONG IN THE GAME, and there are over, I don't know... fifty? Touch the star by it to put it as your favorites, and then touch the star tab, which only show your the songs you favorited, so it's a bit of a shortcut.


By the way, about the songs, see that video camera sign under the CD image? Touch that and you will see the whole music video along with the song you're listening to.

This is the last mode, the Options. As you can see from the screenshot, that is the Control tab, where you can put the game in Touchscreen only if you want, just like in the original arcade version of the game. The Difficulty changes the difficulty of all mixings, so you can make Club Mixing not look impossible to you. The Sound is where you can select the audio output in Earphone mode and Speaker Mode. Data is just whether you can Auto Save or not, and whether you want to delete the whole data by selecting Reset Data. Be careful about that, since when I touched Reset Data, it asked me if I wanted to "Initialize Save Data". You better know what the hell that means, because apparently my brother didn't and he accidentally deleted EVERYTHING I unlocked when he chose yes. Initializing stuff is setting them back at the stuff it started from, which means FORMATTING! Ugh....

Anyway, that's it. Why did I explain literally everything about this game? Because it's that good. The game is bright, beautiful, colorful, and full of delicious Korean music with fun gameplay. I don't have to know what they're saying (because I don't), the music is catchy, wonderful, and is all I'm focused on. My favorite songs from the game would have to be these three:

Lupin (By Kara):

Step (By Kara):

and my most favorite....

Jumping (By Kara):

You can get it at a pretty expensive price in online stores, or you can get it from PSN, although they sacrificed price with a heap of memory (over 3 GB!). It'll both be well worth it, especially if you're a music fan. Although I'm not affiliated with the game or series in any way, I do hope that the series gets the attention it deserves.

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